Did you know that there is an INTERNATIONAL LEGGINGS WEEK? It was on the 18th, just a few days ago. I had no idea there was a designated day just for LEGGINGS! I suppose it gives us a chance to really think about leggings and perhaps talk about HOW TO STYLE LEGGINGS AT MIDLIFE.

Can you wear them appropriately after a certain age? I remember when leggings first came on the seen, I believe around the late 80’s. I felt like I was doing something wrong in a way. Were they too much, or maybe too tight and possibly inappropriate? I remember wondering if they looked cheap. I wore mine back then with a long tee shirt. This made it feel right to me.

Leggings definitely have evolved since then. We have all kinds available to us in different fabrics, patterns, colors, and even fit. Some in fact feel more like a pull-on style pant. The pair I’m wearing above sort of feel more like a pant. The animal print fabric is so fun to style! I chose to wear them with a simple white button-down shirt and booties.

I wanted to share how at 62, I would style leggings. This is something I see too much of, women who aren’t wearing them in the most flattering way. Too much showing is a big mistake as well as pairing them with the wrong thing. You’ve got to remember balance is key when it comes to styling your leggings. Tight and fitted on the bottom requires a looser fit on top.


Wearing an oversized plaid shirt that covers your behind is a great way to style your leggings. This plaid shirt comes in a myriad of fun colors! I’ve linked up a couple different styles of boots. You could change out your shoes and make this look completely different. Wear some sneakers, booties, tall boots, even a heel works!


Look how easy and comfy this look is. An over-sized sweater and beautiful bow flats will make these leggings all dressed up. This would be a great look for a holiday gathering with family or friends. You could make it even more dressy with some pretty heels and maybe even belting the sweater in.


This look here with the vest, again can be changed up just with the choice of shoes. I’ve chosen some heels so you can see how to dress up a pair of leggings. Wear the shirt untucked and hanging out from underneath the vest. You could also wear a great blazer instead of the vest.


Knowing how to style leggings at midlife is really important. Yes they can be worn, but definitely there are things to consider! Hope this helps any out there with questions about LEGGINGS.

Shauna XO