Why YOU Need This Graphic Tee

Why you need this graphic tee
Why you need this graphic tee!


It seems that whenever I post something REALLY BOLD, it gets a big response from my followers. Let’s take the pink hair for example….. I think people loved it because it was unexpected and gutsy for someone at midlife. It for sure made the statement of #ladyboss! It was maybe something that they had wanted to do but weren’t brave enough? To be honest, I had wanted to try pink hair for a long time, but always felt I needed a reason to do it.

The pink hair turned out to be a big hit. You can read more HERE. People loved that I did it because I didn’t care what others thought. Yes…… a LADY BOSS! I think #LadyBoss is such a POWERFUL statement, so much so that I had these tee shirts made. Doesn’t every lady want to be a BOSS?

I think you need THIS GRAPHIC TEE to make the statement that YOU are in CHARGE of your destiny and you are CONFIDENT and STRONG! Don’t you LOVE that thought? Do you feel like you are relevant, worthy and respected? You need this tee to say that YOU INDEED ARE!

 You can SHOP this tee RIGHT HERE!



Very CHIC indeed with all black….. or NOT. Maybe you prefer to add a pop of PINK to your all black look. A beautiful blazer with some fitted black jeans and booties is ultra VOGUE! The belt is super inexpensive and fun with the grommets! You see how fun this graphic tee is with this look…… right?


I LOVE the loafer trend right now, but haven’t gotten any yet. The reason I love this particular pair is because they are simple, have a higher heel, and also come in other colors! Pair them with some cute plaid pants and wear the white shirt underneath this graphic tee. I would wear socks like THESE during the winter with the loafers.


This laced skirt would be such fun with the tee. Add some comfortable boots that can withstand the weather, a fun hat, and fur trimmed denim jacket to complete this look. You could wear a puffer-type jacket for more warmth, and even a beanie. I added some WARM black tights to give you even more coziness.

So ladies…… I think you should be a #ladyboss and I think you should ALWAYS make it known that you are confident, powerful, and capable in anything you want to do….. and that is why YOU NEED THIS GRAPHIC TEE!

Check out THIS fun reel I posted on Instagram, all about the #ladyboss tee!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “Why YOU Need This Graphic Tee

  1. I found your blog about three years ago and just love the clothes and shoes you choose. You have such a fantastic outlook on life. I look forward to finding new post. I have Pinterest only , I know I’m falling behind times. As a grandmother to three lively girls and newly retired at 57 I needed a fun new wardrobe or actually just fun pieces here and there and you have shown me how I can now do it with confidence. Thank you for being a ray of sunshine.

    1. Hello Stormy! Thank you VERY MUCH for such a LOVELY comment. It makes me SO HAPPY to hear women tell me that they are having fun with fashion! It’s such a CONFIDENCE BOOST when we feel our best! Thank you for stopping by and come back again soon! Take care Stormy! XO

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