Our House Was A Home

The HOME I Grew Up In.

Today I wanted to share with you something VERY personal. OUR HOUSE WAS A HOME! We’ve all heard that saying, but my parents sure did make it TRUE for their TEN CHILDREN! Our HOME was full of laughter and teasing, teaching moments, gospel study, always homemade bread, homemade rolls on Sundays, and I’m pretty sure everyone’s favorite, homemade (not from a box) chocolate cake. My dad was a disciplinarian and my mom the softer one, and we all knew we were LOVED. I usually don’t write so personal, but I couldn’t let this opportunity slip by without documenting the memories I have of 2075.

I moved here when I was two years old. I was the fourth child of my mom and dad. After me, SIX more were born, giving them seven boys and three girls. My mother stayed home with us, never leaving to work. She had plenty of work within the walls of that home, and boy did she ever work!! She washed windows regularly, ironed, cleaned our bathrooms EVERY day, changed our bed sheets EVERY week, vacuumed EVERY day, as well as ALL of the cooking! She would stand at the sink and knead the dough for the bread by hand, making about ten loaves at a time!

View From Her Breakfast Window.

My mom just a month or so ago while I was staying with her, told me one morning sitting at her breakfast counter, that she had started to feel like her home was too much to take care of. It has lots of stairs and a big yard that was a lot for her and others to keep up. My dad LOVED his yard and would spend hours and hours grooming and caring for every single plant and blade of grass. It was ALWAYS tidy and green and you could assuredly say it was immaculate! He never wanted to move and I’m so happy that he passed away there, and not in a hospital.

Her LOVE Of God Has ALWAYS Been Clear To Us

From the time my mama started thinking about moving and actually signing the contract, was only a few weeks. She lives in a beautiful area and not many houses go up for sale there. If they do, they are gone in a few days. She had the help of my nephew in the sale. He took such great care of her. He referred to her as GRANDMA in the negotiating.

She was blessed to be able to find something ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for her within just a few days. While she waited for a response to her offer, there were several other offers that came in, all of which were more than hers. But when it came down to it, the owner of that place, felt inspired that it should go to “GRANDMA”! We all knew that it was meant to be! ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT! We’re thinking that perhaps my daddy had a hand in all this…. at least we know that he would approve!

Now as we all say goodbye to our “HOME” it brings back a flood of memories! I live a few hours away and happened to be in Salt Lake City last week, and so I took the opportunity to go and spend some time there, before my mama leaves for good. Our house was most definitely our HOME! I walked in and remembered……

She Always Had Candies In a Bowl On Her Dining Table

Remembering all the times I walked up the stairs, to greet my parents. It almost felt like both my mama and daddy would be there that day. I remember my dad giving me a blessing during a very rough time for me, there in the living room when he was so sick but still able to talk. I remember the dinners around our dining room table. Roast and potatoes and gravy, green beans, and homemade rolls were my favorite! I remember the “snack-bar” where we would sit on Saturday mornings eating mama’s sourdough pancakes. I remember my room with the bright blue and lime green flowered wallpaper. I remember vacuuming on Saturdays (this may have been the only day my mom didn’t do the vacuuming herself). I remember babysitting my younger siblings and them running down the hallway and jumping on the sofa! I remember the yard I played in and the big willow tree that used to be there where I would play with my babydolls. I remember picking raspberries, strawberries, and beans from daddy’s garden.

My Daddy’s Dad’s Hat

My dad had a SHED….. it is so cute! I love taking pictures by it, and have posted several! When I walked inside, again the memories! I saw the croquet set sitting there with every ball and mallet still there. We would play this mostly on Sundays from what I remember! I saw his workbench, his tools, the old rug covering the cement floor. It too, was so tidy. I get to have the sign that was hung on the outside….. THE SHED! My grandpa’s hat was in a beautiful yellow hat box. I get to be the one to inherit it, of which I’m so grateful! This hat was my daddy’s dad’s hat that he wore on his mission for our church! What a treasure!

Memories In The Shed

Lastly I remember my BEAUTIFUL wedding there in the backyard on September 7, 2019. That blog is here. My dad was so sick then and it was just thirteen days before he passed. He woke up just in time to be there and witness me marrying the man of my dreams. I’m so thankful that my new husband had the opportunity to be with my dad several times. This night was the very last time that our family was gathered together as one before he left us. And SO PERFECT that we were there as one, in our backyard…. in our HOME where we grew up. Our house was our HOME and the most beautiful setting for our UNION of LOVE.

I will miss 2075. I will miss it SO MUCH. I cried and cried in my daddy’s shed this last day there. It was so hard, but at the same time I will forever be grateful for the house that was a HOME for our big family….. my parents, seven brothers and two sisters! When I went in, it didn’t seem quite right, because so many of my mama’s knick-knacks and pictures had been packed away, in preparation for her move. But still the SPIRIT that was there, was undeniable.

