My Top Swim Suit Picks

Lake Powell Utah in Lime Ricki

Let’s chat about MY TOP SWIM SUIT PICKS today here on the blog. This time of year can be full of lots of anxiety for women, as we approach the summer months….. which means SWIM SUIT WEATHER. If you’ve followed me for long enough you know that swim suits aren’t my favorite! I have a way of getting around putting one on. My love for Lululemon and Athleta help me feel swim and water worthy, but still feel comfortable and covered.

There are however going to be times, when you HAVE to wear a swim suit! Feeling comfortable and confident is key to looking your best in your swim style. Lime Ricki (wearing this brand above), has been one of my favorites. It’s super affordable and they offer mix and match pieces which will give you a lot of different looks…. perfect for vacationing! You can shop this brand HERE!

I also LOVE this brand as well….. it’s similar in that there are mix and match tops and bottoms, as well as other things too. They carry PETITE, LONG TORSO, LARGE BUST, and MATERNITY TOO!

I wanted to post my TOP SWIM SUIT PICKS as well as what types of swim suits look best on different body shapes. Shopping swim suits is a very personal thing. I always tell women, that if you feel confident in your suit, it will probably look great! So make sure when you’re shopping, you remember you must feel confident and good! I always say that, you don’t have to wear just your suit around….. there are so many cute cover-ups to pair with them! I am NOT the girl that runs around in her swim suit without a cover-up! NOPE NEVER!!!


THIS is the type of swim suit to wear if you are a PEAR SHAPE…… small on the top and bigger on the bottom. The ruffle will balance you out nicely!

Don’t wear THIS if you are large busted! A smaller chest will look best in this. I think it’s a darling suit with the ruffle, and everyone needs a black swim suit!

Here is a black suit that works beautifully for anyone, but specifically would look great on someone large busted or even a bit on the plump side. It’s very ROMPER-ISH, which I personally LOVE!

THIS swim suit seems to me that it would look good on nearly any body type, unless you are super large busted, then maybe not. It’s colorful and youthful, but appropriate for any age IF you love color!

I think THIS one is ADORABLE and I can see it on anyone! All body types….. even if you are thicker in the waist. It would be a great suit to wear out and about if you’re vacationing and want to wear your suit perhaps site seeing! Throw on a cute skirt or sarong and it looks more like an outfit!

As far as two piece suits go…… THIS is the type I’m most comfortable in. I think my BIKINI days are long gone. There are a lot of two piece suits that cover and are flattering. I’ll wear a brief bottom as opposed to a bikini bottom. The one I’m wearing above is as far as I get to a bikini!

I think that ANTHROPOLOGIE has the cutest cover-ups. They are cute enough I think, to wear out and about! Rompers are one of my favorite things to wear to cover up on the water!!!



HAPPY SHOPPING FRIENDS! If you’re in need of a new swim suit…… NOW is the time to get one!

Shauna XO

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2 thoughts on “My Top Swim Suit Picks

  1. Girl… your bikini days are hardly gone!
    Most of us can only dream to have your figure.
    You inspire me so much.
    Thank you

    1. Tammy that is SO NICE OF YOU to say…. thank you! Even when my body was tight, I wasn’t completely confident in wearing a bikini!!!! Take care girl and ENJOY your summer!!!!!! XO

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