Mother’s Day Will Forever Be Different

This was our last selfie….. March 11th 2021

Mother’s Day will forever be different for me. This day can be one of the hardest to get through each year, for so many reasons. Some may think that for me now. But, the memories of my MOTHER will be at the forefront of what MOTHER’S DAY is to me…… FOREVER!

My mama left this earth on Sunday, May 2nd between 8-8:30 am. She died peacefully in her sleep after spending 10 days in the hospital. She was admitted after a fall during the night. When she got to the hospital there were no broken bones and we just all thought that they would release her either that day or the next. She was relatively healthy, and so when she started to go downhill, we were all a bit surprised. Slowly her body shut down and she just didn’t have the strength to fight to get better. After 4-5 days we started to get more concerned. When I got a text that she was VERY ILL, from my younger brother, me and my husband left the next day to go and be with her.

This was the day I got there to be with her, three days before she left us.

When I got there she knew I was there, but so very weak. I treasured those three days I had with her in the hospital, stroking her hair, kissing her check, and telling her I love her. I was surprised that even being so sick, she still knew what was going on, and tried so hard to talk to us. Her nurses said that she never complained and was such a fighter! That was my mom…. NEVER COMPLAINED. In fact we realize now, that possibly she was dealing with much more than we ever knew about, and that when she finally got to the hospital, her body just gave out!

The days I was up in Salt Lake with her and my family were so sweet. We spent time as a family celebrating her life through gathering and praying in her behalf. My mom used to say to us all, “There isn’t anything that makes me happier, than to see my children doing things with each other!” So having us all together, would be exactly what she would have wanted us to do!

My FAMILY…. seven brothers and two sisters.

We gathered one night in the backyard of the home that we were raised in. That blog is here. She recently sold that home and was on her way to the town she grew up in, to move in to her new condo. She felt like this was her new HOME, and was so excited to be able to settle there where she grew up. Her new church, is actually built on the property that my dad was raised on! My family moved all of her belongings over while she was in the hospital, just two days after she fell. She progressively got worse, and a week later on Saturday morning, she requested to have no more medical assistance to keep her alive, and so it was ceased. She was carefully moved over late Saturday afternoon to her new home, and spent her only night there and died the next morning.

I couldn’t be more grateful for all the tender mercies along the way. God’s timing is impeccable. The way things happened from the time she decided to sell her home, tell us that HE was in charge of mama. He was watching over her, and helping her make all the decisions she needed to, to close her life out here. She was fastidious in organizing every single thing she owned. She wanted to give it away and she wanted to see the JOY that each person had in receiving her things. She got her wish of living in her condo…. she couldn’t wait to get there. One night was enough for mama. When she arrived on Saturday afternoon, my sister said she SMILED….. she knew she was “HOME”.

Mother’s Day will forever be different for me, now that mama has passed just one week before we would have celebrated her. We will ALWAYS celebrate mama though. She was an amazing woman. Seriously she was MORE THAN AMAZING! Words aren’t enough to describe this INCREDIBLE LADY. My blog about her last year is here.

Here is an excerpt from her obituary that I wrote…..

Margaret’s most important work here on this earth was within the walls of her home. She worked and taught and served her children and husband with such fervor and dedication. Raising ten children, she didn’t have much time for things outside of her family. But through the years she enjoyed crocheting, of which she left nearly everyone their own afghan. She loved working on her children’s histories, and has left binders and binders of pictures, notes, and memories. What a treasure she has left for all ten! She was always on top of everyone’s birthday and kept the mailman very busy. Margaret’s friends meant the world to her. Her social life was full of lunch dates and gatherings, even temple visits. Her groups of friends were from church as well as high school. They were such a support to her!

I LOVE YOU SWEET MAMA…. now you are my guardian angel! Even though Mother’s Day will forever be different for me, I’m glad it will! You are now safe with daddy and are getting a spot ready for all of us! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING you EVER did for me…. you made our home, you taught me through your example, you loved God and shared your testimony of Him, you showed me patience, you taught me faith, you taught me to work, you taught me to pray, you showed me that being a MOTHER is truly the most important work I could ever do! THANK YOU…… I’ll see you soon!

P.S. Give daddy a hug from me, ok?

Taken with the timer on my cell phone…. this was the last time I was with my mama before the hospital.