Thank you mama….. and daddy! You did good! YOU BOTH DID SO GOOD! I LOVE you so much and am so thankful for all you taught me, for all of your support, for all of your LOVE! Thank you for making OUR HOUSE A HOME!

Shauna XO

Walking Away But SO HAPPY For Mama And Her New Adventure!


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  1. I love that you captured so many sweet details of that home that holds so many treasured memories for you and your family. So beautifully done!

    1. Carin THANK YOU…… and so happy that you were there recording THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!! Love you! XO

  2. Shaunna,
    This is just beautiful. Such a wonderful tribute to your parents. Thanks for sharing with all of us your walk down memory lane. What a wonderful daughter you are to your parents. I’m sure they feel blessed to have you, as you feel blessed to have them. Life‘s changes are so very hard, but you are managing them with grace and beauty.
    I wish we had been able to get to know each other better. I think we would have become great friends, as we seem to have a lot in common.
    Bless you, and take care.🌷💕🌷

    1. Mary Kay….. THANK YOU for taking the time to read! It’s definitely a very sacred place for us all and we will miss it. But at the same time SO GRATEFUL that our mother is HAPPY and EXCITED for her new HOME. I will always consider you a FRIEND!!!! If you’re ever in Southern Utah….. let me know! XO

  3. Such a beautiful story of life. Of a wonderful home and sweet memories. So many of us don’t get to experience that. Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us. God bless you

    1. Gloria THANK YOU! You are sweet for stopping by and HOPEFULLY YOU have beautiful memories of your childhood and HOME! Take care and we’ll talk soon! XO

  4. You told a beautiful story – so happy that their are so many wonderful memories. It was all the children that made it all so worthwhile! xoxoxo

    1. Mom…… it was all the children for sure that helped to make it a HOME, but without good parents it wouldn’t have been so! I LOVE YOU and so HAPPY for your next adventure!!!!!! XOXOxoxoxoxoxo

  5. I’m so glad you took the pictures that you did, for each one tells its own story ❤

    1. Hi Debbie….. is this Debbie my sister? Anyway….. I’ve always said that PICTURES are EVERYTHING! Thank you for your comment! XO

  6. Oh Shauna, I teared up reading your blog. The memories we create will never be forgotten and yes I think “daddy” had a hand in it. wishing your mamma much joy on her new journey…..and know that no matter where you plant your feet or what door you open, as long as there is love and health and the joy of God, we will always be “home”.

    1. Kathleen I LOVE your comment…. written so beautifully! THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to read it! It means the world to me! Take care and we’ll chat soon! XO

  7. Shauna, What a beautiful tribute to your parents. I could feel the love from your descriptions. You are a beautiful person inside & outside. Thank you for sharing your memories.

    1. Becky THANK YOU for taking the time to read! It’s very bittersweet for sure, but so thankful that mama is EXCITED for this next chapter in her life! XO

  8. Oh Shauna, this is so beautifully written! I loved the photos and description of life growing up in that house. So heartfelt and relatable for any of us with aging parents. How fortunate your mom is to be able to move to her own place. New memories to make. There truly is no place like home! 💖

    1. Ronnie yes for sure….. NEW MEMORIES TO MAKE for her! Number 2075 holds so many precious memories and hopefully they will stay VIVID in our minds!!!!! THANK YOU Ronnie! XO

  9. I can relate to so much of your story. The wonderful parents, the large family (I’m 1 of 11), the memories, and leaving the home you’ve always known. Hits home and I loved reading it! Bless your momma and her new adventure! ❤️

    1. Belle you sure do know what that BIG FAMILY FEELING feels like! It’s a bittersweet time, but she is SO HAPPY and looking forward to creating new memories! Thank you for stopping by! XO

  10. This is just beautiful……..thank you for sharing, similar to the way I grew up……precious memories, how they linger……

    1. Darla….. hopefully they will LINGER FOREVER! Thank you for your sweet comment! XO

  11. Wow, change the address and this would be my story! Thank you for sharing and allowing me to relive my childhood, my parents, my upbringing, my everything as I read your words! My mama could be your mama’s twin from their faith, homemade bread where mama said she would take her frustrations out on the bread and let them go, to the never from a box anything! Even the side photo of your beautiful mama made me gasp and smile at the similarities. When mama was teaching me to make bread and I asked how long to knead, she replied how with how many Hail Marys and Our Fathers (and say them purposely, don’t rush through them Michelle…her words). Thank you again for sharing everything that has made you YOU!!!! The beautiful thing about parents like yours is yes they made the house a home but they created the memories so you could take that home with you wherever you go!

    1. Michelle THANK YOU for your sweet comment! It definitely sounds like your mama and mine could be the best of friends! She was and still is such an amazing example to all of our family! I hope yours is doing well and that you get to spend as much time as possible with her! Take care, and again thank you for stopping by! XO

  12. Beautiful! You are a brilliant story teller. I know it must be hard, but you will also look back at THIS time, as a grateful memory. Best to you mother, on her new chapter.

