These PINK Sequins Again

Yes…’s these PINK SEQUINS again because I’m having so much fun with them! I wore them in my last post right here, and loved them with the black. But these two colors together are another one of my favorite combinations. The rosy colored pink with the very brightest shade of red are so so SO good with each other!!!! How do you like it?

One thing I think is SO IMPORTANT when it comes to a fashion blog, is to show you how to wear things over and over again, multiple ways. I try to help you see how helpful it is, to when you’re out shopping for something, MAKE SURE YOU CAN WEAR IT AT LEAST THREE WAYS. I hate it when I buy something and then get it home and can only figure out how to wear it one way. It drives me crazy in fact! Then it becomes SO BORING, and I don’t even want to wear it the ONE way I can! Then I feel bad for even buying it!

In my last blog I showed how to wear these pink sequined joggers several ways. These are just my ideas, and I’m sure that you could all come up with some pretty fabulous ideas of your own! These joggers are so comfy and were so great taking on a little getaway. VERSATILE! I’ve worn them this way, with the black, and next I think I’ll try with a denim jacket and leopard booties! What do you think?

My booties here, I have worn to death since I got them. They are SO COMFORTABLE and go with EVERYTHING! These are sold out, but I’ve linked up some very similar ones here. The red sweatshirt will be on repeat I’m sure throughout…….forever. I wear sweatshirts SO MUCH! I loved this shade of red! Wear it with camo, with a cute skirt and heels, or of course with pink!

If you look back on my blog, you will see going back to the beginning, I still wear a lot of the same things! My blog is just over three years old, and still I have clothing that I started out with, and continue to wear! There is a rule, and a fairly good one although I don’t necessarily follow….if you haven’t worn something in a year or two, you should get rid of it. I tend to hang on to things longer than I should, but I always come around to wearing them!

Have a great day friends!

Shauna XO

7 thoughts on “These PINK Sequins Again

  1. Glad I got those booties when I did! SO COMFORTABLE! All day shoes, for sure. I have to say I got brave the other day and wrote a burgundy top with a scarlet skirt. I loved the look, and Bob’s eyes really lit up!

    1. SO COMFY…right?!! Your outfit sounds BEAUTIFUL!!!! Glad to know I’m rubbing off on to you sissy! XO

  2. You are so right about multiple ways of wearing one thing. But from your experience when you are shopping what’s the best way to figure out if that garment can be worn in few ways?

    1. Ewa, I just try when I’m there to think things through to “OTHER” ways to wear. If I can’t do it at the store, I usually won’t buy it. If you’re having trouble figuring it out, I would ask one of the sales people! Does this help? This is one reason I like to show an item here on my blog, styled more than one way, because it can be hard for some to visualize!

  3. SMOOCH, Pixie Girl! You look FABOO!! ? seeing you on Sunday morning! You bring
    a smile to my lips and a song in my heart! Have a great week, Pixie! ??‍♀️

  4. When I was about 11 – each Tuesday we went to the cinema. One Thuesday I wore a new pink top and red pants – that day my friend refuse so sit next to me (because of the pink and red). And from that day it was only pink or only red. Your colour combination is an eye opener for me. Thanks

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