As I look back on the last year and a half since my daddy died, and the times that I was able to stay with my mom in her home (I live a few hours away from her) when I came to visit, I’m forever grateful to have had that opportunity. There was a special spirit there. It ALWAYS felt like HOME to me when I walked through her door. She was ALWAYS there, even when I was growing up. She never worked outside our home, which was such a blessing to know that she would always be there. She served her family so well. When she was in the hospital I leaned over close to her ear on the last day, and told her that it was ok for her to leave us now. I told her that dad was waiting for her and had been preparing a beautiful place for her to come to. And certainly…… he was!

The pallbearers were one grandson from each of her children’s families.
Last goodbye!

The HANSEN children…. mama and daddy did good!
My mama NEVER ended a telephone conversation without saying, “Tell Lorin I love him!”


I posted THIS the morning mama passed…… not knowing that that was going to be the day that she left us. Her favorite color was RED!

Shauna XO

46 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Will Forever Be Different

    1. Julie THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You’re sweet to stop by! Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL DAY today! XO

      1. Shauna, I read your post this morning with tears streaming down my cheeks!!! You had painted such a beautiful, loving picture of your Mom and my heart goes out to you and yours at your loss. May your wonderful memories sustain you as you carry forth her legacy of love and devotion.

  1. Oh, Shauna, I’m so sorry to read this and know how much you and all your family will miss your mom. I so enjoyed your recent post about her before moving from her home and was so impressed by what an amazing job she did mothering NINE children in such a loving way. There is no doubt you know and appreciate how fortunate you were to have her; you, your siblings and your parents were very blessed to have had each other.

    Thinking of you!

    1. Hi Dawn….. thank you very much! Your comments are very sweet! She actually raised TEN of us and was absolutely amazing in her ability to do EVERYTHING she did! I will surely miss her, but am so HAPPY that she is now with my daddy and not experiencing any pain! XO

  2. Oh my gosh Shauna, I am so sorry for your loss and I feel your pain!! The only thing that gave me comfort when my mama passed was that she was finally with dad, her “funny valentine” so it was touching to read you say the same thing. Your wonderful memories will bring you peace and comfort in the days ahead! Love and prayers!

    1. Thank you Michelle! Surely it’s the MEMORIES that keep us bound together! I’m so grateful and only hope that I’m creating those same bonds with my family now! Thanks for stopping by! XO

  3. I loved learning about your mama snd seeing the photos of you and your siblings all together loving her out of this world. Her love will endure. Be gentle with your heart as you grieve.

    1. THANK YOU very much! She was quite the lady for sure! A bittersweet time, but so grateful for the PEACE! XO

  4. My sincere condolences for y’all. She sounds like a wonderful woman and Heaven is lucky to have her back. I have no doubt that y’all’s father greeted her with open arms and that she’s already busy with preparing for y’all’s return🧡 What a wonderful memories you’ll always have and a great legacy left from both your parents.

    1. Hi Karin…. thank you for your kind words! Knowing all of that, truly does bring such PEACE of which I’m so grateful for! Take care and hug your loved ones a little tighter! XOXO

  5. Shauna, sending my condolences too. I know this was a difficult story but thank you for sharing it with us. My mom is well into her 90s and holding her own. Each moment shared is precious. Cherish all those wonderful memories. And know she is in heaven with your dad-looking down and smiling. You take good care of you and that great hubby of yours! They are priceless and hard to find too. 🙂

    1. Pam THANK YOU for your very sweet comment! It’s surely a difficult part of life, but knowing that I will see her again brings SO MUCH COMFORT! Hope you are well and enjoying the time you have with your loved ones!!!! XO

  6. Oh I am so sorry to hear this. Over the last week or so I’ve been thinking about your last post about your mom and her selling her home. And the picture you posted of her reading God’s word. It really moved me. You’ve been very blessed to have a wonderful mom. My thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

    1. Liane, thank you so much. She was such a wonderful lady and I’ll miss her. But I find great comfort in knowing that she is with my daddy and not hurting anymore! Thanks again for your well wishes! XOXO

      1. I’m so sorry for your loss. I have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!🙏
        My mom passed away on May 5, 2021 at 5:30 in the morning from Alzheimer’s. I miss her so much!❤️

  7. Shauna thank you for sharing with us your beautiful mother and family!!Im sorry for your loss ,I lost my mother too and the one thing I didn’t want for my mother was for her to suffer ,and I know you feel the same for your mother. How blessed it is to have mothers who love God so much that you know where they are and know their pain is gone. God bless you and your family. ❤️

  8. Connie thank you very much! For sure so good to know that any pain she was experiencing IS GONE! She never ever complained, and so I don’t think we really knew. BLESS YOU TOO, with wonderful sweet memories of your mama! XO

  9. Shauna, I am so sorry for your loss. I, too, have lost my Mama and it is a hard pill to swallow. My Mom had dementia and
    it was so hard to see her vanish little by little. Please know that my prayers are with you and your family at this time and
    in the days ahead.

