Said I Would Never Wear Long Denim

I was one of those that said I would never wear long denim shorts again. And now here I am…… NEVER SAY NEVER! So what changed my mind? I was certain they were done in my book! I don’t know that I can give you a very clear answer. I saw these and they looked SO CUTE on-line. I loved the distressing, I loved the wash, and I loved the high-waist. And then when I saw the price, I thought I would order them and at least try them out. Many of you know that I live in the desert and so lots of warm weather. So shorts make sense where I live.

When I got them and tried them on, I was hooked. But….. I think there will be boundaries with these. I’m not sure I will ever wear them with flats or sneakers. I don’t know for sure…… it just depends! I am so short and so will always feel and look better with at least a little bit of a heel!

I feel like shorts for a minute were all SHORT, and nothing bermuda style. I don’t wear the shorter style unless I’m at the beach or lake, so I’m happy that they are making a little bit of a comeback. I have a linen printed pair that I will be posting soon! Again with these, I’ll prefer a heel.

This bermuda style is a trend this year. I would dare say, that the older you are, the less likely you’d be in wearing this style? What do you think? But……. before you make your final decision, I want to show you three different ways to wear long denim and perhaps if you’re one that thinks NO, maybe I can change your mind.


I think maybe the black denim would feel a bit more sophisticated and dressed up than a blue denim. I LOVE the idea of pairing it with this amazing white vegan leather jacket (this jacket would go on and on and on) and a graphic tee. I’ve styled this look with some very inexpensive wedges and earrings from Target!


I chose these denim shorts because I LOVE this brand’s jeans. This would be a classic denim look sort of like the pair that I’m wearing here. I love the colorful top and belt with the simple jewelry. And what about the hat? Remember a hat will take a look from FIVE to TEN…. ALWAYS! And these platform espadrilles will give you that height I was talking about, and very comfy! I actually have these and LOVE!


I had to show you some white long denim. These from CHICOS are their NO-STAIN denim and how perfect for shorts! No need to worry with this white! I’ve styled them with a most adorable striped tee and my favorite new sandals right now! This look would be called “juxtaposition” with the casual shorts and tee, with a dressier sandal. Such a CUTE long denim look!

So now how do you feel about the LONG DENIM look? Have I changed your mind? These shorts are cute as well and on the dressy side. You could almost style these as you would a pencil skirt! Wear them with a blazer and you’ll look VERY classy!

Shauna XO

8 thoughts on “Said I Would Never Wear Long Denim

  1. So funny your posting this look in your blog lol. Just went through my shorts & found several Bermuda ones. Now I did try the distressed denim & those will be for the shore, but my black sateen and white well those are for a pretty top & a sweet heel sandal for evening cocktails by the water. Yes I’m short too, so agree I need a little height even a small wedge works. So I guess I’m in!

    1. Kathleen it sounds like you are on your game with THE LONG BERMUDA SHORTS! Your dressy ones sound fabulous!!!!!! XO

  2. I just threw out 3 pairs of chino Bermuda shorts. They were from about 10 years ago, very low rise, ugh, I actually wore them?!!!. They had to go. The ones they have out now look good. I would maybe give them a try.

    1. It’s so funny Cheryl, how those LOW RISE look so odd now! I’ve just recently gotten rid of a bunch of pants that style. You should give the newer updated version a try for sure! XO

  3. I just bought long denim shorts in a light wash and I love them! I wanted a light color to wear with light tops. I have a vision in mind and I will ROCK them!

    BTW, I just recently found your blog and I love it!

    1. Sandie……. LOVE YOUR CONFIDENCE girlfriend!!!! You will ROCK THEM, no doubt! Thank you so much for your sweet comment and HAPPY SUNDAY! Hope to hear from you again soon! XO

  4. I think you rock those bermuda shorts! I am 66 years young and I just bought a pair of white ones from Stitch fix! They suggested a cold shoulder fun bright colored top and definitely a pair of wedge sandals! I am 5′ 2, so yes to your fun heels!!! I love your style! You always seem so full of joy!

    Pam Sanders

    1. Hello Pam! THANK YOU for stopping by! I’ve never heard of Stitch Fix before. What an interesting concept! I’m sure you LOOK DARLING in your Bermudas! And the wedge sandal is a NECESSITY!!!!! Have a HAPPY WEEK, and take care! XO

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