RISE UP! Don’t you LOVE the message of this tee? There has been so much chaos and contention in our communities and cities, and I just thought the positive message was so worth repeating! And besides….. I do love a great graphic tee!

I’m not one to get in to all the personal stuff…… COVID being one I don’t like to touch! But I did hear something the other day that really resonated with me and it was this….. If we all could just do what WE THINK IS BEST in our own given situations, and RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE’S ideas of what they think is best, this I believe would be awesome! We all need to CALM DOWN and breathe. There is so much to be thankful for. There’s so much POWER in RISING UP and doing the right thing….. and that is to RESPECT others.

Ok….. enough said! Now, let’s get on with this outfit. As we move in to the fall season, white pants are a really good idea to stock up on. There are so many that are on sale and it seems I can always find a great deal on them this time of year. I think white jeans are my husband’s favorite thing on me. And the right fitting ones (and RIGHT FITTING is KEY) can really be so attractive and CHIC!

I’ve linked up some here for you to shop. EVERY pair is on sale except for the Target pair, and that one is under $30, so I thought it would count as being very good on the wallet! I LOVE the different cuts and details on some of these. Like THIS ONE….. I think this is so unique and fun! Anyway….. hope you like some of these and IF you’re in need of some fresh white pants, there are some great deals right now!

TAKE CARE FRIENDS! RISE UP, and be a light in your world! I’m approaching 100k on Instagram, which absolutely amazes me! Spread the word, and help me get over the 99.9 hump! I sure do APPRECIATE all of your support here at CHIC OVER 50!

Shauna XO


5 thoughts on “RISE UP!

  1. Oh boy your right with finding the right pair of white jeans. Can be a daunting experience. Fabric and fit is key!!! I found a nice pair, had to get the waist and length adjusted, they have been my favorite for years. Am I understanding that you think it is fine to own more than one pair?

    1. Hey Cheryl….. YES! Fine to own more than one pair!!!!! And it for sure can be as daunting as shopping for a swimsuit!!!!! LOL! XO

      1. White pants are nice but makes you thicker. Therefore I choose for skirts or dresses. .
        Last year I found a label that works on camouflage of a thicker tummy . The pants are without a zipper and are very stretchfull. The label is :Lisette L montreal.
        A verry good pantalon where you can step in easily.

        1. Hi Liliane! I think that the wrong fit can for sure make you look wider than normal. That’s why I think white pants that are FLATTERING are the hardest to find! But I do swear by CHICOS! I’m glad you were able to find some you like!!! Take care! XO

  2. LOVE white pants and the T is adorable!!! Loved it when you said take a deep breath and calm down ! I needed that really bad!! I want to Rise Up! Be kinder, a better listener to ones who are afraid. And I’m a little afraid too. For: The greatest of these is love😘💕 So Happy for your Instagram!!!!

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