How Accessories Can Change Everything!

How do you feel about your accessories? Let’s talk about HOW ACCESSORIES CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING! I’m not one for A LOT of stuff going on….at least in my eyes. I guess everything is relative and some may think I even OVER ACCESSORIZE. But adding something here and there, can take an ordinary outfit to an extraordinary outfit for sure!

I think my favorite accessory has to be hats, OR earrings. Maybe earrings because I wear them every day, and hats I don’t. But lets talk hats first….So many of you have wondered how they can wear hats. You want too, but feel uncomfortable in them. I would tell you that if you feel uncomfortable in a hat, you will more than likely look uncomfortable, and probably shouldn’t wear them. I have always loved hats! Out of any accessory out there, a hat I think can change a look up the quickest! I usually will buy at least one every year, to add to my collection. My favorite hats are from Rag and Bone. They are expensive, but I have several and they are timeless! I’d love to have this one next!

My next favorite accessory are earrings! Statement earrings have been around for a while now. I LOVE them! With a short pixie I think they can be such a standout touch to an outfit. I love all the bright colored ones, the fringed out ones, the jeweled kind, and any sort of funky hoop! Some of my favorites are here below. My go-to places to shot for earrings are here, here, and here.

Next would definitely be sunglasses! It’s surprising the range of prices with sunglasses. I have found some of my cutest pairs under $75! I’m starting to think that that price point is really smart, because I do have a tendency to leave them EVERYWHERE! When you haven’t spent a small fortune on them, it doesn’t hurt so bad! But also, I have a bunch of sunnies that I’ve had for years and years and years! Aviator styles are always going to work. The ones that I wear a LOT are similar to these! I LOVE this brand and this one here and the price point IS SO GOOD!!!!!

And then there are scarves! I wear my scarves around my neck, in my hair, on my bags, tied around my wrist, and as a belt! They are extremely versatile!!!!! Scarves are super fun to collect too! I have scarves that are twenty years old!!!!! And if you buy designer brands, they can truly become collectibles!!!


So have fun with ACCESSORIES! It doesn’t take much to add something here and there to really make your look pop! And you don’t need to spend a lot of money either. They also make GREAT gifts! I love to give scarves and lipgloss……but we’ll talk about lipgloss another day!!!!!

Shauna XO

14 thoughts on “How Accessories Can Change Everything!

  1. Hi
    I have a short pixie cut and feel that big earrings ju can’t wear. Thanks for sharing that it is alright to step out side of my box.

    1. Kim,
      I have a short pixie cut too. I feel that kind of cut is the best way to wear statement earrings. It’s a fantastic way to frame your face.

    2. Oh Kim, that’s all the MORE reason to wear those sassy earrings! Maybe just start with some smaller sassy ones! XO

  2. Hey Shauna, I wear glasses. Sometimes I’ll wear contacts, but only can stand them for a few hours. I do love earrings but when I wear “statement like” or hoops earrings , I don’t know, I just don’t like the look….with glasses ??. I’m not sure you can help me.

    1. Hi Cheryl, I bet it’s more in your head that it conflicts? I wear glasses just to read. I know that thought has gone though my head, but not enough to pay a whole lot of attention to it. I would just maybe get a conservative neutral pair, so there’s no conflict! I hope that helps?? Have a great week! XO

    1. Hi Courtney! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! That means a LOT to me! Have a great day, and hope to hear from you soon!!!! XO

    2. Wait……this is THE COURTNEY from GrayC???? Hey girlie! SO FUN to hear from you here!!!! XO

  3. Oh my…. Shauna, you know Courtney from Greyc? Her jewelry is soo unique beautiful and totally wearable. She’s even sending some peices to Oprah!!! Sending good vibes her way.

    1. Cheryl YES I do know her and her JEWELRY is some of my FAVORITE!!!!! I have several of her pieces! #fabbyfab XO P.S. What do you mean OPRAH?

  4. How funny to see your post today as I purchased several pair of earrings and a couple of scarves the other day and have been having so much fun playing with them. They opened up so many new possibilities! It always amazes me how a new accessory can change everything!

    For anyone who has a “Charming Charlie” store in their area and hasn’t checked them out….do it! It is chock full of fun, colorful, extremely budget friendly accessories displayed by color. I steered clear for too long assuming it was geared for teens but not so! I receive so many compliments on items from their store!

    1. Hi Dawn! I know, ACCESSORIES can definitely change up ANYTHING!!!! And Charming Charlie I have always wanted to go in to, but never have! I’ll have to do something about that I guess!!!!!!! I love that they are displayed by color! That’s genius!!!! XO

  5. Hey Shauna, check out Courtney of grayc’s IG regarding Oprah. She also has a small video on YouTube. I hope she has good luck with this endeavor.

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