My Wrap-Up Of Santa Barbara

I promised I would write a blog on my wrap-up of Santa Barbara a couple of weeks ago. It was such an amazing and beautiful and romantic trip for me and my husband! We were treated to the nicest restaurants and places to visit, the spa, a personal tour, a concert, and the place we stayed was charming!

I talked a little bit about it here

My husband grew up close to Carmel California and said that he never knew that Santa Barbara had so much to offer. It was just a place to drive through and not stop in! I loved learning about its history. You can read about it here, but it was settled by the Spanish people in the 18th century. It’s ALWAYS such a great idea to get to know the area you’re visiting ON THE FIRST DAY, so you can get a feel for things and then explore on your own! We loved our tour!

This is a list of the FANTASTIC RESTAURANTS we ate at…..

~ ZAYTOON ~ LaPlaya Azul Cafe ~ Paradise Cafe ~ AH JUICE ~ WINE CASK ~ Monys ~

THIS, the Spanish Garden Inn is where we stayed and it was LOVELY, QUIET, and QUAINT! We loved having our own fireplace and the breakfast bar each morning was perfect!

Other places we visited are here…

~ Float Luxury Spa ~ Lobero Theatre ~ Catherine Gee ~ Makes Smith Leather ~ Divinitree Yoga ~

You can visit my Instagram and go to my HIGHLIGHTED STORIES under Santa Barbara for details on my trip! It’s a light purple circle under my profile!

So if you want a charming little, relaxing, and chill vibe of a vacay…. Santa Barbara is a great choice! I can’t wait to go back. Oh and one thing I forgot to mention was….. the FUNK ZONE was so fun too. We went there on our very last day and wished that we would have had more time there! It had a super contemporary feel with all kinds of things to see!

And that’s my brief little wrap-up of Santa Barbara! The links are all here for you to visit the very best places in this town! Hope you get a chance to visit!

P.S. If something I’m wearing is out of stock, I’ll always link a SIMILAR item that would work the same way!

Shauna XO