Skirts, Shorts, Or Dresses For Spring And Summer

Do you prefer skirts, shorts, or dresses for Spring and Summer? I’ve said for the passed several years that I prefer skirts and dresses over shorts for the spring and summer months. But with the surge of longer shorts this year, I’m sort of re-thinking that! There are so many cute options for shorts right now. I like the longer length better, and so I’m certain I’ll be wearing more of them this season. But my first choice would still be skirts and dresses!

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Spring and summer dresses are ALWAYS so fun. I can always find more that I like during the warmer months. They are cool and comfortable and I always feel a little more put together in a dress! The one above is SO CUTE with flat sandals too! It has a slip lining in it, so no peak throughs! I love this with any sort of a denim jacket over the top! Any wash would work with this cobalt blue! Wouldn’t it be cute that way and with a pair of sneakers? It’s also a great color to accessorize with!

THIS skirt is exactly why I LOVE skirts! I posted it here. It’s flirty, lightweight, fun, the perfect length, and cool! I just think they are so much more girly than shorts. This one has a slip built in, so not see-through at all. It has an elastic waist with a zipper and the sash that ties in front. This particular one I feel runs a little big. I’ve got on the XS size.

My shorts here are so stinking much fun! The colors are very summery, the length is perfect, and I love the fit of these!!!! I think anyone could wear them. Remember it’s all about how you style it. If you don’t want to emphasize your waist area, wear a top with a little half-tuck. If you do, then tuck.

I’ve linked up some darling SUMMER DRESSES and SKIRTS for you to shop. I’ve tried to be very conscientious of having a variety of price points. I’m never afraid to spend money on something that I know will look good on me. Think COLOR and CUT when choosing any of your clothing! If those two things are off…. it will be something that will sit in your closet and not be worn!!!




This has given you a lot to look at, but hopefully whether or not you wear skirts, shorts, or dresses for spring and summer, you’ll have lots of options here. This can be your INSPIRATION BOARD for SUMMER FASHION! I REALLY would be curious to know which you prefer? Length, color, and pattern…. tell me!

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “Skirts, Shorts, Or Dresses For Spring And Summer

  1. I’m 55 but still like a fairly short skirt when I’m active outside. I like the Title Nine brand of outdoor dresses and skirts as several have snaps to close when needed. The shorter length allows for better movement during activities. I agree that dresses are my favorite and I’m beginning to struggle with “what am I supposed to wear at my age”

    1. Sandra….. very great tips from you, THANK YOU! I think that IF YOU FEEL GOOD and CONFIDENT in something, it will work AT ANY AGE!!!!! Thanks for stopping by girl! XOXOXOXO

  2. Dear Shauna, as I turn 66 this week I realize that the years may be adding up, but reading your inspirational blog I feel like it’s ok to embrace my silver hair, going out of the box, and being the fabulous me I always knew I could be ! Thanks my friend

    1. YES GIRL….. you are and will ALWAYS BE FABULOUS! So happy for your mindset girl! Take care and we’ll see you soon! XO

  3. Love love dresses, maxis, midis, and knee length, so versatile, I’m 5’1 and love wedges, so I am a dress kinda girl, you are such an inspiration, I just turned 60 on the 14th, and love trying different looks, I love jean jackets or kimonos over dresses too!
    Thanks for being you, I know you have changed a lot of women’s life, we all need a pick me up sometime.

    1. Darla… THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You are the sweetest! I’m sure you look BEAUTIFUL as a 5’1″ lady! ROCK ON SISTER! You are a great representation of midlife too! XO

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