Cowboy Boots Are Making a Comeback!

Attention friends!!!! Cowboy boots really are making a comeback!!! And…I couldn’t be happier! Way back in the 90’s when I was living in Arizona, I fell in love with cowboy boots. We wore them a lot back then, especially there! They fit in with everything! I even owned some white lace ones that I wore to a function for Ballet Arizona! I wore them a lot for a few years, probably in to the late 90’s. And then……well they just sort of went away. I just didn’t ever feel like they were hip enough to wear anymore.

I ran in to this article a month or so ago in Glamour Magazine. And since then have seen cowboy boots here and there. I’m hoping they will stick around for a while. You might say, if YOU LOVE COWBOY BOOTS, you shouldn’t worry whether or not they are “in style”. And I do agree with that, however that’s not me. I want them to be “IN”, unless however I’m in Santa Fe, or Taos, or Vail Colorado.

I’m SO EXCITED to start wearing these again and bring them current! These were one of the first pairs I ever got. You can see even way back then, I was drawn to COLOR! I love them mostly styled with jeans, but would also wear them with a denim dress or skirt. I’ve linked some other ideas below. Would you wear cowboy boots? How would you style them?

My FAVORITE PLACE to shop for cowboy boots….they even do custom, is called BACK AT THE RANCH in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Even if you don’t like boots, it’s a really fun store to see!!!

I’ve styled mine here with Chicos Coolmax Turtleneck and my favorite jeans. My statement necklace is also from Chicos but vintage. They have such FUN jewelry. You can see their collection right here.

This is a good site to shop REAL COWBOY BOOTS!

All Dressed Up~

Out With Girlfriends~

With A Skirt~


Shauna XO



13 thoughts on “Cowboy Boots Are Making a Comeback!

  1. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving I know you did. My Husband bought me my first pair of Cowboy Boots, living in Oklahoma close to the border of Texas everybody wears Boots. We live in a small Town and all the old Timers including my Hubby wear them, I do wear them every now and then. I love yours they are too cool. I hope they make a come back in the Fashion Industry. I love the Boots but fell uncomfortable in them because I’m German, the minute I open my mouth everybody knows I’m not from Oklahoma. Keep the good work up inspiring us all, I hope you also inspiring your self, also be happy and enjoy your Life if I don’t talk to you before Christmas have a God filled Holiday. XOXO

    1. Hi Rita! LOVED your comment here, thank you!!!! A German girl in COWBOY BOOTS is simply AWESOME!!!!!! WISHING YOU A BLESSED CHRISTMAS TOO sweet FRIEND!!!!! Thank you for your support!!!!! XOXO

    1. Well GET THEM OUT Anna……now is the time!!!!! I had forgotten how much FUN they can be!!!! HAPPY WEEKEND!!! XO

    1. Hi Sharon……YES! I made the mistake of saying they were out of style for a time! EEEEEK! Sorry about that! There are absolutely certain places….Texas, Santa Fe, Nashville, Jackson Hole, places in Colorado where you’ll ALWAYS see cowboy boots! I guess I should have said that I’m GLAD I’m seeing them around MORE!!!! XO

  2. I wore my shiny silver pair just last week to church! With a long black dress and fur vest!

  3. HI THERE-


    1. Hi Mary, THANK YOU!!! These are from way back in the early 90’s. I’ve worn them so much I couldn’t even see the brand. But there’s a place in Santa Fe called BACK AT THE RANCH, link below. They make custom boots there and might be able to help you if you showed them a picture! Good luck!!! XO

  4. True confession here ladies. I love cowboy boots so much that I don’t care if they are in or out. I grew up in Oklahoma where of course we were practically born in them but now I’m in Atlanta where they don’t make much sense unless you are riding. But I wear them anyway. I wear them to the office on Fridays with my favorite jeans & I always get compliments. You should see what casual day brings out in people. Cowboy boots are chique & almost classic compared to the Lady Gaga bizarre heels I have seen! So if you love those boots ladies, wear ‘em. Maybe we’ll LEAD the cowboy boot wearing trend this time!

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