Is Athleisure The New Norm?

Is ATHLEISURE the new norm? What do you all think about this? As we continue to fight through COVID, there are more and more people who are working from home. I’ve talked to several people who have high positions within their companies, and they are saying that it’s been so effective and people’s productivity is higher. There’s less cost obviously for the employer, because they’re not paying for office space, etc. So will this look become our new normal?

I would like to think we could very easily move in to an ATHLEISURE type of world! I’ve talked about this look a lot because it’s one of my favorites. Believe it or not, I don’t really go out much, unless I’m traveling. I’m usually home working, so my style is definitely athleisure! Leggings and joggers are my basics!

This week on Tuesday I’ll be doing a guest spot on Good Things Utah, my local news talk show, and I’ll be talking about ATHLEISURE. I’ll be showing ways to make your leggings and joggers look super stylish. There is a way to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. I think that even after COVID, people can wear this look in the office more than they would think!

With Nicea Degerring of Good Things Utah


What are your guidelines when thinking about this look? Do you like your butt covered? Do you like sneakers with dresses? Do you wear joggers with heels? IT ALL DEPENDS as I love to say! I’ll be wearing my bright colored joggers with heels and probably a tee. Now of course I wouldn’t be wearing my heels at home, but this look is good in that you can slip off your shoes and have a completely different vibe!

I think you can wear most of your workout-type pieces in a non-workout kind of way. I don’t like feeling like I’m wearing my workout gear just as an everyday look, but in a way that’s cute and comfy! And you know how costly some of these pieces are, so being able to style them in different ways is a must!

In order to NOT look like you came straight from the gym, I like leggings with a cute tee and some cute slides! These are so inexpensive too, and make this look a little more feminine than does sneakers….. although sneakers would work too. I have paired it with a chambray denim shirt to either wear as a jacket OR tied around your waist. Depending on how good you look in leggings, the shirt will give you the option to cover your butt!

An athletic inspired skirt looks SO CUTE with sneakers! There’s nothing more comfy than this look! Wear with a tee, or a button-down. I wore THIS skirt the other day with a cute tee and again these sandals, and got all kinds of compliments! This skirt is fantastic, and these sandals from Target have been so fun for summer!

This is MY FAVORITE way to wear athleisure. To me it’s very dressed up but so comfortable! This is the look I’m wearing today on Good Things Utah. Joggers are THE BEST and most VERSATILE out there! These could be worn with sneakers or flip-flops and a super casual tee and look SO CUTE! I’ll be wearing my joggers with THIS top.

So do you think ATHLEISURE could be the new norm? I say ABSOLUTELY YES 100% SURE IT COULD! Learning how to maximize ANY of your clothing is so smart!

Shauna XO

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6 thoughts on “Is Athleisure The New Norm?

  1. I hope we can somehow watch your segment, if we’re not from the area. I am so on the fence about Athleisure wear. I have a few pieces, I wear the tops often but I just can’t get myself to wear the bottoms for everyday wear. I guess it stems from me telling my kids “No, you can’t wear your sweat pants to school, church, out to eat…”

    1. Cheryl, if you go to the third paragraph and click on Good Things Utah their page will come up then you can click on the video. I live in Iowa so not close enough to pull that station but I just watched Shauna rock it and of course she had COLOR! Loved the snake leggings too!

      1. Thank you Michelle! Thank you for watching and LOVE those bright green joggers….. right? The white ones I’ve linked up here for LOOK #3 are awesome too!!!! XO

    2. Hi Cheryl, I totally get what you’re saying about not wearing your sweats to school, etc. But I think I can change your mind! I’ve just posted the link to my segment. Joggers with a cute top is my favorite and what I wore on the segment! XO

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