Bold Graphics PLUS The Pantone Color of 2019!

Have you heard that the Pantone Color for 2019 is CORAL? And then when you pair it with BOLD GRAPHICS…..yet another trend for the New Year, it’s FABULOUS! In my opinion THIS is so much FUN! Why on earth would anyone want to be boring when it comes to fashion???


First when it comes to CORAL, I think you can wear it so many ways. If you don’t like a lot, wear a little. If you don’t like it, don’t wear it. There are no fashion rules remember! And if you want to try it but are nervous about it, pick up a lipstick that is coral. The color I like is called Morange. I wear a ton of bright coral lipstick and lipgloss. My lipgloss is called Bitter Orange. Also there are different hues in EVERY color. I LOVE to wear the most bold and bright shade I can find!

You see that everything else here is SIMPLE. No heavy jewelry to compete with this look for me. That’s just me though. I think the bright coral and the bold graphic is enough of a look for me at 5′ 1.5″. This fluffy and cozy soft coat is SO GOOD! I can’t wait to take it down south to wear in the red rocks of Southern Utah. Won’t that look AMAZING??

Now, on to these bold pants! I found these ON MAJOR SALE at Nordstrom. And sadly since they were on sale, they are no longer available. They came with a jacket to match, which I happen to think would have been AWESOME! I LOVED these styled like this here, with a simple black sweater, and my black suede booties. But think of these in terms of spring and summer! I can’t wait to wear with a graphic tee and sneakers! SO CUTE! ALSO……on the golf course! I will for sure be able to hit me some PARS with these on!


Have a GREAT day friends……and know that YOU can have as much fun with fashion as you want!!!! And, you should!

Shauna XO