My Workouts Are Key To Feeling My Best

My workouts are key to feeling my best. I’ve felt like this since a teenager. Working out is my adrenalin, it’s what I do to feel confident and to feel the VERY BEST I can! I’ve written many blogs about this, but thought it was time for a bit of an update since we are NOW in the season of fewer clothes! There is always an extra motivation to WORKOUT this time of year.

I remember as a young mother, in tip-top shape after having three baby boys, thinking that I would never let my body go. I would always stay vigilant in exercising and eating right, and my body would never sag or look out of shape. Well…………….. then midlife happened. At forty I noticed some cellulite and tiredness. At fifty I noticed more cellulite and started to feel the looseness of my skin. Now at sixty I definitely am feeling it all. No matter how good of shape I’m in, I’m still going to get the loose skin. It just happens.

I’m here for the fight though. My outlook on working out is a bit different. I work out more for my head now. I’m still going to have the same body and the same issues. Unless I wanted to get completely crazy with my diet, and I mean that I would eat NO FAT, NO CARBS, NO SUGAR….. blah blah blah, I’m not going to be a completely mean machine. I COULD IF I WANTED, if I wanted to be THAT disciplined.

For me though, that isn’t a very fun lifestyle. I would rather eat healthy 90% of the time and be able to have that splurge every now and then. When I want a treat, I want a treat. Like ice cream. I don’t want to eat low-fat, low sugar varieties. I want the real stuff. If I’m eating right MOST of the time, I can afford to have REAL ICE CREAM. I’ve said before that I eat dark chocolate almost every day. To me, it’s a treat and if I didn’t have it I would probably feel deprived and then who knows what could happen.


So this is my workout routine….. I exercise for 60 minutes on my Elliptical trainer six days a week. If I’m traveling, there have been sometimes four days without a good workout. I used to be afraid of missing, but now I don’t stress about it, and will allow my body to rest and get back on track when I get home. I have yet to gain weight during those times, because I usually lose weight when I travel…. not gain.

After my cardio I’ll work for 20-30 minutes lifting free weights, squats, lunges, push-ups, and ab work. I work opposing muscle groups (biceps, triceps, quads, hamstrings, back, chest, and shoulders. I change this up every couple of weeks or so. I ALWAYS STRETCH after every workout for at least 10 minutes. That part should be more I know, but I’m always anxious to be done.

So there you have it. It’s not complicated at all. It’s easy, it’s doable, it’s invigorating, and it’s what I do to stay in shape. I did give yoga another good try at the beginning of this year. IT DOES NOT WORK FOR ME. This time around I became convinced that it’s not for me. So done with Yoga!

Anyway…. however this helps you or inspires you or makes you feel good about your routine, I hope it helps some way. My workouts are KEY to feeling MY BEST! I get so many questions about this, so updates every now and then I feel like helps!



Shauna XO


16 thoughts on “My Workouts Are Key To Feeling My Best

  1. I had to laugh at your thoughts on yoga, Shauna. Coincidentally I tried it again yesterday and it makes me want to scream, lol., though I’m not sure why. Maybe too slow? I take reformer Pilates and my instructor also is a yoga enthusiast. I asked her once if she thought I should incorporate yoga and her reply, knowing how I like things to move along at a faster pace, was, “Welllllll… does take patience”, lol!

    1. Dawn YES!!! I don’t doubt for a minute the health benefits of yoga. And I even know that I would benefit from it. I have tried so many times to LIKE IT, but I just can’t. It does make me crazy too. I get home and feel like I still need to workout! Glad I have someone that truly understands!!!! LOL! Take care Dawn! XO

  2. I think the key is rest, its just as important as being active!! Do something…anything, every day, even if it’s a short walk. And YES, if your able, better to eat real food than stuff with “crap” in it! I too don’t indulge as often as I crave, but when I do, it has to be worth it 😉. Adorable workout gear, we had a Lululemon “pop up” store that decided to stay!! Yay!!

    1. Cheryl YES to making those calories count! If I’m going to eat them, it better be DELICIOUS! And yay to Lululemon! We only have a pop-up store here too, but I’m crossing my fingers it’ll stay! HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND girl! XO

  3. Shauna, I absolutely loved reading about your eating and workout plan. I‘m 59 and at times feel like „it‘s over!“. You have truly inspired me. I know I can do better, I know I can develop a routine I can live with. I tell my friends all the time that you are my muse.

