Becoming An Influencer Part Two

PART TWO BECOMING AN INFLUENCER as promised. I recently blogged HERE about how it all began. That post is about how organically it happened and sort of how unexpectedly Chic Over 50 has evolved in to a business. However, I didn’t really get very personal, and my blog is EXTREMELY PERSONAL to me. So that’s what PART II is all about…


First you have to understand that before I started my blog and Instagram, I NEVER worked outside my home. My only job has ever been to raise my three sons. I loved being a mother to them and dreamed about being a mama since I was a little girl. THAT was my only dream. I never had to work, nor did I have any desire to either. When they were all raised and gone, I played tennis pretty much. My family, church, and tennis were my priorities.

Before I started my blog, my personal life was A MESS! My marriage was STRESSFUL AS EVER, and it had been that way for many, many years. I was scared to death to leave, even though it was clear to others who knew what was going on, that I should. I even had people ask me how I was able to cope with him and his behaviors. But honestly, I felt safer being in a marriage full of turmoil than the thoughts of being on my own.

I remember wondering if there was anyone out there that would want someone my age. My then husband had reiterated to me MANY times how “every guy out there has problems.” If I were to remarry, I would just be back in the same situation of infidelity and trust issues. As crazy as it sounds, I believed him!! I was not about to get remarried and inherit another family. That didn’t interest me at all.



I was so reluctant to post that FIRST PICTURE on Instagram. What if there was no response?? Would anyone want to follow? I’m not a business savvy person, just creative. The creative part was fun and is what really kept me going. There is NO REASON why I should be successful at this…. unless it was meant to be A TOOL for me to get out of my marriage?

In the meantime, I stayed in my marriage and played tennis and did my Instagram and blog and tucked all the stress, way back in my brain. It’s amazing how you can do that, to protect yourself from the hurt. I remember a month or two before I filed for divorce, being so distraught over what was happening. I was in tears and absolutely devastated. One day he brought me a “cocktail” of pills. He said to me, “just take these and you’ll go to sleep and never wake up.” Thinking back on this it’s horrifying. But my heart was so broken, I easily could have swallowed the pills, and seriously thought about it.



So…. the night I got a DM, November 29th, 2017, from a girl who had seen me on Good Things Utah, telling me she would like me to meet her dad who lived in St. George (about 270 miles south of where I lived), I was intrigued. The timing couldn’t have been more precise. This was God, absolutely no question. HE was carefully orchestrating the whole thing.

We chatted via DM for a month or so, and then she messaged me again and said her dad was coming to Salt Lake City and would I like to meet him. I had to tell her I was married. That was the last time I chatted with her……. until almost a year later when I walked out of the attorney’s office. That day in 2018, I messaged her and told her I was ready to meet her dad, if he was still available.


Looking back on how all of this took place…. can only be one thing. GOD’S TIMING! It is absolutely impeccable! If I hadn’t of had my blog, I never would have been on TV that day. My blog literally got me out of my marriage. It gave me a way to support myself which was part of the fear of leaving my very crowded marriage. It gave me a platform of women, to lift and encourage and support me. That was HUGE to my self-esteem! And it was the channel of which I met my WONDERFUL HUSBAND! You see what I mean when I say IT WAS A PERSONAL THING. It was God’s way of helping me.

Not only this, but I have met my very best friends through blogging. In fact one day after I found out my husband had withdrawn a lot of my cash unbeknownst to me, I got a phone call. This fellow-blogger said to me, “I don’t need to know what your rates are, but you need to raise them.” She knew all of what was going on, and just had a feeling. By raising my rates, it would be God’s way to compensate me for the money that was stolen. Sure enough….. God did provide! I LOVE her and my other besties who have lifted me through my struggles. I feel as close to them as I do my own sisters.

Part two becoming an influencer
Part Two Becoming An Influencer
ME AND BARBI @SouthernBlondeChic


PART TWO of becoming an influencer, for me is now working with very little personal stress. I LOVE IT. One of my tennis friends told me once that I didn’t know what marriage was. She said I wouldn’t know until I had one that was based on trust and respect. She was right. Now I’m learning to be a full-time blogger and still manage my time as….. almost a newlywed, three+ years. He would love for me to not work as much, but I always tell him I will always work, because this is what I’m meant to do. I’m trying to cut back, but it’s not working very well yet. I would love to golf with him more, go on more road trips with him, and he would love for me to spend more time in the kitchen with him!

