Some GIRL POWER Goin On Over Here

Yep….. SOME GIRL POWER GOIN ON OVER HERE! Ladies I’ve been wanting a suit for several years! I’ve just never found one! When I was in Florida a month or so ago, I had the privilege of meeting the CEO of Chicos. Her name is Molly and that blog is HERE. She walked in, in this GORGEOUS WHITE SUIT. I about fell over and asked…. “Where did you get that?” Her reply……. “CHICOS”! I had no idea Chicos had THIS MUCH FABULOUSNESS! It’s from the BLACK LABEL COLLECTION!

Kristen from Chicos, said to me (us), “We have one coming your way in PINK!” Well I about fell over, because #1, I was going to FINALLY get a suit, and #2, it was PINK!!!!! What could be better? And when it arrived and I put it on, I FELT LIKE SUCH A LADY BOSS…. so much GIRL POWER involved in this suit!

There is so much to HOW YOU FEEL by the WAY YOU DRESS! Ladies, if you don’t believe me….. try it! Just by putting more effort in to what you are wearing, can make SUCH A DIFFERENCE. I felt incredible in this suit! I felt like I could walk in to a room and look CONFIDENT and POISED!

When buying your clothing, you need to remember to ask yourself….. “HOW ELSE CAN I WEAR THIS?” You don’t want to invest in your clothing without knowing how to style it multiple ways. I’ve said this from the beginning and it really does help you feel good about every single thing in your closet! THIS SUIT is no exception!


First the TOP~ This is gorgeous with white pants or jeans (these jeans are TO DIE FOR), shorts, or a skirt. I love my white denim skirt and so had to go with that for my first choice. Remember your shoes will make it dressed up or down, and I’ve added both looks for you to get a good visual! What about THESE???

Second the PANTS~ These pants are so fun to STYLE DOWN because they are very dressy. I’ve paired them with one of Chicos finest basic tees. I love the V-neck in the front and the back. It’s so feminine and pretty! Wear some casual jewelry and sneakers and you have a fantastic outfit for just running around in….. BUT IN STYLE!

Third is this JACKET~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE the jacket paired with jeans! It’s the best JUXTAPOSITION, here again as like the second look (opposites). A cute butterfly graphic tee and simple black sandals is SO CHIC! This suit by the way is very lightweight and even with some spandex which makes it EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE!

THIS DRESS….. is another gorgeous piece from the Black Label Collection. It’s classic with some sass! I would love to style this kimono style!!!!!

So if you need some GIRL POWER in your life…… THIS PINK SUIT could be your answer! I don’t know that I’ve been this excited about something for a long time! Now….. I need some spectacular place to travel to so I can wear my LADY BOSS suit! Some GIRL POWER going on over here is ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA!

Shauna XO


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  1. You give more inspiration about how to wear Chico’s styles than their mailer or frequent emails. Ambassador Chic!

    1. THANK YOU SIS! How sweet of you! What about this suit??? Isn’t it A-MAZZZING? Hope you are well and we’ll see you soon!!!!! XOXO

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