Color Of The Year Tips If You’re Over 40

Color Of The Year Tips If You’re Over 40

Ladies, I want to talk about the color of the year, PERIWINKLE! It’s such a CUTE color for January and for the upcoming spring months. Doesn’t wearing bright colors just make you happy? It does for me. So I’ll be finding excuses to wear this purple all year long. Here are a few of my tips for adding periwinkle to your look.

7 ways to wear periwinkle this year

Idea #1 Nail Polish

An easy way to add color to your outfit, even if it has a lot of neutrals, is with a splash of nail polish. I think this “You Do Blue” color by Essie is SO cute and could go with any outfit. Add it to your fingers or toes!

color of the year

Idea #2 Eyeshadow Look

Another great way to add some subtle color is with your makeup. You can go full-on or just add a touch here and there. Here is a fun eyeshadow from MAC that would be adorable on anyone. I love it in the color “Such A Tulle”. 

color of the year

Idea #3 Bold Hair Color

Okay, dying your hair might seem a little too bold…but I say if you love it then wear it! I’ve dyed my hair pink before and it was so much FUN! Now I might have to try this color out too. If you’re wanting an exciting change, here’s a periwinkle hair dye to try. You can add it to your ends or go all in and dye all of your hair. If you give it a try, I’ve got to see! So make sure to tag me on Instagram

Idea #4 Colorful Pants

I love wearing pants from Athleta! They’re so COMFY but can still be dressed up or down. They have a cute periwinkle color in their Brooklyn Ankle Pant. In the winter I’d pair these with black or gray. For spring I’d bring out some fun color combinations such as yellow, pink, or mint green!

color of the year

Idea #5 Flowy Blue Dress

If you’re taking any vacations away from the cold this winter, this flowy dress from Amazon would be perfect. It’s ADORABLE and AFFORDABLE. I love all the little details.

Idea #6 Layering Tee

This tee is a simple way to add periwinkle to your outfit. Plus it’s an affordable basic and can be worn in a lot of different ways.

Idea #7 Periwinkle Shoes

If you just need a touch of periwinkle, wear these shoes! Aren’t they cute? I’d wear them with black or gray activewear.

Color Of The Year Tips If You’re Over 40

What do you think about these color of the year tips? Will you be adding periwinkle to your wardrobe? If you do, tag me on Instagram! Looking for more outfit inspiration? Check out this blog post for Valentine’s Day!

Shauna XO