Such a Fan of CABI

Ladies….. I’m such a fan of CABI. Have you heard of CABI CLOTHING before? I first found out about this brand a little over a year ago. I was asked to participate in their FALL CAMPAIGN 2019. I’ll never forget the day when I walked in to this huge studio set in LA, with so much going on, and meeting everyone behind the scenes of this fantastic brand!

HERE is a look at that video for CABI’S 2019 Fall Campaign.

CABI CLOTHING says this….


“In today’s busy world, we don’t have time to worry about what we put on, but we know that when we get it right…it matters. When we nail it, we step out the door with confidence, ready to conquer the day.”

Their brand is meant to give women the ease they need for their busy lifestyles. Their clothes all coordinate with each other, which makes it SO SO EASY to put together AWESOME outfits with LESS THINKING! I am so excited to show you in the next months, all the FABULOUSNESS that CABI offers, as I am proud to say that I AM one of the ambassodors!

Ok…. let’s chat about my outfit! First, these JEANS! Aren’t they fun with the STAR pattern? These are the very first thing I spotted in the CABI ONLINE FASHION EVENT that I was able to watch! And the fringed bootcut leg is a little different than what I’ve had in a while! LOVE LOVE LOVE these jeans!

My bright red blouse is SO ME! The color is vibrant and cheerful, it’s so comfortable, and so easily mixed in to my CABI wardrobe. I have some caramel colored corduroy jeans (I LOVE the button fly on these) that this will look SO CUTE with as long as some CABI black skinny jeans.

I wanted to show you MY FAVORITE jacket that I’ll be wearing with this look as we cool down in temps! And what about THE BELT??? CABI always has THE BEST BELTS!!!! This, with the gold AND silver studs is FABULOUS!!!

All of CABI’S pieces are wardrobe essentials. CABI has a way of offering to us women, clothes that can be mixed and matched in to numerous outfits! And not ONLY that, but their clothing is exceptional in quality! Their clothes are timeless, and you’ll get years and years of wear out of them! I’m such a FAN OF CABI clothing! You see how it all works together, which is one of CABI’S main concepts! It’s just spectacular!!!


Shauna XO

This Look Was From Cabi’s FALL CAMPAIGN CELEBRATION In Nashville
More CABI Style While In Nashville

14 thoughts on “Such a Fan of CABI

  1. Love the rust color button fly pants in the look book! I had a similar pair when I was in high school!! Might just have to have a pair!!

    1. Gwen…. aren’t they great??? They fit so cute too….. LOVE them! Great addition to a FALL wardrobe! XO

    2. Just got them. Super cute! And so stretchy, i can wear them around the house and to my limited excursions out.

  2. I’m obsessed with those Jean’s, as well as the belt. Those jeans were my first purchase this season. The whole Collection is fabulous, and I’m so happy to see you wearing it!

    1. Kay I KNOW! The jeans are so dang good, right?!! And yep…… the belt too! It’s in my closet as well! Such a great lineup for fall! ENJOY! XO

      1. Shauna, where did you get the earrings that you’re wearing with this outfit? They look so good with that top, and I would love to recommend something similar to these to clients who have purchased this blouse. Thanks so much!

      1. Nancy yes….. the fringed jacket is FANTASTIC!!!! As soon as we get below 99 degrees here, I’ll post it! Can’t wait! XOXO

  3. I love CABI! Quite a few years ago I hosted several showings at my house. The clothing is quality and I still own several pieces that are going strong. I would have more but losing 45 pounds (yeah) meant donating some really nice clothing but I salvaged a few pieces that can be worn baggy and not look bad. When I bought my first pair of CABI jeans I had to take them to a seamstress to shorten and when I picked them up she said…wow these are quality and worth every penny and then some. How exciting for you to be part of their campaign!! How ironic, when I first starting reading your blog I thought about asking if you had ever heard of CABI because I thought you would love their fashion and would so rock it and then here is your post!!

    1. Michelle….. first, CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss and new healthier version of you! And second…. sounds like you need some NEW CABI clothing!!!! I LOVE it! For sure the quality is TOPS too! Can’t wait to show you more!!!!!!! Take care girl! XO

  4. My daughter first introduced me to cabi. She’s quite fashionable. Since then, I have purchased or been gifted several items and love the looks, the quality and the versatility cabi offers. Having a good cabi consultant is also key, and i use the same one as my daughter. Love your posts. They’ve inspired me to get rid of the few pounds gained this year. Im a happier me when I am fit and looking sharp.

    1. Linda…. isn’t it a WONDERFUL company?? And the QUALITY??? WOW! I have really enjoyed getting to know this brand! THANK YOU for stopping by and so HAPPY to hear that you feel healthier!!! GO GIRL! XO

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