Linen And Floral Go Hand In Hand

Linen and floral go hand in hand! When I think of either, I think of spring and summer! It’s breathable and doesn’t cling, which makes it the perfect fabric for hot summer weather. But when it’s THIS colorful, it makes it even better! The color scheme of this one allows for so many options when it comes to styling it YOUR WAY!

I am absolutely in love with this print from Chicos! This floral is SO GOOD that they’ve used it for several of their pieces….. this jacket which is reversible, the faux wrap skirt, a shift dress, and these shorts. My favorite would have to be the skirt!!!!! It’s such a flattering fit! I love the look of a wrap skirt, but as you know, sometimes they can be a bit revealing. THIS design, takes care of all those mishaps!

I LOVE how Chicos offers so many ways to mix and match their clothing. With just a few pieces you can get so many outfits. Hopefully as now things are opening back up, you may have a vacation in the future? These would make such a great little capsule wardrobe to pack for a vacay! Each of them can be styled for nearly anything that would be in your plans….. dressed up or dressed down!

Here are my ideas…..


I’ve styled this jacket with the faux wrap skirt first, which some may think is a little much! It was until I belted it in to give me some shape. This was mainly because of my height, but I think for them together it needs a belt! What do you think? Here is a similar belt.

Next I wore it with these darling coral jeans and neutral striped tee. It’s cut much like a denim jacket. I LOVE that it’s reversible too….. which is a GREAT IDEA for a vacation, giving you even more options!!!!!!

I don’t have the shorts or dress, but would LOVE these shorts for my golf game! They are a great length… not too short and not too long! Styled with a denim shirt would be adorable!


My first choice with this floral linen skirt, is with this darling linen striped button-down. I LOVE LOVE the pattern mixing with these two. Throw on a denim jacket for an added layer, and wear it with either heels, flats, or sneakers! Add a hat for an extra punch!

What about the skirt with this tee and sneakers! CUTE AS EVER! This skirt I would have to think, would be a fun one for many years! It really has such a flattering cut to it!

A classic button-down white shirt, and this is LINEN, with heels would look absolutely beautiful too! I also like THIS sweater with it as well! I would tuck it in with the skirt, and it’s thin enough to do that without the bulk!


I LOVE this purple/lavendar shirt! It’s SO CUTE with any of your denim….. and white denim, even this white skirt, would be my first choice! Wear it with your denim shorts too! I also really like it with this blue denim skirt! What about wearing it with a maxi dress tied in a knot? Really cute as well! And these easy and comfortable pull-on styled crops are another idea. I would wear these together with some cute flat sandals!

So you see how beautifully and versatile these pieces work together! FLORAL AND LINEN go hand in hand and that’s why the two together are great options for your spring and summer style! I love these from Chicos and plan to make them part of my look all season long!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “Linen And Floral Go Hand In Hand

  1. Do you purchase petites from Chicos, or do you stick with their regular sizes? Sometimes I find the petite to short waisted.

    1. Dianne…… I do both. It just depends on the cut. If it’s something looser and oversized and comes in P, then yes. If it’s more fitted I can get away with the regular sizing. I’m quite broad through the shoulders and so sometimes the P fits too small. I HOPE that helps! Let me know! XOXO

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