My Pixie Cut As A Woman At Midlife

Another installment of MY PIXIE CUT AS A WOMAN AT MIDLIFE. I get the most questions ABOUT MY HAIR, so I thought it was time for another blog on my signature PIXIE. I’ve had a short hairstyle for most of my adult life. It suits me. It’s easy….. I hate to fuss over my hair, makeup OR clothing. When I have to keep adjusting and fixing my hair, it drives me CRAZY!!!

One of the reasons to wear a pixie cut as any aged woman, is the SIMPLICITY. Some say they are harder, because you have to actually DO something with them as opposed to long hair that you can pull back in to a ponytail. But to me that is very boring. It WOULD BE very blah on me. I seriously don’t look good in long hair AT ALL.

I GOOGLED pixie cuts for older women, and LOOK what came up??? In the TOP SIXTEEN BEST, my pixie was in there twice! The one on the left was actually bleached. The one on the right is all natural. You see that I haven’t really styled them much different other than the one on the left is down more in front. I’ve always needed height, so will most always have some in the crown area.

My pixie has evolved little by little, going shorter or longer, messier or not. But the way I like it the most is very textured, lifted and piecey. I don’t like it to look too set or too neat. This cut takes me no longer than 5-6 minutes to style from wet to dry. And another note to add, I don’t wash it every day. Every other day or every two days for me. I feel like it’s easier to style when it has some grit to it after a day.

My TOP FIVE REASONS For A PIXIE CUT For Women at Midlife

1~ Most women as we age, get dryer and thinner hair. It looks less healthy. A pixie cut will always look healthier in my opinion.

2~ A pixie cut CAN make you look younger by bringing out your cheekbones and eyes. Long hair can pull your face downward. A PIXIE truly can enhance your features.

3~ I feel like a pixie is a really fun way to show off your personality. Oftentimes as we age, we lose a lot of our personal style because we begin to lose our shape, lose our desire to look pulled together, etc. A pixie can really add a lot of sass and personality to your look!

4~ A short pixie cut can give you a BOOST. Sometimes that’s just what we need at midlife is a powerful BOOST of fun!

5~ A pixie is EASIER and less fussy! Now I suppose that this is a matter of opinion depending on what you’re used to. But with the right styling products there is no reason to spend more than ten minutes on your hair! Let your hair work for you. If it’s curly… let it be curly. If it’s straight… let it be straight. There IS a short cut out there for every hair type!

I met a women just the other day, who was my age and had long hair. We chatted a lot about hair. Hers was dark but graying, and very healthy. She looked BEAUTIFUL. I told her to not be afraid of letting it go silver. There are so many women out there with long and short silver hair that look AMAZING. I encourage any of you to let it go and embrace those platinum strands!!!!! They’ll look beautiful on your beautiful face……. just make sure you add in some lipgloss!!!! My pixie cut as a woman at midlife has been A BLAST!


Take care friends! THANK YOU to all of you for your support here! It means the world to me!!!!

Shauna XO


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  1. Shauna, your post could not have come at a better time! I’ve been toying with letting my hair (fine and short for many years now) grow out a bit. No, no, no! You are so right in that shorter hair is the best fit for some of us. Just found a new, wonderful gal to do my hair and she just smiled when we were done with the ‘way overdue’ trim. So much better back to a pixie for me. And hubby loved it too. So there we have it- plus easy to fix! Say no more. You look great as always! Hope you are having a wonderful week. 🙂

    1. Pam…… I think it has so much to do with HOW WE FEEL MOST COMFORTABLE, and stepping outside of that box and embracing what looks best is so fulfilling! I’m glad you feel good about your hair, because when our hair feels good WE FEEL GOOD!!!! Take care Pam! XO

    2. What age did you cut it into a pixie?
      Do you have a pic of you pre-pixie?
      I adore you… I need some kind of change at 42!!

      1. Hello Courtney….. my hair has mostly been cut short throughout my adult life. There was a period of time in the mid-90’s when it was shoulder length and NOT GOOD! I would tell you to AT LEAST TRY IT! Hair grows back and it would be so worth doing something DIFFERENT! I’d have to dig for some PRE-pixie pics. I’ll work on that! Thank you for stopping by and come back again soon! XO

  2. Your hair is stunning! I have had a pixie cut most of my life. From shampoo to styling is 5 minutes! I love it and have always felt very chic. Like you, I like it edgy.

    1. Kathy YEAH FOR THE PIXIE!!!!! I know so many women who think that a pixie makes them feel too masculine, but there’s nothing masculine about them. It can be one of the most feminine hairstyles around! Take care sweet friend and hope to hear from you again soon! XO

  3. Short hair don’t care all the way-lol! Your cut inspired my cut, although I always had short hair I changed to this style a few years ago and get so many compliments!

    1. Dawn…… how AWESOME!!!! Pixie cuts REALLY REALLY REALLY are the best cuts, RIGHT? I’m so happy you’re loving yours! Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great week and come again soon! XOXO

  4. I have checked out several bloggers for women over 40. Most are dyed blonde, hair styed the same boring shoulder length cut (which require alot of work to style), wearing classic (boring) style clothing. I love that you are so different! Love the haircut, your style and your honesty. You are not afraid to be YOU! Love it!