    1. THANK YOU Rene! You are so sweet. How hard for you to see your mama go like that. That has to be so SO difficult! BLESS YOU with all the HAPPY MEMORIES of your mother! XO

  10. I am so very sorry for the loss of both parents over a relatively short time. How blessed you were to have such wonderful parents, and how lucky they were to have such a loving daughter. They will be remembered with love.

    1. Hi Claire… thank you SO MUCH for your sweet comment. They surely will be missed and yes to WONDERFUL parents. Thank heavens we have MEMORIES to hang on to. Hope you are well, and hope to hear from you again soon! Take care!! XO

  11. So sorry for your loss. My Mom and Dad passed away 36 years ago and I miss her especially on Mothers Day. God Bless you and your siblings. Prayers for all.

    1. Teresa how sweet of you to take the time to comment. I don’t know that you can ever get over losing your parents. I hope that you have SWEET memories of yours. It sure does bring comfort! Take care my friend! XO

  12. I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious Mom. No doubt you were as wonderful to her as she was to you. What a blessing for both of you to have such a beautiful relationship. Hold tight to your memories and know she is watching over you and your family. Sincere blessings!

    1. Patty thank you so much for your sweet comment! I surely do know that she’s close by…. my angel now! XO

  13. So very sorry for the loss of your sweet Mama! Theres nothing like that loss, I still miss mine everyday! Moms love us unconditionally, we can tell them anything! My heart goes out to you and your family! Love, hugs andmany prayers🙏❤️

    1. Laura…. thank you. MOTHER’S definitely are one of the GREATEST TREASURES we will have on this earth! You are the sweetest! XO

  14. Hi Shauna

    Sending you blessings and joy… your mom seemed like quite a great lady!

  15. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Sending hugs and prayers. It sounds like your Mom left a wonderful legacy.

  16. So very sorry for your loss Shauna. I too lost my mother in February and yesterday we said our final goodbyes as we spread her ashes at the lake lot she loved. It is never an easy time but precious memories will never be lost. Take care!

    1. Ruth thank you very much! I’m sorry for your loss too…. there’s nothing quite like it. All the memories truly WILL NEVER BE LOST! Bless you sweet friend! XO

  17. Dear Shauna, my condolences to you and your family! Your mama sounds like she was an amazing lady. Yes heaven has received another angel! 😇
    My mom left us also… February 26th this year. This was my first Mother’s Day without her! She had successful surgery on the 20th. But she didn’t have the strength and her body began to shut down. Sadly I missed her by two minutes. But I’m great full one of my sisters was with her.
    I’m so glad you had three days with your mama!
    May she RIP with your daddy!!! 🙏💕🦋

    1. Joanne…. how hard for you! I’m so sorry!! Those last three days were truly a blessing to me. She most assuredly knew I was there. I’m so grateful. Our mamas are EVERYTHING and for sure there’s NO replacement. Their unconditional love is endless. We just have to know that they are watching over us now as OUR ANGELS!!!! Take care! XOXO

  18. My condolences, Shauna. I lost my Mum a few years ago but I notice she’s been popping up in my blog posts regularly lately. Life is never the same but you learn to live with it. She’s always there in your heart.

    1. Carol thank you! What do you mean she’s been popping up in your blog posts? I find myself always saying to myself….. “I think I’ll call my mama!” I know she’s close though and that’s comforting!!! Take care girlfriend! XO

  19. Shauna, what a wonderful heartfelt post about your mama’s life and how she touched each of you and the church and community! I read it with tears in my eyes as my mother passed away in her 60’s, much too young. I cried for 6 months every day, don’t know why I could not stop crying!! We did lose her suddenly! Your sweet mama is now in the arms of Jesus and your daddy and others! What wonderful memories you will always carry in your heart of her love and devotion to you and your family! God bless you all!!

    1. Paula HOW SWEET OF YOU…… thank you so much! She was a WONDERFUL example and light to me, as I’m SURE THAT YOUR MAMA WAS TOO! Bless you with lots of loving memories of her. Take care sweet friend and thank you for stopping by! XO

  20. Your Mom was ALWAYS your biggest cheerleader on this blog! Most of the time the very first entry! You are very blessed with an amazing family.

    1. Cheryl she sure was. I remember when I first started my blog she was a bit hesitant in what I was doing. But she came to understand the “INFLUENCER” world and respected it. Thank you ALWAYS for your sweet support girl! XO

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