Traveling Through California

Last week I was traveling through California. It was mainly for a blogging trip through Santa Barbara, but then also stopping along the way to visit my husband’s family. He’s a California boy and grew up close to Carmel, which is one of my favorite places on the planet! I’m so lucky to be able to travel for my work and see and experience so many things! Some so simple but so beautiful…. like this yellow flowered field!

Santa Barbara was amazing, and I will write a blog that will have all the links to all the things we did there! It was just the right amount of site-seeing, eating, and relaxing. Let me just say the facial I had at Float Luxury Spa….. was the best facial I’ve ever had! A 90 minute facial, and it was HEAVEN!!!!

After Santa Barbara we traveled through to see his family. It was so much fun visiting them…. they all are the loveliest people and have welcomed me in to their fold so warmly! His sister loves to cook like my husband, and boy does she ever cook….. bread, cake, cookies, you name it! I really enjoyed my time with them and getting to know them more!

This field was in the town that he grew up in. These fields were everywhere! Isn’t it beautiful??? I only wish I would have had a yellow frilly dress to wear, like THIS, THIS or THIS! I had limited clothes and wasn’t planning on a yellow field to shoot in! My striped pants and white tee worked pretty well I guess!



Anyway, if you’re planning a vacation and don’t know where to go, you should consider Santa Barbara! Traveling through California was really a delight! My husband made the comment that Santa Barbara was just a town that they drove through to get to the next place. He never knew it was so full of things to do and see!

Have a great weekend friends! Spring is almost here which is very exciting news!!!!!!!

Shauna XO

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3 thoughts on “Traveling Through California

  1. bonjour Shauna, j’adore ton style et tous les vêtements que tu nous propose sont superbes mais beaucoup trop chères pour une ménagère française. C’est très frustrant!!!!

  2. Bonjour Gyslaine!!! So nice of you to stop by! I’m sorry too expensive. I try to link less expensive options too. In fact I just posted a pink jumpsuit that was under $35!!! I believe you can still look fabulous on a budget! XO

  3. Love your blog and have always wanted to visit this area. Thank you for the range of prices and clothing. Great inspiration.

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