Looking back, I see how GOD WAS ALWAYS THERE. If I were asked to describe the perfect job for myself….. I wouldn’t have been able to even come up with the idea of CHIC OVER 50!!! I give thanks EVERY SINGLE DAY for my blog and this platform I have to work and share and be inspired by all of you! GOD IS GOOD!!!

Part two becoming an influencer

LOVE YOU ALL and again THANK YOU for following along!!!

Shauna XO



    1. Hello Ana….. THANK YOU! Life can be hard, but then SO BEAUTIFUL too! Thanks for stopping by! XO

      1. Hello Margaret, thank you so very much for stopping by! HE is SO GOOD, so so good! Take care sweet friend! XO

        1. Hi Shauna. You are really just something. I have been following you for a few years now and love you…your style…the way you are so down to earth and the coolest thing about you is that you respond always no matter how trivial (what lipstick is that?) the question. Thank you for all you do for us girls. Much love and much success! Kay

          1. Kay HOW SWEET! I don’t take anyone for granted and truly appreciate ANY QUESTION….. even lipstick! Thank you THANK YOU for following along and being here to support me! You are the sweetest! XO

    2. Hello, I had to stop reading your post when you mentioned him giving you a cocktail of pills. Those words made me very sad. Then I thought of the beautiful, happy and smart person you are today. I know his bad behavior and ugly words hurt you to your core. But look at you now: vibrant, successful and strong. From what I see from your posts, you’re also a loving and caring person with a beautiful soul. And I appreciate you for sharing your story, for motivating others and for being a lovely lady.

      1. Hello Cassandra…. you are SO SWEET! You are why I’m so blessed to have had all the support around me to make one of the hardest decisions I’ve EVER had to make! 39 years was a long time, and I did all I knew how to do, to make it work. I’m SO LUCKY that one day, that there was a tiny bit of HOPE left, to keep me from taking the pills. You are SO VERY KIND, and I thank you for taking the time to stop by and offer your comment! Take care sweet friend, and come back again soon! XO

    1. Despina you’re welcome. As someone commented this morning….. SHARING CAN SAVE LIVES! Thank you for stopping by! XO

  1. Shauna, you popped into my feed somehow shortly after losing my husband to a hideous cancer battle. I was 53. My heart was, and still is partly, absolutely shattered from watching him deteriorate and walking through the decline until his death. We had 3 sons and a 14 yr old daughter together. As I sat there watching and knowing what God was taking away from us all (yet still choosing to trust Him), all I could think of was how much I regret not spending more time together in the little areas of life: the walks, the evenings watching a sunset together, working in the kitchen together, etc, etc. My husband, himself, tearfully apologized to me for not taking off more time from managing his business to be together.
    Girl… if you have a man that’s asking these things if you, make the changes you need to work a little less to be with that man in the ways he wants.
    Please take it from me… you do not want to look back and wish you had worked a little less to spend a little more quality time in the presence of your loving husband. Trust me.

    On the wayside, your spunky fun self has always been a joy to see in my feed. However, if I saw you less frequently, I’d be more joyfilled thinking that may just be on that golf course with your man!
    Blessings and God’s guidance to you as you figure this out. But please consider my encouragement to be with him more if he’s asking. I wish I had that opportunity back to do so with the man that loved me. ❤️

    1. Hello Ellen…. first I’m so sorry for your heartbreak. I can’t even imagine how hard this has been for you. THANK YOU for such smart advice. The balance thing in life is so tough. I feel like I’m getting better at things, but have so far to go! I need to definitely spend more time by his side. He’s sitting by me right now as I write this! BEST WISHES TO YOU Ellen. Thank you again for your THOUGHTFUL HEARTFELT comment! XOXO

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. Sometimes I think bloggers can be so superficial but yours has truly been a lifesaver for you and a connection to God. Being an aging woman isn’t easy in the best of times but you made a way for your happiness.

    1. Pam I definitely see it as a gateway to a happier life! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! Come back again soon! XO

    1. Lucy it’s so true. I believe HE is there more than we realize! HE is GOOD and HE LOVES us ALL! Take care sweet friend! XO

  3. I’m glad that you have a good marriage now sounds more like a partnership. I’m going to take more of my own advice and that is flip flop your schedule more husband and less work. That part about your ex husband giving you pills is horrible. Glad Gid was beside you .

