Sequins Daytime Are Fab

In my opinion, sequins daytime are FAB….such a great idea to give you some extra SASS to your style! I’ve talked about this idea before, but had to share again after I found these cute pink sequined joggers! I couldn’t resist! And they are SO SO SO SOFT inside, and more comfy than my jammies! Oh, and….ON SALE which is even more of a reason to get some. They are almost sold-out, so hurry! They come in black too, which may be a bit more versatile for you.

If you do decide to try them out….I mean wearing sequins daytime, you probably will get some who will tell you that they wouldn’t wear this look, because they are too dressy or glitzy. But what makes these great, is the style…JOGGER style! You can for sure make these look casual OR look very dressy! I have put together some outfits for you to see how I would and WILL be styling these cute numbers.





To me these daytime sequins are going to be very versatile. I’ve always loved the idea of this sort of look. I feel it’s fairly trendy, and so I wouldn’t ever spend too much money on it. I like to think of trend shopping only during sales! Have your fun with them while the trend is hot, and then donate them to the Goodwill when you’re tired of them!

This pink color in these joggers is SO GOOD with reds too. I’m wearing them next with a bright red sweatshirt and booties. How would you style them? I would LOVE to hear what your ideas are!

Shauna XO