    1. Hey Diana….. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! How sweet of you to say! I think NO MATTER WHAT AGE WE ARE….. there’s always a way to do things better. It’s NEVER OVER TIL IT’S OVER I guess, right? I’m so happy to be your “muse”!!!! Take care sweet friend! XO

  4. I have been practicing yoga for years but had to take some time off for health reasons. I’m back at it again. The first time I went back, my god, my legs were shaking and I was so weak. But now a year later the poses are so much easier to hold and my body has become so much stronger. I enjoy balancing poses. They really make your legs strong. Plus it’s good for your brain. It’s not for everyone but I practice yoga 2-3 times a week and water aerobics 2-3 days a week. Namaste 🙏🏻 🧘‍♀️

    1. Susan THAT IS SO AWESOME! I admire you! I do know all the benefits, which are SO MANY! I see these yoga bodies and oh my goodness! I’m not sure why I can’t get in to it, unless I’ve just been geared for so many years to do hard cardio? Idk, but I think it’s GREAT that you’ve found that it works for you and helping you stay fit, strong, and healthy!!! Take care girl and thanks for stopping by! XO

  5. I agree on exercise , I have fibromyalgia and I’m 53 and I find so much more mentally better when I exercise . I love your website and blog .
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Dee bless you. That is tough stuff, although I don’t know a whole lot about it, just that it can stop you in your tracks! Take care sweet lady and THANK YOU! XO

  6. Exercise is just a part of who I am and I need it routinely to be positive. I enjoy ‘Body Groove’ streaming service and WalkatHome streaming service every day for an hour. Mondays and Wednesday I take a private reformer pilates class for an hour each time. I have had back surgery and still suffer from back and hip pain every day, but I know it would be much worse if I didn’t keep up my exercise routine.

    God Bless all the Dad’s in Heaven!

    1. Mary Jane….. you sound fit and fabulous! I absolutely know that the whole aging process would be so much more difficult with extra weight. It gets harder and harder to maintain a healthy weight BUT SO WORTH THE EFFORT! I hope you have an awesome week and THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by! XOXO

  7. Yikes! 60 minutes at this age on the elliptical is incredible! No wonder you look so amazing! I’m fighting to get my muscle tone back. I’ve started with swimming laps and next week will start the rowing machine & weights. My husband was in & out of the hospital for the past year. I almost lost him but, he’s fought his way back although & his body is still healing. When something like that happens, all self care goes out the window! I’m used to looking good for my age so the COVID weight gain & loss of muscle has done a number on my self esteem. I’m blessed my husband survived & now it’s time for me to get healthy again!

    1. Susan WOW…. you have been through it girl! But yes for sure now is the time to DO YOU! I think that trying to find the balance between family, work, yourself, etc. is a really hard thing to do. You did what you needed to to support and love your husband which was absolutely the right thing to do. But yes, those things happen, and you just get right back in to it and I don’t think it will take much time at all to feel healthy and strong again! BEST WISHES to you and your hubs!! XOXO

  8. hello! i am new to your social media. looking to find some inspiration and guidance to recover from devastating changes during covid, i came across your instagram. i think you are a unicorn but i will continue to follow you! i am trying to plan a way to improve my life (i just turned 62) and my question is… how would you advice someone just starting to get healthier and in shape all while moving to a new town, restarting a business and dealing with rebuilding life alone?

    1. Hello Victoria….. WOW so sorry for the turmoil and stress of the last year. I know I can’t truly know how that’s been for you, but what I do know….. IS TO TAKE BABY STEPS EACH DAY. Don’t think of doing everything now. If you’re rebuilding a business of course there are certain things you must do. But still think of it as small pieces of your end goal. PRAYER. This is what helped me through my devastating marriage. If you’re trying to get healthy again…. start small. Start taking a 20 min walk each day. Start by drinking a healthy green smoothie instead of an unhealthy meal. I don’t know if this has helped, but I believe that by having this approach, it will definitely make it seem not so overwhelming!!!! BEST WISHES AND LOTS OF PRAYERS to you girl! XO

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