Welcoming In The New Year

Welcoming in the new year

Yay!!!! Welcoming in the NEW YEAR with big wide open arms!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 my friends! As I said HERE in this blog, I am so happy we are done with 2021! What a year it has been!! NOT my favorite, however we did get a new little grand baby boy! That had to be the highlight for sure!

Now we can all focus on 2022! New EVERYTHING! New goals, new memories, new adventures, and new mindsets! I LOVE a fresh start. My favorite part of the day is morning. Waking up to a new day is gift. I look at it as a challenge in a way, to do things better than I did the day before. Will it ever be perfect….. of course NOT! Life wasn’t meant to be that way. But I believe all the things we go through in our lives, are meant to mold and shape us in to our best selves! And I believe by having a positive attitude can and WILL make a huge difference in our overall health…… yes I did say health!

I’ve watched and observed so many people in my lifetime, who have positive attitudes. It truly does make such a difference in the quality of their lives. From their physical health all the way to their spiritual health, being positive will let you live a more fulfilled life! Wouldn’t you agree?

I feel like I’m a pretty optimistic person, so I suppose that it’s easy to look at each new year as a clean slate. I am the person that sets goals, but I also don’t let them stress me out too much if I don’t fulfill them like I’d like. I have always been a goal-setter, so it’s not unusual for me to start thinking about these new goals early in December.

Coming up in January I’ll have a more detailed blog about my specific goals. I always try to focus on different areas of my life. I have a tendency to get off-balance, so my goals are really key for me to not neglect certain areas of my life.

Welcoming in the new year

I would ENCOURAGE you all to set some goals for yourself. You don’t have to write them down, although I feel that writing them down really does help in accomplishing them. But at least get some thoughts in your head about how you want to live 2022. Welcoming in the NEW YEAR is so EXCITING, INVIGORATING and FRESH!!! It gives us all a chance to GIVE YOURSELF A GIFT of a BETTER YOU!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR my sweet friends! I’m excited to see what it will bring!

Shauna XO

If you are stuck on ideas of what some New Years resolutions could be for you…. HERE is a list of good ones that will get you thinking!

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6 thoughts on “Welcoming In The New Year

  1. Great post! I feel the same way about being positive at all times, even when you go through a dark time! I’ve actually trained myself to immediately get the negative thoughts out of my mind as soon as I realize it and replace them with good ones! I’m super excited to challenge myself with a new fresh start! There are so many things I want to do not only for myself but for others also! It starts with one day at a time!
    Thanks again for sharing and have a beautiful blessed day!

    1. Suz LOVE your attitude and optimism! There are so many things to be grateful for and to be happy about. I truly believe that optimism is contagious, and the more we can be positive…. the more it will spread! Thank you so much always, for your comments here. It means a lot to me. BLESSINGS to you this upcoming new year! One day at a time is right girl! XO

  2. Shauna, this is my first time to see your blog, but I am so excited to have found you. You are just darling and I love your hair. I’m 59 years young and I’m on the fence with the silver hair journey, for myself, but yours is just beautiful! I don’t really do resolutions, but I do have goals and start new everyday. I’m also very much a morning person and so very thankful for every day that I’m blessed with. Love the red blouse…gorgeous!! Happy New Year 2022!!!

    1. Melesa HELLO and welcome to my blog!!! I would love to know how you found me! And THANK YOU for your kind words. I’ve had a pixie for most of my adult life and have been all “platinum” for about six years now. I have loved it and as you can imagine….. it’s SO EASY and nice to not have to worry about color anymore! I would encourage you TO GO FOR IT! I love your outlook on life. You sound like a super up-beat person!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too, and come back again soon! Many blessings to you! XO

  3. Happy New Year
    Always a ray of sunshine. Love your enthusiasm for life whether up or down you find the positive. God Bless You for that . Yes New Year new goals upward and onward !!!! Sending good vibes from Canada. Love the blouse!!!!

    1. Hello Isobel! Happy New Year to you! Thank you for your kind words! Upward and onward is what we have to do EVERY day, right? My mama was the best example of this! So happy you stopped by and come back again soon! XO

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