    1. Teresa…. THANK YOU THANK YOU! What a sweet comment! Being different or unique is much more fun! I just never looked good with long hair. I looked completely different. I’ve always felt more comfortable and confident with my pixie and wouldn’t want it any other way! Thank you so much for stopping by! Come again soon! HAPPY WEEK! XO

  5. I love that you are so edgy! Your confidence is so inspiring and I’m delighted I found your blog.

    1. Susan, THANKS GIRL! Feeling confident about yourself is truly EVERYTHING! It definitely changes your whole outlook on life I think! I’m happy that you found my blog too, and THANKS SO MUCH for your support here. GIRL POWER is the best! Take care sweet friend! XO

  6. Shauna, you know you are my spirit animal! I cut my hair into a pixie because of yours and instantly got the “boost”! I am so happy I did and will never grow out my hair again. You are a style icon! Thank you for being the fabulous role model that you are! Xo

    1. Ronnie…… you are ABSOLUTELY SO SWEET TO ME! Thanks girl! It thrills me to see women do something different (especially with their HAIR) and LOVE it! Pixie cuts have SO MUCH PERSONALITY and are such fun! I’m so happy you LOVE yours! Have a FABULOUS week my friend! XO

  7. Hi Shauna, I’ve always loved your hair from the moment I found you on Facebook!! Ive worn my hair short for most of my older years but was toying with the idea of letting it grow out a little. I love mine short but get caught up with “friends” that say you should let your hair grow out. That said I love what you said that there is a short cut out there for everybody!! Thank you, I needed the reminder it’s what I think that really matters.

    1. Janeen……. what I want to know is WHY do your friends tell you to grow it out? I remember once long ago, my sister’s husband wanting her to have long hair. It really irked me to think that that was important to him. She looks better in short hair and still does and has a darling face for it! ROCK ON FOR SHORT PIXIE CUTS! I’m POSITIVE that you look BEAUTIFUL! YOU GO GIRL! Make a statement with your pixie! XO

  8. I have had my hair in a pixie for quite a few years now and love it. I have coarse, thick hair so styling it usually just takes a few spritzes of water and finger combing. I used to hate my hair when I was younger because I wanted to wear it long but it was so time consuming and never looked right. There also wasn’t the styling tools available that we have today. I have finally taken the plunge and decided to let my hair go natural. Both my Grandma and mother had gorgeous white hair so here’s hoping I inherited that. I have been a brunette all my life so this will be a huge change. I think I will start the process this winter as I don’t go out as much and can always throw on a hat when I do. Wish me luck!

    1. Hello Rurh! I think it’s so common for us women, to want what we don’t have. If our hair is curly we want it straight. If it’s straight we want it curly, etc. I’ve always wanted to have stick straight hair that lays smooth. My hair just doesn’t work that way. I’ve tried even with the best styling products and NO. My hair has a mind of it’s own and I embrace it! Your hair will look beautiful I’m sure. I believe if your hair is HEALTHY and GROOMED it will look good no matter what! Let it go…… become a true SILVER SISTER!!!!! Take care girl and let me know how it goes! Oh……. and GOOD LUCK! XOxo

  9. Shauna, I love your hair and would love to do my hair the same way. I am 67. More lines and wrinkles than you. Sagging jaw line. Bags under eyes. Don’t you think this extreme short cut would make all that more noticeable ? My skin tone is fair. Do you think the silver would make me washed out?

    1. Hi Bonnie….. I don’t think that at all! I think women hide behind their hair a lot! Having a short well-kept pixie would enhance your features I THINK! I think regardless of the color IF IT IS CUT AND STYLED WELL, it will look AMAZING!!!!! And…… it grows back! Think about it….. I think you should give it a try! XOXO

  10. Hey Shauna…you first caught my eye when I saw you in a Chico’s layout. I thought..Oh wow …we have exact same pixie hair. I’v worn it like this for years. It’s my signature and I love it. I went gray before the pandemic and I love being so free…I also cut my own hair so it’s always just so. I swear all your words are my thoughts exactly…it’s spooky. Wish I had your great shape but I keep plugging away. At 71, things get harder. Heels are harder to wear and that’s the hardest thing to accept. Love my shoes!!! Keep inspiring us older beauties…we’re not done yet. I too, remarried at 65 and it’s kept me going. Some days I feel like I’m just getting started…other days not so much. LOL!!!

    1. Hi Evelyn…. SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU! You must be my PIXIE SISTER! For sure it gets more and more difficult to stay in shape, but I always think of it in terms of MY HEALTH! I want to be the healthiest I can. Whatever happens to my body after that is going to happen. Embracing who YOU ARE is so critical to YOUR HAPPINESS! THANK YOU so much for your kind words! I hope you stop by again soon! And yes to……. LIFE IS JUST BEGINNING! Xoxoxoxo

  11. I also have a pixie and I get lots of compliments. My Mom told me it is very chic. Love your blog and all your outfits, right down to the earrings, necklaces, shoes, and your purses. You look fabulous!

    1. Hi Linda….. I really do think that out of any other hair style, PIXIE CUTS get the most attention. They are edgy and fun and brave and bold! And like your mom said, VERY CHIC! Take care and stop by again soon! XO

  12. Hey Shauna,
    I was reading about your “diet”, I basically do the same thing, not a lot of sweets, just dark chocolate with almonds. I have the metabolism of a dead woman, NOTHING works. I was once thinner, but now I have the body by MENTALpause. 😁

  13. Hey Shauna,
    I was reading about your “diet”, I basically do the same thing, not a lot of sweets, just dark chocolate with almonds. I have the metabolism of a dead woman, NOTHING works. I was once thinner, but now I have the body by MENTALpause. 😁
    I love your hair, I’m going to cut mine , wish me luck. 😁

  14. Debra thank you for your comment. I know!!!! When you reach mid-life I feel like you have to FIGHT for your health and body! It just changes, it will. Skin gets looser, middle gets thicker. But I believe that IF you are doing all that you can to combat it, you’ll feel good about yourself. DRINK WATER, EXERCISE, EAT THE RIGHT FOODS, and DON’T skip on your treats. EVERYTHING in MODERATION! Best wishes to you, and come back again soon! XO

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