    1. Hi Cynthia…. I’m blessed to be in a wonderful marriage now. The storm was worth it for sure! And yes I’m striving for a little less work too! GOD IS GOOD! Come back again soon! XO

  4. God can turn a mess into a testimony. Your living proof. I can relate so much to your life story. The blogging part? I would love to be there some day. I have had a blog for years but have no idea how to make money with it.
    I love following you on FB and IG

    1. Hello Lisa….. I suppose that’s how we get a testimony, is through trials! I would tell you that if you’re willing to work at something you’re passionate about, and learn all you can, you’ll be successful!!!! BEST WISHES to you in your journey Lisa!!! XO

    2. Shauna,
      Spend more time with your love. Your followers, although we all adore your style, are really just faceless strangers. Your husband counts. He knows and loves the real you . Your family counts. Your few true friends count. Your faith counts. You don’t need any of us to be the influential, creative, beautiful person you are. You owe us nothing. You’ve already given us your “self”. 🌺

      1. Phyllis THANK YOU sweet lady! There’s no question what is MORE IMPORTANT TO ME. I just need to find that good balance! And I believe it can be found through conscientious decisions! I APPRECIATE your words more than you know! Thank you for taking the time to respond. You are SO VERY KIND! Take care Phyllis! XO

    1. Paula….. HEY SWEET LADY! Thank you ALWAYS for your support! You were one of my first blogger friends and I adore you! You have such a way with words and all the humor too! LOVE YOU GIRL and hope you are well! XO

    1. Hi Jerrie, Hope you are well and HAPPY now! Life is tough, but SO MUCH MORE BEAUTY than not! Take care sweet lady! XO

  5. Shauna, you caught my eye 6 years ago by your spunky hair, fun fashion and smile! I LOVE your posts, you are a GREAT influencer, so bright and cheerful! Reading your back story, WOW! Your love and joy of being finally free to express yourself shines through everyday! So happy you escaped and found strength…mind games take away what’s good inside. When you got married I was so happy for you and hopeful someday it’ll happen to me. Keep shining my dear, you are helping millions of women everyday! But yes, we can share you, please spend time with your hubbie, you are adorable together!

    1. Shauna, thank you for sharing your story! I have a similar one from my prior relationship, but thankfully I have been happily married now for 18 1/2 years! I’m so thankful to my sweet Lord for leading me to the one I was meant to be with!
      Btw…I love your style, especially that cute pixie! I wear mine that way too! It’s so easy at this age (57)! 😉
      Keep doing what you’re doing but be sure to take some quality time with your man! You deserve it and so does he! God bless you my friend! 💞

      1. Hi Krista….. thank you! I’m SO HAPPY to know you found LOVE AND RESPECT in your life! CONGRATULATIONS on 18 1/2 years!!! Thank you for your sound advice…. I DO need to work LESS and be with my man MORE! Thanks for stopping by, my PIXIE SISTER! XO

    2. Michelle THANK YOU! It’s sure been a ride, but I believe if we stay close to God, HE always finds a way for us, no matter what. I’m so blessed to be able to be doing what I do right now. And YES…… I’m going to be spending MORE TIME with HIM!!!!! Thank you! XO

  6. I watched my mom suffer thru a terrible marriage. Hearing you share your genuine self through story will only bring more attractors! As Gabbie Bernstein would say, You are a Super Attractor. Love the life you’ve created! You deserve every minute of it and your followers love and appreciate you for sharing your authentic self. Beautiful inside and out. 🌟 💥 😍 💗 🌀

    1. Hello Laurie! Thank you for stopping by! I’ve never heard of Super Attractor before, but I truly believe NOW ( I didn’t always believe it) that I CAN help lift and inspire women everywhere. I’m SO BLESSED by ALL OF YOU! Thank you for following along! I appreciate it more than words can say! XO

  7. Wonderful post, Shauna. What a story! As others said, I’m so happy for your success both personally and as an influencer. I know you’ll find the balance you’re seeking. Your followers will be there regardless of how often you create content.

    1. Dawn THANK YOU….. that means so much to me! I’ve learned through all of this, I’m a WORK-AHOLIC!! Too much like my daddy! Take care sweet friend! XO

  8. So wonderful to read this, Shawna, and see how you’ve survived and thrived! I stepped out of blogging and most social media when Andy died 2 1/2 years ago. I no longer had the heart for it.

    Now I feel as though God may be leading me back into it, to encourage women and help them prepare for the tough stages in life. Time will tell.

    I appreciate you!

    1. HELEN!!!! HELLO MY FRIEND…… I was wondering where you were. I’m so incredibly sorry for such a hard loss! I can’t even imagine what you’ve been through sweet friend! Listen to your heart and you’ll be lead down the right path FOR YOU! Thank you so much for stopping in! BEST WISHES!!!!!! XOxoxo

  9. I have followed you from the beginning. Have always loved you and your style. I’d still love to have a consultation with you to figure out how to monetize my blog and instagram. i don’t think it would be hard as I already have a big following on facebook (I’m a novelist with a movie under my belt, and a professional speaker,) Please email me and let me know what that would entail.

