Love You Mama & Daddy

love you mama and daddy

LOVE YOU MAMA and DADDY! I’m thinking of you both a little extra today because it’s your birthdays. I always thought that was cool the way your birthdays were just a day apart. Mama first and daddy second…. after all ladies before gentlemen!!!

I went to your graveside the other day. I was surprised at how emotional it was for me. Seeing your names side by side brought on the tears! I know you’re not really there, but I felt close to you nevertheless.

Wearing mama’s red flannel shirt last year on her birthday too.


It’s funny how as time passes, I see myself in you ALL THE TIME! Even the smallest things like my need to always be tidying things up. It sometimes drives my husband crazy, but he’s very patient with me like that. The other night he wanted to take our neighbor a loaf of his homemade bread. That’s like you mama. The only problem was it was almost 9:00 at night, and our neighbor is on the elderly side. I told him that you and daddy would not have liked that…. having the doorbell ring after hours! Again….. I was reminded of how much I am like you!


Even more than that, I’m grateful that your LOVE FOR GOD rubbed off on to me. I’m grateful that you taught all ten of us kids to PRAY. That has served me well over the years, especially these last several. My ability to run my own business at this point in my life would not be possible without your lessons of HARD WORK! Love you mama and daddy for that!

Since you’ve been gone, I think a lot about my posterity. What lessons and impact am I having on them? Am I doing as good a job as you both did? I wonder so much about that because what you left me is absolutely amazing! I rely on those lessons daily. My hard days are easier when I think of you and how YOU would handle things.


Whatever you’re both up to up there, I know there must be a garden for daddy to work in. I bet he’s making it beautiful and colorful and I bet there are no weeds! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Love you mama and daddy!!!!

Shauna XO

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8 thoughts on “Love You Mama & Daddy

  1. Beautiful tribune to your parents! I miss mine too but so glad for the Godly heritage they left for me!

    1. Nancy thank you!!! You just don’t really realize, until it’s you! BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! XOxoxoxo

  2. Beautiful story about your parents. I’m sure they are looking down on you, so very proud of you. I also miss my parents. We always have our memories to keep them forever close to us. Thank you for your blog, I look forward to it every week. Enjoy this beautiful Sunday.

    1. Hello Carole… thank you so much for your love and support! That means a lot to me! The memories are such a treasure for sure! I don’t know what I would do without them! Bless you and come back again soon! XO

    1. Susan don’t you think that’s a cool thing having birthdays just a day apart? It also makes the celebrating more fun! Take care and BLESS YOU with lots of fond memories of them! XO

  3. Beautiful tribute to your parents. God Bless
    I recently lost my Mom and I miss her terribly but I agree there is a peaceful feeling in knowing where she is along with my Dad.
    The upcoming holidays will be a challenge but we will find some solace in all those memories that were and also make new ones.

    1. Alison I’m so sorry about your mom. It’s such a hard thing to lose your parents. You just don’t realize it until it’s you! That’s why it’s so important to remember to make the memories with your loved ones! Take care Alison and thank you again for stopping by! XO

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