Recapping My Chic Retreat


Recapping My Chic Retreat


Where do I begin? I held my very first CHIC RETREAT in Las Vegas mid-January. I didn’t know quite what to expect as far as the mix of women and the flow of the weekend…. things like that. But I’m SO HAPPY to report, that my expectations were blown off the roof! The women first of all, are the ones that MADE THIS TRIP a success!

The retreat was open to ten, but due to COVID complications, we were able to have five attend. It turned out to be the perfect number especially for the first time, because it made it much more intimate. It gave us (me and my assistant Ali) an opportunity to see how we could do it different (or not) next time. Our five ladies were from Virginia, Nebraska, Dallas, California, and Nevada. THEY WERE AWESOME!!!! The way they each connected with one another was incredible! in fact….. they all said they want a reunion!!!!

Recapping My Chic Retreat

We met for the first time Friday evening in the hotel lobby at the LINQ. I was so excited to meet them all!!! Earlier that afternoon, we (me and my assistant Ali who put the whole thing on) bumped in to one of the ladies by the elevator. When we met her she gushed and said, “My ears are all red!!!!” She said she was nervous, but I think she was the one who ended up talking the very most! LOL! We enjoyed a delicious meal here, at CHAYO Mexican Kitchen which had the 2nd best (hubs is the 1st) guacamole ever! The conversation was relaxed and more just getting to know who everyone was. Walking the promenade that night was SUCH FUN and definitely something you must do!!!!!

Recapping My Chic Retreat

After dinner we went on the High Roller, here. This is the largest observation wheel in North America and is a must see! It takes you 550 feet up with perfect views of the Strip, and I personally think better at night! Afterwards they all came up to Ali’s room and we gave them the MOST PACKED SWAG BAG of ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to MY FAVORITE BRANDS…….

Chicos ~ Soma ~ SeroVital ~ LimeRicki ~ Foster Grant ~ Hair Biology ~ Tanacious ~ Twisted Sugar Cookies ~ Babe Lash

The ladies were SO THRILLED with all of their goodies! These brands I work with are absolutely amazing and I can’t thank them ALL enough for being so generous with my girlfriends. They LOVED their CHICOS red heart-print scarves and just in time for Valentines Day. Their Soma jammies were a huge hit, these ladies never felt softer! The SeroVital face wash is my all-time favorite face wash and so was so glad to share it too. It really does have the perfect amount of scrub to it! Every girl needs a cute swimsuit for Vegas (even if the pool is closed) and their LimeRicki suits (which are their latest lineup) were simply ADORABLE! The Foster Grant sunnies were worn by all of us the whole weekend, and sure made us look like SUPERSTARS! The Hair Biology shampoo was fun for me to share, because it’s been my go-to hair care since working with this brand! Did you know it’s specifically made for mid-life hair?  Getting Tanacious Sunless tanning mousse was awesome. It IS the BEST TAN from a bottle that I’ve EVER used, no kidding! Babe Lash was yet another of my favorites. I use their lash growth serum every night! It DOES work! And last but not least were YUMMY COOKIES from Twisted Sugar in Henderson, Nevada! Everyone knows I’m a cookie snob!


On Saturday we all met and walked to Mon Ami Gabi for a delicious breakfast. As we ate our very fancy food we had a discussion about EVERYTHING from how I organize my sunglasses to how I feel about middle age and everything in-between. We ALL shared and honestly, it felt more like a bunch of girlfriends who hadn’t seen each other in awhile, just doing some catching up.

Recapping My Chic Retreat

We then walked our way up to Fashion Show Mall to Chicos and then to Anthropologie. Chicos went out of their way to accommodate us. They had an area set up in their beautiful dressing area with chocolates and bottles of water that had my logo wrapped around the outside. HOW CUTE!!!!!! Their presentation and welcome meant the world to me!!!!

I showed the ladies some of my favorite things at Chicos and talked to them about this amazing brand, and then they shopped and shopped. The interesting thing was, one of my ladies, Ronna (90 lbs) was almost certain she wouldn’t be able to find anything in Chicos. Well guess what…. she was the one that found the most I think!!!! The ladies picked out some gorgeous things and we had a wonderful time! Another one of my new friends J, said that she had never felt prettier!

We were then on our own and met up early evening for dinner at Off The Strip. It was such yummy food, everyone loved it. After dinner we had tickets to Whitney Houston. It was a BLAST sitting right up front center stage! We then walked back to our hotel and met up for a photo shoot in our jammies! It was a treat to JUST TALK about whatever. Nothing was too scheduled or too rigid….. it was just right! Another specific part that everyone seemed to enjoy! The bond between us all was instant and nobody would have ever thought that we had just met!


On Sunday morning before everyone had to pack up and leave, we walked over to Hash House a Go Go for breakfast. It too, is another must! The food is OUTRAGEOUSLY BIG AND EXTRAVAGANT! Talk about great food pics for instagram!!!!!! We talked and laughed and ate and ate some more. It was the perfect way to end our Vegas Chic Retreat!


I kept hearing one of the ladies, Cindy, say WWSD! It took me a minute to catch on, but this is what she says when she’s trying to decide what to wear. WHAT WOULD SHAUNA DO? I thought that was very cute!!!!

Another of my guests, Janine, had breast cancer and when her hair grew back in the most beautiful shade of white, she looked online for women with silver hair, and guess who popped up? She has been following me since! It was interesting hearing how each of these women found me.

I appreciate every single one of them, supporting me in this first retreat….. Katharine, J, Cindy, Janine, and Ronna. They all expressed interest in a reunion soon, and I REALLY HOPE that can come to pass! Recapping my Chic Retreat has made me already miss my new found girlfriends!


 Scottsdale Arizona  – April 29th to May 1st

Please email me ASAP if you want in, first come first serve! This will be open to TEN and will be spa/health centered! My email is [email protected]

Shauna XO

Many THANKS to my sweet Ali! She handled it all like a pro and everyone LOVED her!

In recapping my Chic Retreat… it has my mind going! I would LOVE to one day meet my girlfriends in Italy in our #LadyBosse tees!!! Would YOU GO?


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  1. At the wonderful age of 65 and single I would love to have an opportunity to an adventure retreat!

  2. Hello, do you have to be an influencer to join your retreat? I just love being around positive and confident women. Thanks.

    1. Hi Cassandra! ABSOLUTELY NO! This is open to ANYONE and the ladies that came to Vegas were all just normal everyday girls! It was fantastic and are hoping for the same in Arizona! YOU should come! XO

  3. Missed the opportunity to do Vegas……but Arizona sounds wonderful! Are there specific details to know before booking?

    1. Hi Kathleen…. we would love to have you and MORE details are coming very soon! Thank you for asking! Stay tuned here and on my Instagram! XOXO

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