Reasons Why I LOVE Maxi Dresses

my reasons why I love maxi dresses and skirts

Reasons Why I LOVE Maxi Dresses 

You’ve probably heard me talk about my LOVE for the maxi dress. The first maxi I remember wearing, my mama made for me. It was white with different colored rick-rack trimming the ruffled cap sleeves and the bottom ruffle. It had the same colored buttons going up the bodice of the dress. It was ADORABLE!

Ever since then, I’ve loved maxis because not only do they hold good memories for me, but they are very feminine. A few years ago it seems like they were everywhere. There were so many choices available. I feel they died out just a bit over the last year or two, but again now making an appearance. Maybe that’s just me, but I haven’t found a lot that I’ve LOVED until now.

This one has the most gorgeous colors. The bright yellows and oranges are absolutely beautiful. It has a wrap style which makes it very flattering for most body types. Wearing this in the bitter cold winter weather, would be a bit challenging. Where I live though, it’s perfect with a little jacket over the top, or you could wear a sweater or denim jacket as well.

Maxi skirts are more versatile than a dress, and there are plenty of those out there to choose from too. I just posted this green one that and LOVE. This was really fun on the beach. I can’t wait for my spring and summer seasons to pull it out and wear it again.

So how do you feel about the maxi style? I’ve heard a lot of women say that they are too matronly or frumpy even. I think that for sure some are, but like I’ve said before, it depends on styling along with the whole package.

Here Is Why I LOVE A Maxi Dress Or Skirt….

ONE~ What a beautiful outfit to wear for your Valentines date! The tall white boots and faux fur jacket will make it look wintery as well as keep you toasty warm! LOVE this look, it’s so beautiful!

TWO~ This look is very similar but I thought it was so pretty I had to share. The brown print with the white is stunning, and the blue accents are perfect!

THREE~ A maxi skirt is so easy to mix up and change around! It seems there is a theme of blue here, but I loved these gorgeous blue pleats! I’ve paired it with a basic black oversized sweater, cozy scarf and beanie, very well priced puffer jacket, and the most comfortable all-weather boots! Talk about amping up a casual look…. this juxtaposition does just that!

Ladies there are so many reasons I love maxi dresses! I’ll always be a fan. And I’ll always be the one to break all the Fashion God’s RULES, and quite frankly…. they are the best rules to BREAK! HA!

Have a wonderful week!

Shauna XO

Reasons why I love maxi dress

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10 thoughts on “Reasons Why I LOVE Maxi Dresses

  1. I am a fan of maxi dresses and skirts. I am only 5’ 1”. My question is how do you find petite sizes.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Susan….. I’m only 5’1.5″ too, and I usually just wear a normal size. This dress in particular drags just a tad in the back. I have a 3.5″ heel on, and will probably just keep it this way. But I know Anthropologie carries some petite sizes. Also, a “midi” dress usually fits me like a maxi, so you can get that look with that length! GOOD LUCK! I think they are such fun to wear! Thank you for your comment! XO

  2. Maxi’s make me go back to 3rd grade where I met my best friend of 50 years, Priscilla. Priscilla had the most beautiful maxi dresses.
    You look stunning in this fabulous dress!

    1. Hi Melesa…. what HAPPY memories of your best friend. Clothing does hold such special memories!!!! Hope you have a maxi in her memory! Take care and thank you so much for stopping by! Come back again soon! XO

  3. I am not a fan of maxis, but I do love a midi length for fun, especially in the summer. You look fabulous in ypurs!

    1. Kathy not for everyone I know, but that midi length is very feminine too! Thank you for your comment and come back again soon! XO

  4. Did you do something different to the dress you’re wearing, did you have it altered at all?. When I look at it on the website it, the fit (on the website) doesn’t look nearly as good as it does on you. From a 5’2 gurl 🙂

    1. Anne-Marie…. no not at all. It was dragging just a tiny bit in the back, and may decide to get it hemmed, but everything else the very same. I’m 5’1.5″ for reference! Hope that helps? Have a wonderful week! XO

  5. Hi! I LOVE maxis too and have quite a collection. In Iowa I wear in mine well into the fall with suede booties and a jacket over (unless they are a heavy tropical print). When we have a little break from the cold, I will even do that in the winter. I love the femininity of them, the ease of looking put together and just how fun they are! I love midis as well!

    1. Michelle yes I think what I like the most is just that they feel so elegant! Sounds like you know EXACTLY how to style yours to get the most versatility! They really can be worn more that what we may think! Thank you for stopping by!!!! XO

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