Ten Must Pack Items For Travel

I’ve had on my mind recently, what the TEN MUST PACK ITEMS FOR TRAVEL would be? I’m actually preparing for a trip someplace A-MAZING, and have been packing and unpacking my top essentials for the last couple of weeks! Why? Because…… I can only take ONE CARRY ON SIZED suitcase! Eeeeeeek! I’ve never ever had to take so little! This has prompted a blog, because it’s very hard to decide what to take, especially when you LOVE CLOTHES! I also had one of my followers DM me through Instagram the other day, who needed help knowing what to take on her Caribbean cruise. So there’s definitely an interest in WHAT TO PACK!

The trip I’m going on the first part of February, is very specific. I will be taking SUPER PRACTICAL items that I can wear over and over and interchange with everything else in my bag. That blog will be coming soon.


I will be showing you here in this blog, what to pack that would be for a “normal” type of trip. Something a little more fun and a little more colorful than what I can take on mine! My trip is actually boring in terms of COLOR, and that’s been hard for me! But let’s talk essentials? What are the TEN MUST PACK ITEMS FOR TRAVEL?


You’ll get lots of mileage out of a BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT. They are classic, make a great layer and can be worn over a swimsuit or underneath your sweater or jacket. I’m taking THIS ONE with me on my trip. I LOVE stripes and love the oversized cut!


A great pair of JEANS. Choose a pair that are basic. What I mean is a pair that can be worn with EVERYTHING in your bag! Choose the leg style that’s most flattering on you and goes with the shoes in your bag. I personally like ANY OF THESE! Remember to pay attention to the color of wash….. light goes with beach and warm, black would go more for winter and cold. THESE are darling for warm weather!


Packing some sort of a “SET” is super smart. You can count it as one item, but then break it up for loads of options! THIS ONE is packed for my trip, and perfect for where I’m going! If you’re going beachside pick a beachy set. If you’re going to cold weather pick ONE OF THESE! They are the cutest, excellent quality and of course versatile! They are so easy to wear dressed up, as well as a comfy travel outfit.


A SHIRT DRESS is the most versatile dress out there! Wear it closed with a cute belt or open like a kimono. I love a good denim or chambray type. Remember to think about the climate you’ll be traveling to, to determine what kind of fabric. Here’s a good selection to think about!


Of course you’ll want some sort of JACKET. In my opinion a denim jacket is the best choice because it will literally go with EVERYTHING! I have THIS ONE on my SHOP CHIC site that has such fun personality! THIS ONE would be best for an adventurous/outdoor type vacay. Here are several other ideas for a travel jacket. They are also easy to pack in a carry-on or backpack.


Taking a pair of HEELS is ALWAYS a must for me. A cute hair of heels, even a lower heel, will dress up any of your looks. Even when worn with your jeans or an athleisure set they can change the whole feel of your outfit. Think about a platform style LIKE THIS because they’re so much more comfortable!! Unless you’re going camping…. take a pair of heels!


A comfy pair of SNEAKERS. For my trip I have to take sneakers that can also be used for working out. I think I’ll be taking THESE HERE. They are hot hot right now and super trendy, and I LOVE that I can workout in them too! Sneakers are a good airport shoe as well! If you’re going on a vacay where you’ll be getting your sneakers sloppy, there are plenty of inexpensive styles to choose from.


Do you LOVE HATS as much as I do? I can’t think of a vacay where you wouldn’t need a hat. Cold weather ski trip, a wilderness adventure, or beachside….. you’ll probably want a hat!


A cute SWIMSUIT is a must….. at least that’s what my husband always says! If you think about a suit as being a top for a skirt or some soft pants, you’ll be able to use it for more than just beachside!


SUNGLASSES….. don’t forget your sunnies! Again, think about what you’ll be doing. Do you need polarized? Fashion glasses? You can spend a lot or very little. Expensive sunglasses can be stressful to own. Believe me, I’ve had plenty and when you lose them or scratch them…. it hurts! THESE come in some really fun colors and are inexpensive.

