Pajama Pants Of Course Not

Would you consider these pajama pants…. of course not! These are COMFORTABLE enough to be pajama pants, and some may think they are (in fact someone just recently said something about how they thought I styled my pajamas super cute for nighttime), but THESE particular ones are NOT pajama pants. They are from JCrew.

I wore some “pajama pants of course not” right here in Spain!

I’ve blogged about this style several times before, which will lead you to believe that I sort of like these comfy, loose, and easy pants. I may even call them HAPPY PANTS. I LOVED the jungle print on these. I wore them through the holidays, but can see myself wearing them through the spring and summer too. I would put a basic white tee with them and wear white sneakers and maybe even a hat!

My sweater is a basic and from JCrew as well. If you don’t have a basic black sweater, this is such a great one. It’s not too thick and makes a great layering piece for underneath a jacket. The neck is perfect and won’t ever gape open. It’s called the Tippi. I loved the simpleness of it with the louder pant.

These shoes are actually VERY VINTAGE Jimmy Choos. I mean I may have had these little numbers since the mid-90’s!!! I’ve linked very similar ones here, and at a much better price-point!

And friends…. I’m wearing my CHIC OVER 50 lip gloss in RED. You can find all three colors here. This gloss is so creamy, shiny, and LONG LASTING! And there’s a break in price when you purchase all three colors. They are priced at $20 each or $50 for all three colors, purple, red, and pink!


This is how I dressed up these for a Christmas dinner. Think possibly a Valentine’s Day dinner! It’s simple and yet so darling. The black lace top and suede shoes are the perfect pieces for these pants!


I have a white graphic tee here for this look but what about this #ladyboss tee??? It is SO PERFECT!!!! Empowering in fact!

So ladies get those “PAJAMA PANTS OF COURSE NOT” out and wear them confidently and comfortably! HAPPY WEEKEND!

Shauna XO

3 thoughts on “Pajama Pants Of Course Not

  1. I absolutely love your complete and unapologetic view towards fashion!!! Nothing is off limits to you! From soup to nuts your game for it all!!!✋🏻🤚🏻✔️

    1. Oh for sure Cheryl…… as long as it looks good and I FEEL GOOD IN IT, I am good to GO!!! Have a great week girll! XO

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