How Do You Feel About Graphic Prints?

How do you feel about GRAPHIC PRINTS? Do you like them? Are they too much? Would you wear them? I happen to really love them, but I also have always loved prints and color! I just feel like they have such an edgy and contemporary vibe to them!


This look came straight from my closet! Even the shoes are vintage…. maybe even ten years old! As I’ve been thinning my closet out, it has been super fun rediscovering things that I had forgotten were in there…. this skirt being one! It has a matching top to it and worn together I LOVE it, but it is loud for sure! I prefer the pieces separately I think!

I’ve put together some super fun looks using graphic prints. I always say, that if you’re uncomfortable with something but still want to try, do it in baby-steps. Pick a scarf or a handbag, belt, or something along those lines to try out first to see how you like it! Also another way to try TRENDS, is shop at a budget-friendly store!!!!! Then it doesn’t hurt when you decide you don’t like it!

How do you feel about graphic prints? I’ll show you some GREAT LOOKS!

THIS SKIRT is adorable and SO VERSATILE! Pair it with a graphic tee like THIS ONE, and your favorite sneakers and another super cute look! You could wear it with a chambray shirt or denim jacket, or if you’re in to tank tops…. just a crisp white one would look beautiful! Btw, I have found a fabulous basic white tee at TARGET!!!!!! And only $8!!!

THIS is such a great little top in a graphic print! I LOVE this one and can think of ALL the possibilities with it! I LOVE it with these red cropped jeans….. I just posted them here. You could wear this with a bright colored skirt or with a black pencil skirt, or denim skirt for that matter! Wear it dressed up with a sleek pair of jeans, or with your grungiest pair! Another very versatile graphic print piece! OH…. and these boots are FAB!!!!!! Perfect with graphic prints!

I LOVE this look so much with the graphic pants AND graphic tee! Either tee works, but I would go for the white one first! Love it with the sneakers and then the statement earrings! The pants would look beautiful all dressed up with heels and one of these lacy tops. I’m seeing these everywhere right now and think they’re gorgeous!

I hope that if you were leary of the graphic print trend before you read this blog, that now you’ve perhaps changed your mind and can see that they can be really fun to wear! I’ve linked a few graphic accessories too, in case you just want a little bit!

What are the trends that you are loving right now?

Shauna XO

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