Ten must pack items for travel


HAPPY TRAVELS my friends. Choosing the ten MUST PACK items can be challenging, I know! But this is a great guide of what to pack so your suitcase works for you while you’re out vacationing!

Shauna XO


  1. Thank you for this! I love these ideas. Do you have a link to the poncho in the first pic..Paris.? I love it!!

    1. Hi Karen! THANK YOU for reading! I think it’s always helpful to know what others are thinking when it comes to packing for a trip! The poncho is from STELLA MCCARTNEY here….. https://rstyle.me/+rvxdkH-AHfPq9pj4U_ZBFQ
      I actually bought it in Paris in the kids department!!!! I still have it! Thanks again for stopping by and come back again soon! XO

  2. I’m packing for Paris in February. Two colors black and red plus my white Hoka’s! Going again in late April early May, will change out red for white! Are you going somewhere fun?

    1. Raisa yes! The whole color thing is key! I’m taking very earthy colors, very desert-like! And I’m not taking much that’s fancy! ANY GUESSES? I will be doing an Instagram LIVE with my travel partner this next Sunday at 4:00 MST if you want to tune in!!!! We’re going to reveal where we’re going and talk about how we’ve packed! PARIS SOUNDS AMAZING! I loved it there so much! The crepes are INCREDIBLE! Especially the ones served right next to the Eiffel Tower! HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME! Do you do business there, is that why so many trips? Regardless, TRAVEL SAFE! XO

      1. Hi Shauna,
        No business, just pleasure. I will admit that it is very inexpensive to fly there as I have flight benefits. I flew there 4-5 times a month as a flight attendant and it quickly became my favorite city. Since Covid I’ve not been back. Last time I was there was the day they closed the city down! So looking forward to going back!

        1. Raisa well I’m a bit envious girlfriend! Have the best time! SAFE TRAVELS to you, and have a crepe for me! XO

  3. Thank you! This is super helpful and very fun reading! Hubby and I are taking our first overseas trip in March, to the UK and the Netherlands. Cannot wait and am scouring the web for handy travel tips etc. Much appreciated and can’t wait to hear about your next adventure

    1. Kateri, that sounds SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I’ve never been to the Netherlands! I have all kinds of tips for you! I’ll actually be doing an Instagram LIVE this coming Sunday at 4:00 MST. I’ll be talking with my friend that I’ll be traveling with in just a week or so! We’ll be talking about how we’re packing and why and how to minimize!!!! Hope you can tune in and SAFE TRAVELS TO YOU TOO!!!!! XO

      1. Thank you Lisa…. if you HOVER OVER THE PICTURE of ANY of the items that I have linked, AND CLICK, it will take you right to the website to shop! Does that make sense to you? Please let me know! Thanks Lisa! XO

    2. How fun & much to see n do. Be sure to pack an umbrella and a lined, light weight parka no matter the time of year. Have wide straps on your hand bag for security. Good walking shoes as surfaces can be uneven, cobble stone, very old concrete & broken up. We lived in that part of Europe & went through several hours of culture training, etc through our company in preparation which was helpful. Both places are friendly but always be aware of your surroundings, e.g., always keep wide strap on body for your hand bag in restaurants, train/bus/taxi/uber, etc.
      As American, don’t be too questionable of locals. Both countries are very private…

      1. Hello Eileen…. very good tips. Always ALWAYS good to know your surroundings for sure. I think that’s where a lot of mishaps can occur! And the walking shoes are getting more and more important! HAPPY TRAVELS to you wherever you are off to next! So happy to be traveling about again!!!!! Thanks for stopping by! XO

      1. Hi Shirley, yes I’ve been there before. It was an amazing place to visit. I was there and toured from London to Scotland. BEAUTIFUL place!!!! Thank you for your comment!!!! Take care Shirley! XO

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