Five Tips For Weekend Style

WEEKENDS are THE MOST FUN of all when it comes to dressing! So today I’m talking about FIVE TIPS FOR WEEKEND STYLE! I think it’s super easy to slip in to our COZY CLOTHES…. and I mean Jammie-like clothes, because it’s the weekend and we want to feel comfortable after a long week. And sometimes it’s just what you need to do and that’s ok. But, if you want to amp up your WEEKEND VIBE, here are my best tips!

FIRST ~ Think of the weekend as a testing day to try new looks and styles! I like to pull out a couple of things from my closet that I haven’t worn for awhile, and make an outfit out of them. Weekends are the best time to do this, especially if you work outside of your home! You can often find me playing in my closet! Shopping your closet on the weekend can be such fun!


SECOND ~ Get your sneakers out! Sneakers and weekends just go together! If you are one that likes dresses, wear them with your cutest sneakers! If you’re like me, weekends are spent with family and friends doing various activities and you want to feel comfy! SNEAKERS are your answer. And the sneaker options are so ALIVE and WELL right now!


THIRD ~ Weekends are when I wear the ATHLEISURE look the most! My joggers, leggings, tennis jackets, vests, and tees are put to good use on the weekends! Again…. who wants to feel uncomfortable on the weekend?!


FOURTH ~ If you are the simple kind and don’t want to fuss with your look, YOU CAN DO SO MUCH WITH ACCESSORIES! Take a simple pair of jeans and a basic tee for example. Just by themselves it can look blah! But add a hat, a scarf, some funky earrings or necklace, some bracelets maybe, and then some fabulous shoes…. and all the sudden you look like a million bucks!


FIFTH ~ Wear a dress! Of course you would have to like wearing dresses, but I think a dress worn in a very casual way can look SO FEMININE and CLASSY, but still comfy with your sneakers! Here is a good example of doing just that! SO SO SO CUTE I think! This is easier to do in the warmer climate, but even in a cooler climate you can still achieve this with perhaps a long maxi skirt, sneakers, and a faux fur jacket!


Hope that this helps you take your weekend look up a notch or two! My five tips for weekend style is even a great reminder to myself! I’m always looking for ways to do something different!

If you’re wanting fun inexpensive things to do on the weekend…. check this out! I loved it!

Shauna XO

10 thoughts on “Five Tips For Weekend Style

  1. I love your style. You give me so many ideas on how to step up my wardrobe without being – uggh! – uncomfortable, physically or mentally. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lori! I’m so glad I’m helpful!!! Thank you so much for your comment and for stopping by! XO

  2. About this Corona Virus, as someone who has a compromised immune system from Lupus for over 30yrs, ALWAYS practicing clean habits. Washing hands is very important, especially after using or touching anything that comes in contact with someone else…even in your own homes. Our cell phones are definitely one item we touch most, & it is the most infested item we put our mouths to, hands on, and touch our face with, so start there. I know it’s a little dramatic, but the odds of getting the corona virus is no different then getting a bad cold. Its harder for those who have compromised immune systems like myself or the elderly who’s bodies just have a more difficult time fighting off even a common cold. It’s common sense hygiene. Now that allergy season is approaching be aware of the symptoms which are different yet similar with sneezing, runny nose etc. Stay healthy, but mindful.

    1. Shopped my closet this weekend and took a peek at what I have in storage for the up coming season. Purged some items that don’t do it for me any longer. Feels great to lighten the load. Also got a clearer picture of what I now have, without the distracting articles of clothing in my closet. Less is definitely more, in my case. I can see what I can work with. Thanks for inspiring me to tackle this nagging project 😉

      1. Cheryl, that is SO AWESOME! Way to go girl! BRAVO! Now you probably LOVE EVERYTHING in your closet! XO

    2. Kathleen, thank you for your very sound and sensible comment of BEING MINDFUL! Best wishes to you in STAYING HEALTHY and STRONG!!!

    1. Yes Monica…. CONVERSE are the perfect sneaker for your dresses! I wear them too girl! XO

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