Exercise Routine For An Active Lifestyle

Exercise Routine For An Active Lifestyle

I’ll always be someone who loves to be active. Whether that’s working out, walking, running, biking, golfing, or just being outside. It’s something I’ve enjoyed from a young age. Being active not only helps with my physical health but also gives me CONFIDENCE and strengthens my mind. As we start into this new year I want to share with you the exercise routine for an active lifestyle that I’ll be doing in 2022. But first, let’s start by reviewing what I have been doing.

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What I have been doing

For the last few months, I’ve started my routine with sixty minutes on the elliptical trainer. After my cardio I’ll work for twenty to thirty minutes doing squats, lunges, push-ups, lifting free weights, and doing ab work. I work opposing muscle groups (biceps, triceps, quads, hamstrings, back, chest, and shoulders) and change this up every couple of weeks or so. I ALWAYS STRETCH after every workout for at least 10 minutes. That part should be more I know, but I’m always anxious to be done. 

Check this out for a quick look at my routine from 2021.

I work out six days a week, most of the time. If I’m traveling and miss a few days, I no longer stress over it. I give myself the time to rest knowing I’ll get back on track when I’m home.

What I’ll be changing going into The New Year

Going into this new year, I’d like to make some changes to my routine. I think it’s good to switch things up every few months or so. It allows me to continue to challenge myself, plus it keeps things exciting. First, I want to add some more variety to my workouts like walking, and swimming. I also plan to do more weight lifting in place of some cardio. If you’d like to get the exact details on what this new routine looks like, let me know!

Now ladies, if you’re like me, working out is so much more fun with CUTE clothes. My two favorite places to shop for workout clothes are Lululemon and Athleta. Here are some of their styles that I AM LOVING right now!

I think that brands have done such a GREAT JOB giving us CUTE WORKOUT CLOTHES….. I mean I’ve been known to wear them ALL DAY LONG!

Exercise routine

Exercise Routine For An Active Lifestyle

Health is truly a gift and I want to do everything I can to take care of my mind and body! Staying active has become less about looking my best and more about FEELING my best and taking care of my body. I hope you can find ways to stay active this year, whatever that looks like for you! 

For more style inspiration, check out this post where I style a summery skirt for winter!

Shauna XO

10 thoughts on “Exercise Routine For An Active Lifestyle

    1. Anne…. that is coming in the next couple of weeks! Thank you for your suggestion and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Take care my friend! XO

      1. Hi I’m so glad I found you!!
        You look amazing! Well done!
        I’m also interested in your workouts..
        I’ve been doing 60 mins on elliptical trainer about 5 days a week.. I’d love to c yr exercises u do after u train!! Thank you!! 🥰🥰

  1. Good for you, you look fantastic!!!
    I just recently got back into weight lifting and I switch out on off days with elliptical and the rowing machine. When the weather is nice, I enjoy going on long walks with my German shepherds. We have got to stay active. I feel heavy and blah when I’m eating bad and being lazy. Let’s get out there and take care of ourselves, ladies! Thanks for the post. Your pics are beautiful!!!

    1. Melesa……. YES I TOTALLY AGREE! Move, move, and MOVE! It’s so important. Whatever that is for you, being active and engaged is so key to GOOD HEALTH!!!! I love that you get out and walk with your dogs. One of my goals is to get out more and walk just to walk and not necessarily for my workout. Does that make sense? BEST to you for this new year girl! XO

    2. You are an inspiration! I had a total knee replacement six months ago, so not quite up to full speed.
      I do 20 mins on my stationary bike everyday. Then I do a PT designed water workout in a lane twice a week for 45 mins. Three times a week I do chair Zumba with weights for toning. Not up to regular dance Zumba yet.
      I am working up to taking walks, but we have had snow and heavy rains since Christmas, so easing back into that!

      1. Kathy wow girl! I had a full ACL replacement but never that, so BEST WISHES to you in your recovery and getting back to normal. I LOVE that you are doing all you can to stay fit and healthy! I remember after my surgery, a friend told me to be as DILIGENT AS POSSIBLE with all the physical therapy because that would make ALL THE DIFFERENCE. It proved to be true! My doctors were always amazed at my progress! Keep on keep on MOVIN!!!!! XO

  2. I used to be just like you with my workout routine to include jazzercise and yoga! I’m not sure why I just stopped completely…I think because my husband can’t keep up I feel guilty about feeling good physically and mentally. I need MOTIVATION and you my friend have given me that! I don’t do as much but I soooo wish I could do more! My health is good, I just need a partner to coax me along! Thanks for sharing, you are very inspiring and I love your outlook on life! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Hey Suz…. NEVER EVER feel guilty for taking care of yourself. Your health will benefit your family, no question! Your health is an investment! I guess most people could always do more, but just that you are doing the best you can in light of your circumstances is GREAT! I’m so happy that you’ve found some inspiration here, THANK YOU always, for your comments! Take care and have a wonderful week! XO

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