Mother’s Day Gifts For HER

Not just for MOTHER’S DAY…… wear this all spring and summer long!

I wanted to share with you today Mother’s Day GIFTS FOR HER! And that HER could be your mama, your daughter, your daughter-in-law, your sister, or YOU! YES YOU!!!!!! This is the gift that we want to be really really special for all the MOTHERS in your life! My mama is 86 years old, and she doesn’t really want anything more for her home, and she even thinks that she has plenty of clothes, jewelry, and shoes (how could she be MY MAMA???!) so she can be super hard to buy for. She mostly just wants MY TIME!

So I thought I would put together some ideas for you to SHOP, as now is the time to order and have it to you or to HER on time! Whenever I shop for gifts, I always keep myself in mind. That might sound selfish, but I know that if I like it, chances are the person I’m giving it to, will like it as well. In fact some people have said to me that they don’t want to give me clothes or anything along those lines (perhaps because I have A LOT), but this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Now….. let’s get SHOPPING friends! Here we go! I feel like this is a REALLY CUTE COLLECTION of what would work for most on your gift list. It’s full of COLOR and CUTENESS and most definitely says SPRING!

Back to the TIME thing with our loved ones. That truly is the very best gift of all! Our time with them will NEVER be forgotten and will NEVER be lost. The memories we make with them are priceless and absolutely one of the BEST PARTS OF LIFE! I always think of THIS SONG in times when I know I’m not spending the time I need to with my loved ones. There is nothing more important than TIME WITH THOSE YOU LOVE MOST…… NOTHING. I have some very deep thoughts about this and will write about it some day. Perhaps for my Mother’s Day post? We’ll see.

ENJOY SHOPPING this great collection of Mother’s Day GIFTS for HER!

Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gifts For HER

  1. I tell my kids all the time. In the end memories are all we have. I hope you can find joy this Mother’s Day…thinking of you ☺️

    1. Cheryl thanks girl….. for sure Mother’s Day will have different meaning for me this time around and maybe forever, but I’m good with that! I’ll miss mama, but we are all at such peace with everything and she is safe now with my daddy! XO

  2. ….that Aqua ring is stunning. I’ve seen you featuring it a lot, of late. I just may have to get myself a Mother’s Day gift! 😘

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