My Swimsuit Fears Are Real

My Swim Style on the Emerald Princess

My swimsuit fears are real…..I mean VERY real! Some may say, and have said, “Why would you be afraid of wearing a swimsuit, you’re in such great shape?” Well, I may be in shape, and may be at a good weight, etc, but that doesn’t take away the fear of being seen in a swimsuit in public. I hate it. I’m not confident at all, and am not one to walk around in one without a coverup. My body IS NOT PERFECT, there is cellulite, and when I’m taking pictures, I know how to strategically stand so everything looks its best!!!!

The swimsuit pictured above, I wore in Hawaii for my 59th Birthday Celebration. It was another memorable trip that was SO SPECIAL!

How do you feel about your swimsuits? Are you confident? Do you feel comfortable? Do they give you anxiety??? I would bet that MOST women feel the same way as me. And it doesn’t seem right that I preach to women around the world, to be confident in their skin and in their clothing (swimsuits) but then I’m not myself. I am confident IF I have a coverup of some sort on. Then I’m fine and could wear that all day. I could lay on a chaise lounge in my swimsuit for hours….just not up walking around! Ladies… know what I mean, right???

So I wanted to show you how I would get around the idea of having to wear a swimsuit in public. I recently spent a whole week at Lake Powell, and swimsuits were a requirement….all day long. What I took to wear, I felt comfy in, and still appropriate for all of our activities! I love the brand Lululemon and Athleta. I can ALWAYS find something very versatile at either of these two places, and they’ll also work for the gym or tennis or whatever!!!!

I’m telling you… swimsuit fears are REAL, and if I can find a cute way to cover-up, then I’m much happier and much more confident at the beach or poolside!!!!!! THESE have to be my all-time favorite!!!!! They are SO CUTE and so FLATTERING and cover all I need to be covered! But then THESE or THESE come in at a close second! Nothing looks sportier to me than a girly swimsuit and cutoffs!


Just a note before I close….I’m sorry I’ve been absent here! I’ve been completely overwhelmed with work, moving, traveling, and in general just keeping up! Your support means everything to me…..THANK YOU! Enjoy the rest of your weekend sweet friends!

Shauna XO

26 thoughts on “My Swimsuit Fears Are Real

    1. Hi Klenell, it’s SO GOOD to hear from you here! How are you? It was sad about my dad, but my mom is at such peace with everything and so that helps a LOT! Thank you so much!!!! XOXO

      1. You have no need to be apprehensive about being seen in a bathing suit. You obviously know how to rock one and you look gorgeous doing it.

    1. I wear workout suits as I am a swimmer. No problem racing or hanging out in my suit. I am 66.

  1. You look amazing in your bikini! But I totally get what you mean….I’m fine lying on a sunlounger in a bathing suit but definitely not for parading about in one!

    1. She looks good…go a pull over short and decent shorts and all looks good…keep on and a decent cover for a 1 piece swim suit is good too and some cover with shorts..always..act your age..rj

      1. Hi Randy…thank you for your comment! Acting your age could be a great way to look at things…..AGE APPROPRIATE! XO

    2. No Sharon… parading around! I admire women who can, but more often than not I don’t think a good idea WITHOUT a cover-up on! XO

    1. Chic over 50,
      Forgive me for not recognizing you, but I’m not into fashion much, but I just turned 65 here last month, and I’m about 100 lbs. overweight, and I’m at that age, I really could care less what others think about me, and here you say you have bikini issues at your age!
      Well babygirl If you will forgive an old fat country redneck, when I first saw this photo of you, hell I thought you were Pink, the artist, and I know she’s getting up there, but she still cranks my bait, if you know what I mean, and you’re no different!
      In fact, when I first saw your photo, you took my breath away, because it didn’t matter to me how old you were, or are, or fixin’ to be, all I saw was a gorgeous, beautiful, and extremely sexy women!
      And you know what they say about fears, and that is, if strolling around looking that good, here I bet you have guys, young, and old running their carts into displays at grocery stores, and falling into fountains, and walking into lightpoles looking they way you look fully dressed, I can only imagine what you do in a bikini!
      So what the heck you waiting on!
      Get out there, and go flaunt that killer bod of your’s, and just keep saying to yourself (to all the men), “Yeah baby! In your dreams! You wish you could have some of this!”
      And to all the women,
      “Yeah Honey! You just wish you looked half this good!”
      Sweetheart all I’m trying to say is, I think you’re beautiful! From the neck up, you make hurt!
      And from the neck down, “damn!”
      Randy Hopkins
      Ft. Worth, Texas….😁😘😎

    1. Randall….thanks for your comment! I’m sure you’re right, that women worry a lot about how they look. But I think a lot of it has to do with the media and what people say about women and their bodies! Every circumstance is different though, so who knows where it all comes from. But thanks for chiming in!

    1. Thank you Brian! I think perhaps I compare myself too much to what I used to look like???!!!

  2. I would love to have a figure like yours. I know to your cellulite bothers you but look at most women your and younger.
    I’m 5 ft. 105 lbs. I have had cellulite since I was in my 20’s. I worked out nearly every day and was 100 lbs and because of cellulite I still felt fat.

    Now at 59 I felt ok about being in a swimsuit at my age, cellulite and all. It would be great if you posted a picture of yourself not hiding yours. It would be a more realistic picture.

    1. Hi Ellie, I think that’s the BEST THING about getting older……that we come to accept ourselves more, flaws and all!!! XO

  3. No need to feel shame for one’s own body. Live everyday like it’s a gift; and appreciate the gifts you were born with. People are impressed by the way I swim, not what I look like in a bathing suit, and I’m 66. My body and spirit are alive and kicking!

  4. Hi Shauna, I’m a 57 years old Canadian girl and try very hard to stay in shape and eat right. I sometimes don’t know what clothes looks good on me. People will tell me I look really nice but then I will think that they are just saying that. I don’t like wearing swim suits because of cellulite around my legs and buttock. I wish I had your confidence, looks and fashion sense. You are amazing. I so enjoy reading your post every weekend. They always give me hope that I can do better.

  5. You always look amazing and I love your one-of-a-kind style! I’m 57, in decent shape, but could be a lot better. I live on the beach and still wear 2-piece suits (although I’ve switched to the high-waist bottoms) ‘cause it’s HOT here. I’m OK with it, but I wouldn’t mind looking as good as you do!
    Love the sunglasses. What brand are they?

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