Fabulous Jewelry Designer Dean Davidson

Introducing you today to this fabulous jewelry designer Dean Davidson. I didn’t know about this brand before I started my blog. I did my first collaboration with him about two and a half years ago. I knew when I got my first piece, it was special. It’s not the norm. It’s so well made and constructed just beautifully! First a little bit about Dean Davidson……..


Dean Davidson launched back in 2007. He is based out of Toronto, Canada. Since its inception, the Dean Davidson brand has risen to international status, counting Oprah, Jennifer Lopez, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, as just some of his fans. Davidson also was honoured as the Canadian Arts & Fashion Award’s 2019 Accessories Designer of the Year

His work is inspired by his travels throughout the world, making him a truly international brand. His collections are meticulously crafted in a family-owned workshop of multi-generational master gem cutters in Jaipur, India. Each and every piece is cast out of high-quality brass, finished in 22kt gold or rhodium, and set with custom-cut, semi-precious gemstones. The brushed finish that you see in the Dean Davidson brand is his signature, and was learned by the designer during his time in Paris.

When you want very fine, very classy, and very CHIC….. you turn to Dean Davidson for your pretties! I’m getting quite a beautiful collection going. My PLAZA RING comes in gold with many choices for your stone. My KNOCKOUT PENDANT NECKLACE also has different stone options and comes in gold as well. These pieces sure do make me feel like an EXQUISITE girl!

This is Dean Davidson and the Dean Davidson brand is timeless! You will be wearing his pieces FOREVER, and they will always work! The perfect definition for this brand is UNDERSTATED ELEGANCE! The hoops that you always see me wearing are his. I LOVE the rings, the necklaces are so fun to layer up….. everything! Yes, I’m in LOVE with EVERYTHING!

Let me introduce you to a FABULOUS JEWELRY DESIGNER, Dean Davidson! I hope you have enjoyed getting to know this brand and that you’re impressed, because his work is VERY IMPRESSIVE! You may want to think about DEAN DAVIDSON for your Mother’s Day gifts for the mom’s in your life!


Shauna XO