Starting To Think About Transitioning To Fall


It’s that time of year! Starting to think about transitioning in to fall. As crazy as this year has been, it does seem weird to think that FALL is right around the corner. And I mean that in a super good way. There have been so many fun memes on Instagram regarding COVID. LOVED this one….

What the heck should I wear to the LIVING ROOM today?

Anyway, I’m not sure how many of you are even thinking fall fashion or not, but it’s always fun to get a little inspiration. I’m always game for ANYTHING FASHION RELATED. It does happen to be my favorite time of year to shop! I think fall fashion is THE MOST FUN!

When I saw these jeans, I immediately thought about cooler weather temps and fashion. The off-white background and muted colors reminded me so much of fall. But as I’ve always said…. I like to be able to wear things at least THREE WAYS, and so wanted to share my ideas! I know for so many it’s easy to get stuck wearing something only ONE WAY!


For summer wear these with a simple white tee or tank if you prefer, and then sandals, flip-flops, or sneakers. My tee is super inexpensive, a TARGET brand. The pattern play I thought was super fun! You could even dress them up for summer by wearing a sparkly pair of sandals and a silky short sleeved white top.

For fall I’ve just styled them with my favorite suede booties, a basic tee, and a blazer. But how cute they’ll be with a great sweater and a hat! You could still wear sneakers with then through the fall as well. You could pull in one of the beautiful colors with your accessories….. or your sweater or jacket!

So you see they are very versatile! Just a little tidbit behind these jeans…. when I first got them I wasn’t sure they would look good. I had said something to my husband about them probably not working. I put them on for these pictures and my husband was like, “WHAT? Are those the ones you didn’t think would work? They are awesome!!!” So….. obviously I kept, because he usually doesn’t have that much of an opinion other than he says he likes EVERYTHING I put on….. even though I know he has his preferences!

Below are a few more beautiful options to pair with these jeans. I’ve linked up a great variety. As you are starting to think about transitioning to FALL…… how would YOU wear style them?

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “Starting To Think About Transitioning To Fall

  1. No I am definitely not thinking about fall, the sooner next summer comes the better!!!!!

    1. Joanne….. I know Fall is not for everyone because that means WINTER is next, right??? Hope you are well! XO

  2. My Favorite time of year….the older I get the more the heat is not my friend ๐Ÿ™‚ I live in a area southern Illinois, we are blessed with all 4 seasons. I rather enjoy the different seasons in there own way. But Fall is definitely my favorite for many reason, I just recently started enjoying your site and Love your outfits. WIsh I was brave enough for your hair style ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway Happy Fall ya all! -Kim

    1. Hi Kim!!! Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comment! FALL is definitely my favorite out of our four seasons! The thing I love about having all four is that it always stays interesting! We get HOT here in the summer, over 100! My hubs hates the cold, so we’ll deal with the heat for a BEAUTIFUL winter!!!!! Take care! XO

  3. I live in Iowa so I too get all four seasons. I must admit I live for the hot days of summer where I can finally feel my bones thaw from winter. I do enjoy all the seasons for the beauty and the differences they offer…no way to get bored or in a rut. The seasons are my excuse for needing multiple closets, after all I am dressing for four seasons where temps range from below zero to the 90โ€™s. A girl canโ€™t have one little closet to handle that! I love your mention of pattern play, can you help me? I just bought some beautiful suede and snake embossed ankle boots and have several stunning snake embossed handbags but I always feel I have to pair with plain things. I love patterns but a tad shy about mixing them. Thanks for any advice you can offer!!

    1. Hi Michelle… ANY EXCUSE to have multiple closets girl!!!! Love it! On your question, I think I understand. You have snakeskin booties and you want to know how to mix a snakeskin bag with it? I would just make sure everything else is subtle, maybe solid colors? Idk that I would put two snakeskin prints together, but it just depends. I’d like to see it! You can email me a pic of what you mean maybe. My email is below. But with snakeskin print, stripes and florals are super cute with it!!! I hope that makes sense!!! XO

      [email protected]

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