How I Keep My Hair Silver

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Hey friends…. most of the attention I get is on my HAIR! It’s been like that a lot in my life, because before I went platinum, I was very dark with a white lock of hair in the front. I’ve blogged about all this before, so this is for those who don’t know. My white lock was a birthmark that came from my Mother’s side of the family.

But ever since going platinum…. the comments I get are 100 times more than I ever got from my white streak of hair. Today I want to share with you HOW I KEEP MY HAIR SILVER and FOXY!

When I first went platinum, it was because it got to be really hard to keep the gray covered. I was using a dark hairspray product that kept it covered in-between my monthly appointments. I had thought for a long time that when I did decide to go all SILVER or PLATINUM as I like to call it, that I would color it allover. I wasn’t sure if it was going to look ok, as I had always been dark.

I still remember going in that first time and being very nervous about how it would turn out. SIX hours later, it was done….. but still had a lot of yellow in it. I went back a couple of weeks later, and my stylist went through the whole process again to get it to the platinum color I wanted. I LOVED it and NEVER EVER EVER looked back.

There are all kinds of shades of platinum or silver hair. There are very pretty shades and then not-so-pretty shades. I always loved the way a younger looking lady looked with platinum, icey, silver hair. I thought it was SO STRIKING! But as I’ve found out, it can be hard sometimes to maintain the PERFECT SHADE! Until now……….

Hair Biology Silver & Glowing Collection includes a PURPLE SHAMPOO and PURPLE CONDITIONER will give you that super pretty shade of SILVER! It truly is the product you want to use if you want that FABULOUS hair color! My hair now is all natural. It’s still a bit dark in the back, but I quite like it, and haven’t had it colored for a while now. I get stopped all the time by people…. even a guy the other day at the gas station (asking for his wife!). Ha!

The collection also includes an Argan Oil Taming Serum that helps soften and wrangle those wayward greys. The hair smoothing serum along with the purple shampoo and conditioner, are all infused with biotin, which is known to improve the body’s keratin infrastructure and support strong, healthy hair growth.

Our hair as you all know, can be a struggle as we age. And when our hair doesn’t look good, it’s hard to feel good! During this time when we cannot get to a salon, it can even be harder for us girls. Hair Biology has products formulated specifically for us to help combat our unique hair challenges including quality, thinning, dryness and greying. The Silver & Glowing Collection has been SO HELPFUL to me! I wash about every 2-3 days and use this EVERY TIME!

Hair Biology products can be found exclusively at Target online and in select stores nationwide!

I hope this helps friends! Believe me, I know how important your hair is! EVERYONE wants to look BEAUTIFUL! If YOU are debating on whether or not to let your hair go platinum…… DO IT! Embrace it and be confident in its beauty! I LOVE mine. It makes me feel young and funky and different and BEAUTIFUL! Let’s be BOLDER, not OLDER!

Shauna XO


13 thoughts on “How I Keep My Hair Silver

  1. Hi Anne… I do like the Aveda product as well, but this one is WAY EASIER to get to, with it being available at Target! And Hair Biology also suds up better, which made it so I didn’t have to use as much as Aveda’s. Hope that helps! XO

    1. I’m so happy I found you! I just chopped my hair short & embracing my natural silver. Wish I could share before & after photos with you. I feel free p& fabulous after years of touch ups every 3 weeks. Love the headband tips. Where do you buy them?

  2. Hi! I use the Blue Malta shampoo but I am curious about this so will give it a try. I have a question about your cut..lodes your stylist do any texturizing or razor cutting to get your edgy piecy look? I have a pixie but I think my stylist does too much and it is now looking thinner where yours still looks thick but edgy. Stinks…Iowa is too far to come for an appointment with your stylist! Bummer! Thanks!!

    1. Hello Michelle, THIS one is really a great product and this is cheaper and easier to get if you don’t want to order online. I really like it!!! On my cut, my stylist only uses scissors but cuts in to it at an angle. I hope that helps!!!! I’ve even cut in to it myself a lot lately!!! XO

      1. Thanks Shauna for answering so quickly and for being able to read through the auto corrections that just didn’t make sense! Your reply helps a lot! Have a great weekend! Later gator…

  3. Totally love your hair! Both the style and the color.
    Wish I could do the same, but I am the Spring-type with slightly, slightly red hair….
    But I’m okay and still getting compliments for my curly, blond, danish hair:-)

    1. Hi Tina….. I am absolutely POSITIVE that your hair is AWESOME too! I think that no matter what our hair IS, we always want something different! Embrace those curls!!! Have a great weekend! XO

  4. Hi Shauna, I purchased the shampoo at Target….the one of very few stores I step foot in…..I also bought a few more bottles for my daughters, they have the processed platinum balayage treatments. So we go through purple shampoo like water.

  5. I’m on my way! My grey is going silver and my Pixie has grown out during this quarantine! Thought I would want to grow it out, but always wearing a baseball cap which means thats not going to make the cut haha. Just finished my radiation therapy & feeling “65 and Fabulous”!

    1. Hello Shauna, I’m platinum with some natural at the neck area. Short hair similar to yours. My question is does the Hair Biology tend to leave a purple hue? I have some areas where the yellow peaks through and I’m not fond of it. I only shampoo every 3 days if I can. I admit I have various colors as we bleached my hair to help along the platinum process. My white was just too difficult to cover up. And the chemicals weren’t healthy for me to confine.
      I so enjoy your IG posts!

  6. I love my silver now but I put some purplish low lights in it 4 depth. I used to be dark like U but after 50 I was so sick of the skunk look every 2/4weeks. I started going with heavy blonde high lights then showed my girl the pic of what I want & we tried a semi permanent gray/silver & ash brown mixture. I loved it! I’m done with the brown cow look…lol. Love your cut too. My teenager has rocked a pixie/buzz cut since she was 10. It’s so her & she’s been every color of the rainbow. We love changing our color via Sally’s alot. She loves the hair paints but can’t mimic my color of silver hair 2 save her life…lol. with age comes fabulous hair I say.

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