Gift Guide For Her Under $25

I’m so excited to post this GIFT GUIDE FOR HER….and all under $25!!! How do you go about your Holiday shopping? I usually think about the big items first. The ones that can be hard to find. Usually the smaller gifts are what comes last for me. And gifts for friends can be one that can be held off until the last minute. But then when you put those off until last minute, it gets SO stressful. And I don’t know about you, but when I’m stressed then I don’t always put the thought in to my gifts like I’d like to.

I’ve put together a great guide for HER, FIFTY THINGS in fact, that will hopefully help you pick out some really great gifts for your girls, friends, sisters, moms, co-workers, neighbors….or even YOU! After all, treating ourselves to a little something now and again, can be so fun! I usually pick out lipgloss! I love what I’ve been able to find here…the candles, lipgloss, socks, picture frames, and more!

Gifts For Her ~ Under $25

And how do you like my beanie??? I’m usually not a beanie-type of girl, but this one was so cute with the big pom-pom on top! And…it’s already sold out, but you can shop Anthropologie’s beanies right here. There are so many CUTE ones! This colorful bracelet I’m wearing is the one I took on my Mexico vacay…’s right here and SUCH FUN!

Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “Gift Guide For Her Under $25

  1. ?I’ve got to stop shopping for myself (so many pretty things) and get some of these lists checked off!!***happy to hear the pink may return, dare I say it looks natural ? on you. (?)

    1. I KNOW Cheryl…’s SO HARD not to buy for yourself!!!!! Have a SUPER FUN weekend girlfriend! XO

    1. You’re welcome Ramona….sometimes it’s good to hear other’s ideas because it’s easy to get in a rut when it comes to gift-giving!!!! XOXO

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