Packing With Versatile Pieces From Chicos

I’ve learned how PACKING WITH VERSATILE PIECES in your suitcase is immensely valuable! I found this out mostly on my trip to Italy that packing with MIX and MATCH clothing, will make your trip SO EASY and EFFORTLESS!

CHICOS was what was in my suitcase when I traveled to Italy. They make it so easy to pack SMART! The way they have their clothing set up on their website, much of it coordinated in color, will help you in seeing what will go together and coordinate with each other.

Here I have a pair of embroidered white jeans, some sateen slim crops (color is Vetiver), a palm print top, which happens to be ON SALE, a bright orange v-neck linen tee which is ON SALE too! Then I’ve added a super fun scarf (here is one that would work too), a pair of tassel earrings, these would work perfectly, these fab beaded statement earrings, and a crazy cool necklace! I LOVE this belt, very versatile too, and don’t forget a FUN BAG! So total I have, ten pieces.

With just these, I can get multiple looks! If I were to add anything I would add some jeans, and maybe a skirt and this classic stripe button-down NO IRON shirt. I’m just sayin that with CHICOS you absolutely won’t be stressed out when it comes to TRAVEL. The NO IRON and NO STAIN clothing is A-MAZZZING!

I’m such a believer that packing with versatile pieces saves you SO MUCH headache, stress, and “what am I going to wear” situations, and will make your vacation more enjoyable. It’s like packing a capsule wardrobe. You add coordinating pieces if you need a little bit more than this…….OR have a BIGGER SUITCASE. I’m one that ALWAYS brings too much, but I say if you have room it doesn’t hurt, right???

This was my blog on how I packed for Italy. And it was my best packing job EVER! I got this all in a smaller sized suitcase!

So….I hope this helps you when you’re packing for your next vacay. The season isn’t over yet! With fall around the corner, it’s the perfect time to travel in my opinion. Cooler temps and then FALL is the best time of year in my opinion!


Shauna XO