My NEW Hat And Happy

I have a NEW hat and HAPPY….yes I have had my eye on this hat for a while now. I LOVE Rag and Bone hats! They are so well made and I think their styles will ALWAYS look good. Not too trendy, more classic, which is a safe way to buy a hat. I’ve had a black one similar to this one, and have worn it for years! You’ll see it over and over and OVER AGAIN throughout my blogs.

The other day someone asked me AGAIN (I get this question a LOT), “How can I wear a hat like you?” I have always told women that if they feel uncomfortable in a hat, then probably don’t wear one. Just like with anything else, if you’re uncomfortable in something it most likely won’t look good either. I really feel this way. In fact I just put on some camo jeans the other day and was trying to make them work and feel good, but it just wasn’t happening. So….instead of feeling uncomfortable all day, I changed up what I was going to wear and felt much better. In fact these particular camo jeans will now go to the consignment store, because every time I get them out, I don’t LOVE them!

But back to HATS, if you really want to try them, I would suggest to you to go to a hat store, or a department store in the HAT section, and try on a bunch of different styles. There are a LOT of hats that I can’t wear. This fedora style is the best look for me. There are all kinds these days, and you just never know when one particular look will work on you!

These are a few sites that are my “go-to” places for hats. My favorite is here. I love here and here as well. My hats to me are sort of a collection! I have them from all over from the different places I’ve traveled. A couple of weeks ago, I found the CUTEST bright pink and red one that was to die for!!!! SO ADORABLE!


Shauna XO

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    1. Hello Ewa, HAPPY WEEKEND to you to…..almost over! Are you watching the Oscars? I LOVE the fashion! XO

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