Snakeskin Is Trending For 2019

One of my favorite trends for the new year is Snakeskin! I have always and always will LOVE leopard, but honestly it’s nice that there’s a new take on it! That’s how I see SNAKESKIN…..I very much treat it like a neutral! I feel you can put any color with it, especially bright pops! I talked about this on Good Things Utah. I showed this dress, this button-down shirt, and these snakeskin booties! Booties can be a great way to wear this trend if you don’t want to over-do it.

Remember when you’re buying trends, to NOT spend a lot of money on them. Chances are they’ll be out of style next year, however I don’t know about snakeskin. I happen to really LOVE it! It’s fairly easy to get tired of trends quickly, and so not spending a lot of money on them, is the best way to go! And, you won’t feel badly about getting rid of them after just one season!

But back to this dress……I wore it as a dress and thought it looked cute, until I saw a picture of myself in it. SO BAD! It was just way too matronly looking, and didn’t even look like me. So, I decided to style the dress in to a kimono and LOVE it this way! In fact THIS is how I’ll wear it! The dress is just under $35 and I think a good investment. If I wore it again as a dress I would definitely add some colorful funky shoes and a bright pair of earrings!!

I have linked my FAVORITES when it comes to snakeskin STYLE below. It’s a trend very much worth trying out! You can wear a little or a lot, it’s up to you! And just FYI……THESE are SO DANG FABULOUS, right?? My indulgence!!!!

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Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “Snakeskin Is Trending For 2019

  1. I’m not sure I want to agree with you about snakeskin print going out of style. I owned a pair of pointy toed Sam &Libby snakeskin flats that I wore constantly, back in the 80’s when I worked on the corporate world. I wore them until about 5 years ago when I only wore them occasionally (as the snake skin was starting to peel off). They were one of about only a handful of favorite pieces I owned, I just adored them. You picked absolutely stunning links, I love them ALL! Can you tell I’m a snakeskin fanatic? ?

  2. Cheryl, yes you ARE an addict! What I mean to say is that in the fashion world right now….we DEFINITELY ARE seeing a surge with snakeskin….and I LOVE IT TOO!!! XO

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