My Galentines Girlies…the Baja Babes

Happy Valentines Day friends….or as I want to think of it today, GALENTINE’S DAY! My Galentine’s girlies, the Baja Babes along with the rest of you certainly should get a bit of LOVE from me today. I have said this before, but the longer I go along in life, the more I really do realize just how critical it is to have girlfriends. Girls you can tell anything to and they won’t judge. Girls that will give you an honest opinion. Girls that encourage you to be your best. Girls who LOVE you no matter what.

This trip to Mexico, arranged by NINA, with SheShe and Jamie will go down as one of my FAVORITE all-time trips EVER! These jeans from Chicos were SUCH FUN to wear! Chicos always makes sure we are looking our sassiest! There’s no denying that when the three of us get together, it’s MAGIC! We get each other! These girls have gotten me through such a hard year (2018) and I couldn’t be more blessed to have met them both….through my blog.

There are so many opinions out there when it comes to social media. But for ME and how it literally was a lifeline, it has been very positive! When Chic Over 50 started and then took off so unexpectedly, the greatest hidden blessing of all, were ALL THESE WOMEN who came in to my life. They literally saved me. One day I will talk more on this. There were days that were SO HARD, and it was their texts, comments, voicemails, and emails that helped me live one more day.

Yes today is a celebration of all my girls….my GALENTINE’S DAY! I can’t help but reflect on not only SheShe and Jamie, but EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! I notice you all, and would love to meet you some day. In fact….I’ll be one of the speakers talking about this very journey, at the FOREVER FIERCE REVOLUTION Conference in October, the weekend of the 25th to be exact! It will be in LA. I would LOVE to meet you there! Here is a link to join the Facebook group. I will be talking more on this as we get closer. Registration will be open soon!

Our jeans in this picture ARE STILL AVAILABLE! They were SO CUTE in Mexico and anywhere, and have been such FUN having in my closet! Chicos definitely had us looking our sassiest in Mexico. They have been so good to us in outfitting us along the way! We LOVE working with Chicos…..and by FAR they have been our FAVORITE brand!! MOST DEFINITELY they are a part of my Galentines tribe too!

I’ve linked up MY FAVORITE CHICOS pieces here. Some are on SALE too, so check them out for some FANTASTIC deals!!

Shauna XO

13 thoughts on “My Galentines Girlies…the Baja Babes

  1. Shauna, I hope this year is shaping up to be kinder to you than 2018. It’s good to know that you have a great support team to help you weather the storm.

      1. I missed it too! I am not wanting to pry or be nosy, but I am baffled. Would love to offer support and to have understanding! Love this blog and it’s energy!

      2. Hi Kim, I’ve been going through my storm for years and haven’t talked much about it. Some day I will, because it’s important for women to know! Have a great week sweet friend!!!!! XO

    1. Hi Dawn….YES! I’m so blessed that way! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!!!!!! XO

  2. Pretty lady, may 2019 be the best year ever for you! You are such an inspiration to so many! Your posts are so full of optimism and joy, it’s contagious! You inspire light and love and I’m with you all the way! ?????

  3. I just started following you, although I’ve seen you in many pictures and commented on how pretty you are, but more important how you always look so stylish and classy. I’m going to try and come to LA in October. I’ll keep me eyes posted for more info.

    1. Hi Jeanette, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME for you to be there! Please let me know. I’d love to meet you! XO

  4. I missed whatever happened. I have looked back and cannot find the 2018 post but I am in support of you! I am not wanting to pry or be nosy, but I am baffled. Would love to offer support and to have understanding! Love this blog and its energy!

  5. Thank you for your email this morning. It lifted my spirit and reminded me that creativity always brings me JOY & your BLOGS are like a warm ray of sunshine!! Sending love & light!

  6. Hi Phyllis, you’re very sweet. Thank you for your kindness. I’ve never talked about anything really, so you haven’t missed a thing. I will share it with all of you soon. The timing of things this personal is very important to me. I’ll make sure to let everyone know. This conference I’m speaking of will be the first time. Take care and have a wonderful week! XO

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