    1. Hello Kathie…. THANK YOU for following along! I appreciate every single one of you! Could you send me an email and we can chat there? Take care and lots of good wishes to you! XO

      [email protected]

  10. Reading your story gives me hope. I’ve just started a blog and IG and have those doubts of “can I be successful at this.”

    My husband of 35 years had cancer in 2020 during the craziness and I took care of him-6 months and he was gone.

    It threw my life in to turmoil and I had to make decisions they say you shouldn’t make the first year.

    I am grateful to be alive as there was a moment when I didn’t think I was going to live.

    I love following you and love your story. Thanks so much for sharing it!

    1. Diane I’m so very sorry for such a heartbreaking loss! I can’t imagine! So much of sharing is meant to UPLIFT and HELP others to see a way for them. I’m glad this has done that for you! BLESSINGS TO YOU in your journey! XOXO

  11. You have been my hair model for many years. Always taking a photo of you to my hairdresser as an example of what I wanted. Lol. Never knew your life story—so sorry for the pain that you’ve been through. 😢I taught high school for 28 years. Retired early to take care of my mama—who is still alive at 93. She’s in a nursing facility. It was super hard for me to relax & settle into retirement. Covid helped at first. Now I have learned that life is a luxury & between spending time with my husband, my grandchild, reading, gardening, puzzling, and spending time at our beach condo—I have learned to relax, enjoy & savor. It takes some practice. But once you try it, you will love it & appreciate it! Love your life, slow down & take more time to smell the roses! Enjoy! ❤️

    1. Hi Lori! You’re very sweet, thank you! My hair does get a lot of attention! I’m happy to hear that you’ve figured out how to slow down and SMELL THE ROSES! I’ve had people tell me that before, and am very guilty of GOING GOING GOING! Thanks for your comment and wisdom! BEST WISHES to your mama too. Every bit of time with her is definitely worth it! Take care and come back again soon! XO

  12. Hello Shawna,
    I love your passion and your sense of adventure shown through your colorful fashion style and wise experience on life. I enjoy your reading your interesting stories and learning from your life experiences which you describe in an inspiring and relatable manner.

    I just turned 54 and you have given me courage to finally accept myself and love color! Keep up your great work and, spend time with the ones most important to you as you yourself already know.
    Continued success!

    1. Hi Denise! Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate it so so much! I’m happy that you’ve gotten to the point of self-acceptance! That’s a tough one, for me too sometimes! And COLOR is such fun and really a mood-booster! Keep on keep on girl! BEST WISHES TO YOU my friend! XO

  13. Good Morning! Here’s an idea. You should spend time in the kitchen with your husband cooking and you can start blogging about his food. Fashion and food are 2 of my faves. Kill 2 birds with one stone. spend more time together and work at the same time. Just a thought. Also I admire your drive and stamina and ambition. I wish I had more of that. I relish my alone time. Reading, cooking. I need to push myself more. Best of luck to you.

    1. Hello Susan….. I have done some cooking reels and they seem to do really well. The problem is….. the kitchen STRESSES ME OUT! I literally get in there and feel agitated! No kidding!! I’ll maybe have a couple of times during the year where I’ll actually enjoy it, but that’s even getting fewer and fewer! I really wish I would enjoy it more, but it’s just not in me. Maybe someday? Honestly probably not!! LOL! Best to you and thanks again Susan! XO

  14. What an incredible inspiring story! God always guides us – we just have to keep the faith! You are an amazing beautiful woman! Thank you for sharing!

    Wishing you many more continued blessings!

    Rosemary – @lifefashiongo

    1. Hello Rosemary, you are VERY SWEET for taking the time to read. GOD is always, ALWAYS there, and I’m so grateful! It’s been a ride that’s for sure, and I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way! BEST WISHES to you too! Thanks for stopping by! XO

  15. Dear Shawna,
    Thank you for inspiring women of a certain age to step out on faith. I have been following you for a few years now and your zest for life made it ok for me to cut my hair and wear the gray proudly. I’m about to take my next step and retire again, but I’ve got to find something else to do. God will lead me. Thanks again!

    1. Hello Francine…. thank you for your follow! I appreciate YOU more than you know! SO SO HAPPY that you are ok with who you are at midlife! And I’m absolutely POSITIVE that God will indeed LEAD YOU my friend! Take care, and come back again soon! XOXO

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