My Mother’s Day Gift Guide

My Mother's Day Gift Guide


With Mother’s Day just a month away, it’s time to start thinking about who we should be buying for. This has to be one of the best GIFT GUIDES I’ve ever put together. In fact, it’s so good that I’ve been shopping it myself! Are you like that when you’re buying gifts? Buy a gift for them and buy a gift for YOU?? It’s ok though, because you’re worth it and I believe that EVERYONE is a mother of some kind!

Other than Christmas, I think that Mother’s Day is the most important of all holidays! Honoring the mothers in our lives is so so important. The lack of respect for our mother’s that I see around me, is unbelievable. I’m not sure why that is? Is it a generational thing? I have wondered and wondered and thought so hard, about why it is that children have such an irreverence for their mother’s who gave them life. Even if you were the worst mother (neglectful, abusive, etc.) they are still a mother and deserve something.

With that being said…. I’ve put together a really great guide that has something for any MOTHER! Some of my favorites are… THIS DRESS (expensive but timeless), THESE SHOES (good for the young and the older mothers, they check all the boxes), and THESE PRETTIES for your table! Oh and don’t forget THESE yummy chocolates!



Mother’s Day will always mark when I lost my mama. She passed just one week before Mother’s Day last year. That blog is HERE. I miss her terribly but at the same time have recognized even more WHY I APPRECIATED HER. I see her hand in my life frequently through thoughts and impressions…. little reminders from God that she’s there. I truly do believe that she is there watching over me and my other siblings with great care! MORE to come on my mama on Mother’s Day.


My Mother’s Day gift guide is just a guide, to stir up some of your own ideas. What would those mother’s in your life LOVE, but not necessarily go out and get for themselves? Women in general I think, are more apt to buy something for someone else, way before they think to buy anything for themselves. I encourage you to show all the love you can, to those wonderful mamas in your lives. Believe me…. the smallest acknowledgment means the world to me and I know to you too!

Shauna XO


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    1. Karen I’m so sorry for your loss. There’s absolutely no way to know what that feels like until it’s you. BLESS YOU with lots of BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES of her! XOXO

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