How To Style Your Lacy Tops

Read at the end of my post…. what this DONKEY did!

Every season has a trend….. and so today I wanted to show you how to STYLE YOUR LACY TOPS. Since they are one of this season’s hottest trends, it’s always good to see new and different ways to style them. I think a lot of women get in to a rut and will only wear things the way they’ve always worn them…… and usually it’s the way they bought them. Women oftentimes shop for an OUTFIT, and then they only will wear it that way and have no idea how to break it up.

This blog is for my own inspiration too. I have had this beautiful top for a couple of months and haven’t worn it like I’ve should. So in putting together ways I could wear it differently, I thought I would share with all of you as well. This top is absolutely beautiful and I want to be able to get a lot of wear out of it this summer, so let’s take a look at ALL the ways you can style it!


These pants come in a bunch of colors and are super-duper comfy. I’ve posted the yellow pair here. Putting the neutral lacy top with any of these colors works very well. This is a great way to brighten up a beautiful neutral lacy top! I’ve added some colorful earrings and accessories to punch it up even more.


I love the idea of a monochromatic look with this top. I think this is such a pretty summer vibe and have always loved the clean fresh feel of pairing neutrals together! Everything is neutral here with a darker slide. This tote is an awesome basic for any summer plans!


This lacy top styled with the black bermuda shorts and black slides is really fun as well. I LOVE this site for their denim. I’ve gotten several pair and two pair of denim shorts too. I wore some here and haven’t posted yet this white pair. They are affordable and look great with this girly top!

If you’ve been wondering HOW TO STYLE YOUR LACY TOPS…. hopefully this post has given you some new and different ideas. I’ve linked up some of my favorites right now. I feel like they are everywhere and such a pretty feminine piece to add to your wardrobe!

Take care friends!

Shauna XO

So about this DONKEY….. when I was up close and personal with him, he actually grabbed the sleeve of my top and wouldn’t let go! It scared the you know what out of me! I sweetly and gently talked him out of it, but oh my! I didn’t want to lose my lacy top!!!!! Whew…. a close call!