Had To Share These Athleta Pants

I had to share these Athleta pants with you! I LOVE athleisure as you know! I recently found these fantastic pants and wanted to make sure I put up the link before they sold out! I’m so bad about waiting too long and then they’re not available to those that want them!

I’ve been wanting this putty color for awhile. Athleta calls it gray. It’s such a great neutral, and I LOVE it with black. I think it’s such a classy combo! Here is why I love these pants. The style of them is SO EASILY DRESSED UP. In fact, that’s the way I like them the best. The cute belt and front pleats make them a little dressier than the usual jogger. And…. they come in SIX COLORS!

Do you LOVE wearing joggers as much as I do? I’m serious, 85% of my closet SHOULD BE JOGGERS…. that’s how much I love them! They are lightweight, flattering, comfy, and versatile!

I’ve styled them a couple of other ways just for some ATHLEISURE INSPO! Athleta is one of my favorite places to shop! Their brand is really reliable and if you know your size, which they are very TTS, you’ll never go wrong there with your sizing! I have shopped Athleta for many years and have LOVED this brand! The quality is exceptional too!

This first look with this blue color is fabulous! The sandals are on major sale right now and so good! A great way to get some height without the discomfort! And what about these cute earrings for an added exclamation point!

I really like this neutral look with just a pop of color. The tee is adorable (under $20) and the price of these sneakers (a Target find), can’t be beat!

Just one more look at these Athleta pants all dressed up. I haven’t ever worked in an office, and maybe the office is going to become obsolete, but I swear you could wear these in an office setting like I’ve styled here. What do you think? Isn’t this shirt CUTE???

I had to share these Athleta pants with you because they’ll work practically ANY way you need them to! And….. whenever you’ll be able to travel again, they won’t take any weight or space in your luggage either!


Shauna XO

More athleisure pants here, and still available and ON SALE!

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  1. Putty… a color you don’t see much. I like it…I love those pants the waist tie is the “little extra”, is it attached?

    1. Cheryl yes the color is SO GOOD! The belt does come out! Take care girl and HAPPY WEEKEND! XO

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