Autoimmune Awareness | Brit’s Experience

I wanted to share with you an important post about AUTOIMMUNE AWARENESS | BRIT’S EXPERIENCE. I met Brit through my blog, actually showing you her fabulous swimwear, HERE. After some strange symptoms and being crippled at the age of 34, she became frustrated with the healthcare industry, and wasn’t willing to accept their diagnosis. She embarked on a very intense journey of healing. READ MORE on what she discovered. She is self-taught and now lives symptom-free!

Autoimmune Awareness Brit's experience

The Unspoken Truth Behind Autoimmune Awareness

After a lifetime of mysterious symptoms ignored by our healthcare system, in January of 2011 I found myself paralzyed with excruciating stiffness throughout every joint in my body. Refusing to ignore my overnight handicap I went to our local hospital for answers… still sent home hours later with nothing more than a “back sprain.” 

The problem with this diagnosis was no vigorous activity was performed in the weeks prior in order to justify a back issue. They had left me with one more clue on my path to wellness, “perhaps make an appointment to see a rheumatologist.”

So with desperation before my business kicked into the busy season, I own an  ethical locally manufactured swim brand, I made an appointment with one. 

Days later I hobbled into my appointment at 34 years old with the elderly in front of the medical building calling out to offer me a wheelchair. At this point, I was sobbing behind my COVID mask and oversized sunglasses…was this my new forever life? 

Crippled at 34, with so much agonizing pain I would spend hours in the bathtub to float for some small scrap of relief. This horrific possibility came with many sleepless nights searching for answers or an escape route, longing for a way out.

Autoimmune awareness Brit's experience

Brit’s Terrifying Diagnosis

After the bloodwork results came in, I got a late night urgent call from the doctor. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune spinal disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis, a severe form of arthritis with spinal fusion as the disease progresses. I was told this was a lifelong disease that could only be managed by a biologic chemical medication that I would inject into my leg for a lifetime to come. When I asked my established doctor if diet mattered she simply said, no.

I could not accept this fate and so I began my self healing journey and quest for knowledge. I began with one book, then two, three, four, twenty, thirty… scouring the internet and libraries for answers from ancient and modern texts. What I learned was assuring but what I experienced through deep experimentation with my body was astonishing. Not one doctor ever mentioned to me this one simple fact, TOXICITY is the root cause of all dis-ease in the body.

She Quickly Changed Gears

Inflammation and oxidative stress are the headliners during any moment of our body’s signaling us saying, “Help! Something is wrong inside.” Therefore, I quickly changed gears into leading and learning the rituals, routines, and alternatives for non-toxic living. This hunger for the truth has brought me to where I am today – almost two years later I now live symptom-free and pharmaceutical-free. 

I am a self-taught self-healer with much to say in order to right the wrongs of my own life and hopefully help others along my way.

Days after I received this life-sentencing diagnosis, I chose to embark on an anti-inflammatory diet to put out the fire inside of me. It has been almost 2 years without USA grain, dairy, soy, refined sugars, and caffeine. And within the last 5 months in a final attempt to break up with all remaining inflammation with a plant-based antioxidant rich diet. 

Autoimmune awareness Meet Brit

Her Place Of Harmony

For my body, I have finally found a place of harmony as I design delicious nutritional alternatives daily without ‘chemically-induced cheat days’ to expedite my path to wellness. 

I also have incorporated many detox practices to clean the body from years of unaware chemical abuse from everyday products and foods being sold to us. From organic coffee enemas to oregano oil to breathe work to dry brushing…

I have discovered the truth and with that, daily rituals that keep my body thriving with energy as I live symptom-free. In speaking up during my healing journey, I have come across countless voices of others suffering in silence, ignored by our medical care system. If you want to learn more about my journey and the dedicated steps taken to lead a non-toxic symptom-free life please visit

Autoimmune awareness Brit's experience

Follow along for your daily dose of autoimmune awareness & heal with me on social media via Instagram or TikTok my friends.

Love and light,

Brit B.

5 thoughts on “Autoimmune Awareness | Brit’s Experience

  1. I completely agree with Brit and am so happy she has found relief. My 88 year old mom is crippled and in constant pain and I firmly believe if she were to alter her diet, she would also find relief.
    I did a well-known diet a few years ago, and have eliminated/drastically reduced all gluten and dairy, and found that my lifelong intestinal issues were related to inflammation from those foods.

    1. Hello Gray…. I think we would all be shocked to REALLY KNOW what our food and diet is doing to us. I read someplace recently that sugar is evil. As much as I don’t want to believe it, and will always have a sweet tooth, I feel the effects of it so much more than I ever have. BEST to you in your pursuit of GREAT HEALTH!!!! And thank you for stopping by!!!! XOXO

  2. Oh my goodness, what an incredible story!! Another example of the need to be our own health advocate.

    I was unable to accept the diagnosis of “severe peripheral neuropathy”, the only relief offered being a drug I did not want to be on. Went to another doctor who isn’t dictated to by insurance companies. He explained that though my B12 levels are normal by US standards, I was deficient by Japanese standards. He put me on B12 injections and I am much improved.

    I was talking with a 41 y.o. woman yesterday who was just dx’d with colon cancer, fortunately early stage and treatable. This is becoming more and more common in young adults. Americans MUST undergo a mind shift regarding what we put in our bodies!

    1. Dawn wow THANK YOU for your input here. I am such an advocate for BETTER DIETS! We just don’t care for ourselves that way, and then we wonder why we don’t feel good. It just blows my mind! We definitely need a mind shift YES!!!!!! Take care!! XO

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