    1. Cheryl thank you! You are the sweetest!! We are just all so grateful that this is something she chose to do and is so thrilled about what’s next for her! MEMORIES are everything! XO

  13. Such a beautiful story and pictures to go with it.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. Lori you are welcome, and THANK YOU for stopping by and taking the time to read! Have a WONDERFUL week! XO

  14. I’ve got to say I had a hard time finishing your lovely story for the tears in my eyes! It sounds like you had a wonderful childhood full of sweet memories. Thank for taking us back on your journey! Although I begin reading blogs for the fashion inspiration I always love getting to know the person behind the blog. I appreciate your openness and always feel like I am catching up with a friend. I hope your mama has so much joy in her new home!

    1. Ruth how sweet of you to say…. THANK YOU! I’m sure we would be GREAT FRIENDS! My mama is doing great and will soon be settled in to her NEW HOME! XOxoxoxo

  15. Dear Shauna, So sweet of you to share this story! I could feel all your emotions of the years of love for your family and stepping into a new chapter for you and your mama. I can picture myself walking through all those lovely rooms of memories with you. My love to you and all the best of things to come for your mama. XOXO KG

    1. Karen…… how sweet of you, THANK YOU! It’s so strange thinking about not ever being in that house again, but comforting knowing that our mother will be more comfortable and less stressed! Thank you for your thoughtful comment! XO

  16. Thank you. Tell me, what is your mama’s next adventure? I love your story. It made me cry.

    1. Hi Deb, she is moving to a neighboring community in to a place that is much smaller and more comfortable for her to get around in. We are all so happy for her! It’s remarkable that at her age, she’s able to make such a move! XO

  17. Thanks for sharing your sweet story of “HOME”…you made me cry. How lucky we were to grow up in a house filled with love…not all know what that is like. Prayers for a smooth move and new adventures for your Mom. Love on her every chance you get…the road you are on is not an easy one.

    1. Sherb hello! Thank you very much! It’s one of those times you know will happen “SOME DAY” but it’s always so far in the distance! Now here we are, and so grateful that things are working out for her in such a beautiful way! THANKS for your good wishes! Take care and hope to hear from you soon! XO

    1. Claire THANK YOU! I DO have such AMAZING parents and siblings too! FAMILY is everything! I hope you are doing well and THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by! Hope to see you soon! XO

  18. I love your story sweetie…I cried with you I lost my mom in 1993…I have lots of great memories too..your right our parents did he best by all us too..Thank you for sharing.

    1. Judy THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by! I hope that you have WONDERFUL memories of your mom! I’m so grateful for so many! It helps me feel connected even when they’re gone! Hope to see you again soon! XO

  19. Glad you had the chance to say goodbye to your family home. My dad passed 2 years ago this month. My parents raised 5 kids in their home, were the original owners and lived there 60+ years. I think about that house all of the time. Its amazing how places stick with us. You are so lucky
    To have taken photos of it, wish I had done the same.
    Our parents generation was a no nonsense, practical, hard working, deeply loving group. And their houses symbolized those beliefs is such a silent, profound way. Best wishes to your mom during her transition

    1. Wendy what a beautiful comment…… OUR HOMES TRULY ARE PLACES OF SYMBOLISM! My brothers are moving her today. I will miss it so much but know that wherever SHE IS, that’s where HOME WILL BE! Thank you so much for stopping by and take care sweet friend! XO

  20. Hi Shauna,
    I happened across your blog on Pinterest. I was missing my parents today whom I lost 2 years ago. My mom first and then my dad followed 11 months later.
    Your thank you to your parents in the story about your childhood home brought me to tears. Like you I had fantastic parents and grew up in a home of nine children. That thank you was everything I was holding in my heart for them. I said it out loud to them today. I hope they are listening up there. 😊
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Teresa I know FOR SURE THAT THEY HEARD YOU! It’s so hard to lose our parents, and am so grateful that she is still with us! It sounds like we grew up in a similar way! I’m so glad for all those siblings today, because there are lots to watch after mama!!!!! Take care and we’ll chat soon! XO

  21. So sweet. Sentimental. Heartfelt. I remember the last day at the home where I was born and raised. Bittersweet. I took pictures of what would seem like the stupidest things: inside the cabinets where dad organized his spices, etc.; a picture of me sitting at the kitchen table eating my last bowl of ice cream there, a place in the backyard where my dog was buried, the clothesline (I can remember the fresh scent of the sheets!), and the maple tree. Before I left, I cut a couple of leaves off the maple tree, dried them, and framed them to be hung in my own home. As Miranda Lambert sings, it was the house that built me.

    1. Hi Judy…. I LOVE your comment. The clothesline I totally remember from years ago. My mom had it taken down, but all while we were growing up all of our clothes were dried on the clothesline! Happy memories. And I LOVE that song too of Miranda’s! The homes we grew up in hold SO MANY MOMENTS!!!! Thank you for stopping by! XO

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