My Sleepwear Is My Loungewear

Newest version of Soma’s leopard jammies above!

My sleepwear is my loungewear ….. it seriously is! I think I blogged about this last summer when I got home from Italy. These SOMA INTIMATES leopard jammies were my jammies there as well as some street style through Florence! That’s how good Soma is! So many of their things can be used either way!

I ran across their newest version of leopard…. it’s mixed in with floral and is SO DANG CUTE! I’ve linked them up below! I just think it’s the cutest mix! With everyone spending so much time at home these days, these become EXTRA VERSATILE for sure! I like to call them my COZIES!

SOMA is such a great company…. and is a parent company to CHICOS! I visited them last year and learned about so much of what goes on behind the scenes at Soma! That blog is right here! The thought and technology that goes in to their product is CRAZY COOL!

Soma are the only jammies I wear now. The fabrics are so comfortable and soft and drape so nicely! And then there are the robes, and bras, and undies, and…….. YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH ANYTHING, really you can’t! I’m such a fan! They make it all so good so that my sleepwear CAN be my loungewear!

And don’t forget the BRAS and PANTIES … they’re so PRETTY!

Soma also carries every day clothes too…. some of my faves below!

It’s almost the weekend again! Do you all feel like they come and go way too fast? It sure feels that way to me! We are going to be hanging out together, as our family has all gone back home. We’ll meet up with some friends for a tennis match, which WE WILL WIN! I’m not competitive AT ALL! LOL!!! Have a great one friends!

Shauna XO

3 thoughts on “My Sleepwear Is My Loungewear

  1. Love the look of the sleepwear!! Can’t wait to purchase some. Don’t like the look of the coffee cup though, not a good impression.

    1. Hi Shelia…. it was herbal tea actually. Don’t always have but it was delicious there!!

      1. Ok great I’m glad 🙂 thank you for answering:) wasn’t trying to judge just know from experience how people can be.

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