My Beach Vacation Packing Wish List

I’m so excited to be planning a BEACH VACATION! I’ve been working on MY BEACH VACATION PACKING WISH LIST this week. How do you approach your vacations and specifically what to pack? I think about this….well too much actually! But this is SO FUN in my opinion and I have always loved planning out what to take! So today, I’m talking about what I’ll be taking and how to put everything together so you can maximize your pieces!

This linen shirt with golden palm trees caught my eye and is SO VERSATILE! It can be worn with a cute skirt, flowy pants, over a swimsuit, and always with jeans. It’s a classic but then with a bit of something special with the embroidered palms! The jeans? Well, I’m not sure if I’m taking jeans for TROPICAL. Maybe…..if I have room I may take one pair!

I’ll be wearing several brands on my trip that I’ve loved working with! Lime Ricki has such great swimsuits! I’ll be wearing this one right here, TOP and BOTTOM. I LOVE the green for a change. I have a yellow maxi skirt to wear over it as a cover-up. SO CUTE, right? I’ve also got some ADORABLE Cabana Life pieces. This rash guard shirt, bottoms, cover-up similar to this, and my favorite THIS black number! I just may wear it for my BIRTHDAY picture! I’ll take flip-flops too. I like these and these.

And then there’s my CHICOS goods! I always take CHICOS on my vacations! This shirt has a lighthouse print and is silky soft and will be perfect! I’m taking this sassy rain jacket, flutter sleeve tee, and LOVE this navy hat! And….maybe these cute jeans, IF I decide to take some. The tee will go with everything, the jacket will be adorable with whites shorts, or even over a swimsuit (thinking on a boat)! And the shirt again, worn like the one here in my picture! I’d wear it over a swimsuit, with shorts, or linen pants!

I’ll be golfing as well, and CANNOT wait for that! I LOVE to golf wherever there is an ocean and palm trees. I’m wearing these shorts not only for golf but many activities! They are made with a wicking fabric that is perfect for an island vacay! And this golf shirt is MORE than a golf shirt. You can even wear it with a swim suit or some silky leopard pants! These will be my sneakers I’ll use for not only golf, but for hiking and working out!

I always take lots of tees. This one means LOTS OF KISSES and there will be a LOT of that going on! This is SO CUTE with nearly EVERYTHING but got it specifically to go with these leopard pants! And for sure you need a stripe tee…I got to wear with these pants which are so beachy! I always take white pants as well as they are so versatile. These are a blend of cotton and linen and the lace-up front screams beach!

As far as dresses AND skirts? I love to wear them in warm weather. I’m bringing an embroidered dress (this one is similar) I bought on sale several months ago, that I’ve been saving. I’ll wear it with wedges. The neutral color will go with everything in my suitcase! I’m taking a white denim skirt as well, for kicking around in and you can even dress it up. I’ll wear it with any of my tees or a top similar to this one! And this maxi skirt with this top or this one.

My hiking and workout clothes are always a must. I’ll have a couple pair of shorts like these, and a few tanks like this and this, as well as a long sleeved cover-up shirt. My sports bra preference is this here. These sandals are a necessity for warm weather vacays for anywhere from the airport to the boat or site seeing!

I always remember to pack my sunscreen. I really don’t like relying on what will be available once I’m there. I’ve used this and this and love both! Sunglasses take little room and are a fun accessory to change up your look. I like these and this embellished pair, and these for sports! And don’t forget a white pair!

Whew! So there you have it! My BEACH VACATION PACKING LIST. Everything is here on this shopping board. I have workout and fitness and hiking wear, golf, looks for dressing up, out and about style, sunscreen and accessories and I’m pretty sure I’m covered! Also a rain jacket and lightweight sweater for cooler nights and the airplane!!!!! Oh and just throwing in some neon sandals and these fab budget-friendly sneakers too!


Shauna XO

11 thoughts on “My Beach Vacation Packing Wish List

  1. First off I LOVE all your links…gives me hope that spring is coming (as I look outside …the thermometer at 10* ….in MARCH!!) I would absolutely pack your outfit, it is soooo relaxed and beachy, perfect. I never thought a rash guard, I will definitely look into them. Thanks for your “tutorial” on what your packing. Obv each trip requires distinct pieces. I ALWAYS put off packing to the last minute or I’ll waaaaay overpack. ?

    1. Cheryl….WO that’s cold girlie!!!!!! Hope you’re drinking lots of hot chocolate!!!! 🙂

    1. Hi Pam, these are from a couple of years ago from ANTHROPOLOGIE. I’ve looked everywhere to see if I could find some similar. I’m surprised, because the flare jean is so on trend right now! A lot of people have messaged me about them and have said that they have done this themselves. So….if you’re crafty?!!! XO

  2. Shauna, you are so lucky! I wish I can afford a vacation to some tropical hot spot. Oh, well! Have lots of fun and take lots of photos because you are going to look fabulous as always in all of your vacay looks.

    1. Hi Gigi…..I AM LUCKY I KNOW. This trip is actually a birthday gift from a loved one. I hope that one day you’ll be able to go too! Have a great weekend! XO

    1. THANK YOU DAWN! I’m excited to go celebrate in warm beach weather!!!! I’m turning 59 next Monday……my last year in the FIFTY IS FABULOUS genre!!!!! XOXO 🙂

  3. Hi Shauna, I love your blog & your style , I always look forward to reading it. Regarding your thoughts on seeing a therapist. I’ve worked the last 29 years in a Psychiatric clinic . I feel it is very healthy to see a therapist and in a way, I feel each of us could benefit from an occasional session. The thing is they don’t try to “fix” you, give you advice or tell you what to do. They don’t have all the answers and they can’t make the hard stuff go away. What they will do is remind you that you are not broken, they will support you in figuring out what to do and give you room to access your own wisdom. They’ll collaborate with you on how to make the hard stuff easier to deal with. Hope this helps I think you might find it’s time well spent.

  4. Hi Shauna, I just got back from a fantastic two weeks in Cozumel! I love your ideas for packing. When I pack I always come back with items unworn because I basically hang out in a bathing suit and cover-up for most of the day, and dress for dinner, the resort I go to all the time doesn’t judge on clothing but it’s always nice to dress for the more fancier restaurants and showing off a great tan is so worth it!

  5. Please tell me where to get the sunglasses you have on with the flowers on them. You are wearing them in Hawaii with the black suit. Thank you. You are a inspiration.

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