My Christmas Message To You | 2021


My Christmas message to you 2021


I’m coming to you today with a heart full of gratitude for SO MANY THINGS! This time of year really does cause us to look back and reflect and recognize all that we should be thankful for! I LOVE this time of year for that very reason!

This passed year has been a challenge. My mama passed away, so that most definitely was the hardest. But honestly everything else was way up there on the stress chart! As we look back though on our challenges, hopefully we will be able to see the silver linings in them. There ARE ALWAYS good things that come through challenging times.

THE BEST part of my Christmas will most assuredly be the weekend I got to spend with all of my SEVEN grandchildren at the GRAND AMERICA Hotel. It was the most beautiful and magical and happy weekend ever! This was our first year doing this, and everyone has voted that this will be our new Christmas tradition.

My Christmas message 2021

We did this in honor of my mama and daddy too, who started a tradition many years ago, of a Christmas storybook that was chosen by them, to share with their posterity. I was able to gather my seven BEAUTIFUL grandkids around me and share the last storybook that my mama had chosen for them. She passed in May, and by February prior she had already purchased her storybooks for her family for the year. This tradition will now be continued by me!

I’m in my third Christmas now with my husband, as a married couple. We have just moved in to a new home and so Christmas to us this year feels extra special. We have had so much fun putting it together and decorating our halls with boughs of holly!!!! It feels good in our home and full of the spirit!

However you believe on a spiritual level, I hope that you feel and have a good spirit with you. I most definitely believe in a Savior and his birth, life, and death….. which was for ALL FOR US! This testimony has brought me much comfort through the years.

My Christmas message 2021

We have a painting in our home that is of the Savior. It has special meaning for me because my boys are painted in to it as one of the children surrounding the Savior. It is a constant reminder of HIS LOVE FOR EACH OF US. What a treasure it is!

I feel like there are so many out there in the world today, who are anxious to let others know exactly how they feel about things. I know that one of my greatest spiritual gifts is that I can empathize and understand and “get” so many other opinions besides my own. I respect all of you out there doing what you feel is best FOR YOU!

Let us all respect and try to LOVE everyone as God would. I pray for each of you that you’ll find HAPPINESS and know HAPPINESS and PEACE in your lives! You have been so good to me.

A great big THANK YOU too, to all the wonderful brands I’ve worked for, of which are listed below!




BLESS YOU ALL MY FRIENDS….. my Christmas message to you this year, is brought to you with much love and thankfulness for how you’ve supported me here! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Shauna XO

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7 thoughts on “My Christmas Message To You | 2021

  1. Such a beautiful message from a beautiful heart.
    You truly exemplify our Saviors love.
    Thanks Shauna for sharing so much of your heart with us. Merry merry Christmas!❤️

    1. Mary Kay….. SO SO GOOD to hear from you sweet friend. Thank you for stopping by and for such KIND words. You have ALWAYS been a beautiful example to me! MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS! xoxoxo

    1. Marion MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope your celebrations are wonderful! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for stopping by and for the good wishes! Enjoy the holidays sweet friend! XO

  2. Shauna,you are such a positive ray of light for your viewers. Love seeing pictures of you & your husband together. Your love shines thru in each & every picture. My husband & I will celebrate our 40th anniversary in June. Nothing like the love of a good man!! He ordered my Christmas online from Chico’s!! He knew I would like it cause it’s my favorite store!!

    1. Becky hello and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Such KIND words from you…. THANK YOU! Forty years? That is quite an accomplishment! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sound like you had a wonderful Christmas too! Thanks for stopping by and come back again soon! XO

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