How To Take White In To Fall

Since we’ve all stocked up on our WHITES all summer long, I wanted to talk about how to take WHITE in to fall. Some would think white is too white for fall….. I’ve heard it said before that white is for spring and summer only. And WE’VE ALL HEARD, “don’t wear white shoes and jeans after summer.” But you know me, and my opinions about having VERSATILE clothing. So I wanted to show you how to take your whites right in to the cooler months IN STYLE!

THIS DRESS, was one of my favorites! It’s so feminine and the movement on it is BEAUTIFUL! In fact, if you like to twirl, this is the best dress to do that in. OR…. if you like to dance, this is the dress. It has a boho chic vibe to it, which I personally love, and I think makes it even easier to change it to a fall look in an instant!


So…. how would you take this pretty white maxi in to fall? Think boots, scarves, hats, and jackets! Even jewelry! I would wear a suede jacket and booties and probably a hat! What a pretty look! Or you could wear a short cropped chunky sweater (LOVE THIS SWEATER by the way) over the top with a scarf! That would be adorable as well! What are your ideas?

What about all your lace tops? Have you bought any this summer? I bought this one earlier this spring and it’s ON SALE right now. It’s beautiful! I wore it here. They were all the rage and some were on the expensive side. So to be able to use them through the fall season is a great idea, in order to get your money out of them. In fact, they are a gorgeous way to transition to fall fashion! See this darling outfit here…..

What about white pants? YES YES! Wear them with your fall colors of rust, yellows, and shades of brown. THESE are great basics and ON SALE! Wear them with tall boots! There are a myriad of ways to STILL wear your white pants! AND…… when it comes to shoes I LOVED my white booties last fall and all the way through winter. These tall suede boots though I think are fabulous. I’ve worn mostly booties the last few winters, so tall boots will be a nice change! These are ON SALE TOO, and on there way to my door!

I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration as we make the turn in to fall. It’s my favorite time of the year for so many reasons. But just know that your summer whites are easier to wear through the cooler months than you might think. Take them in to fall with CONFIDENCE!

Shauna XO